Blitz Poem By Bertie

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London waits for devastation

Whilst the search lights fill the air.

Bombers drop from overhead from the direction of screaming kids.

Adults shiver with cold-blooded-hearts

While the kids cry from the hell of Hitler’s making.

They wake up to blood lit dawn to see skeletal remains.

Death, destruction from a hurricane of fire.

Minute after minute I catch my death

Hoping I will be alright.





Air Raid Precautions by Lewis

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Air raid precautions

Be ready for an air raid

Be ready for a gas attack

Be ready to protect your home

Read this and you might survive the Blitz.


When the siren goes

Either go to a public shelter or go to your Anderson, or Morrison shelter at your home. If out and about there will be an ARP warden to direct you to the nearest public shelter. He will instruct you to walk swiftly and calmly to the nearest public shelter.


In the event of a gas attack

You must do the following:

  • Calmly put on your children’s gas mask
  • Then put on your own.

Proceed immediately to a public shelter and wait for the gas to clear before you return to your Anderson shelter and the safety of your home.


How to protect your home

You will need:

  • A door to barrack aid you windows.
  • Wooden beams to strengthen walls and
  • An Anderson or Morrison shelter to protect yourself from falling debris.


How to make your refuge room as safe as possible,


To make you refuge room as safe as possible, you must remove all the glass, and then tape up the windows to stop pieces of glass piercing your room.

A safe box or a Morrison shelter will stop falling debris hitting you, and it may also be used as a table to serve food.

Black out the windows so Nazis don’t see the light to aim at.

Use wooden beams to strengthen the walls from bomb blast, and make sure you safe room is near the garden because the dirt absorbs the blast of the bomb.


You may buy an Anderson or Morrison shelter at all great shops.

Price: £7



In conclusion you have a good chance of surviving the lighting war.



By Lewis.






The Blitz Poem by Mirta

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London waits anxiously for the arrival of Hitler

Behind black-out curtains.

Families go in their shelters to stay safe from bombs.

London waits quietly as all the people are sleeping.


Wailing sirens pierce the peace of the night.

They could heir the rumbling noise of the planes.

Flares were dropping to light up the city,

Then the bombs started raining down.


The hungry flames were destroying London.

All they leave is the skeleton of the house.

You could heir the creaking of the houses,

As if they were going to tumble down.


The blood lit dawn reveal’s the Terries of the night.

The city was covered in smoke,

Pieces of houses crumbling off.

Fireman were pulling out people who have been crushed,

The Day War Was Announed by Bertie

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War Announcment



The wireless crackled to life just in time to hear Neville Chamberlain’s speech, “I’m speaking to you from the cabinet room in 10 Downing Street…

Mum, Dad and Jimmy were very anxious about what he was going say but, Mum already knew what he was going to say “… Adolf Hitler refused to withdraw his attack against Poland so we are now at War with Germany.

That was the moment when everybody was upset because they Remember ww1 to well and Mum thinks that Jimmy might have to fight in the war. Then the national anthem came on Jimmy and dad stood up and sorted there ties and there tank tops out so they looked smart.


Blitz Poem by Sam

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Hitlers hell


London waiting quietly

For the deathly terrors of Hitler,

Parents hurrying their children

To the air raid shelters,

Silence floods the city,



Doodle bugs glide high over heads,

Hurricanes of fire

Melting people’s lives,

Sirens going mad,

Raining Bombs roaring at everything,

Ready to explode,

Our hero’s fight the fire of our houses

People screaming in fear.


Finally it’s all over,

Skeletal remains of houses,

Blood red dawn.

War Is Announced By Mason

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War Is Declared

“I Neville Chamberlain (the prime minister) am reporting from ten downing street London. Britain has declared war with Germany (the Nazi) because they have already attacked Poland …”

Jimmy said “not another war with The Nazis the first world war was terrible”

Mum said “I hope Jimmy won’t have to go to war.”

“… We need more troops and plane drivers to go to war with Germany”.

The family sat around the coal fire while Rebekah and Avril were playing dolls outside in the garden.

Jimmy and Dad stood up while the national Anthem (God save our Queen) was playing and they straiten there ties.

Patricia sat biting her nails feeling really scared.

Jimmy and Dad might have to go to war because the might get killed or get caught by Germany.

Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler invaded Poland for Britain to declare war on Germany.

Nobody wanted another war against Germany.









The Blitz by frankie James

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London waits for the horror to arrive,

Mothers hurry their children into the air raid shelters,

Silence follows…

They listen carefully.


all of a sudden a loud ear-splitting sound comes from the sky,

The Blitz begin,

Showers of ruthless bombs fall on London,

Our Heroes fight for the country in the furnace of hell.


Families scream as they get burnt alive,

Children mothers and fathers run for their lives,

A hurricane of fire swallows towns with one gulp.

Finally the reign of terror ends,

everyone can now avoid the second fire of London.


By Frankie

World war 2 Poem By Lilah

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London she’s quiet,

As we sleep and roaring beats through London’s heart,

Bombs crashing through like dinosaurs.

Creaking silently, airplanes carelessly destroying the city .


Suddenly heat is in the air,

there is a wind of flames heating London,

Asphyxiating everyone ,

Firefighters smashing through the hell in the air ,

Choking everywhere , heaps of screaming,

Hungry flames exploding in our faces.


Blood red dawn in our eyes,

Bowels of devastation,

Deadly furnace ,

She is still in our harts like we are in hers.


By Lilah


BLITZ Poem By Mason

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London lies in silence,

For the flicking flames.

Families wait in their bomb shelters,

The hell of Hitler’s making begins

A hurricane of intense heat,

As the diabolical bombs drop.

Hungry people wait,

Bombers are roaring like mad to attack.

Streets destroyed,

Houses burnt down.

Friends gone    

By Mason

My Christmas morning

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It was a Christmas morning, when I woke up to the sweet song of the birds outside. I jumped out of bed, and raced down  the stairs to open my presants, but I fogot to wake my mum and dad so back up the stairs into there room wake up” Go back to bed”

“but muuuum”  she got up and came downstairs made breakfest then we opend are preasents and I got a virtial reality well two and man more

by lewis please leave a comment 🙂

Blitz Facts by Finn

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1.The word “Blitz” comes from German word Blitzcreig “lightning war”.

2.The German air force was called the Luftwaffe.

3.During the Blitz 32,000 citizens were killed and 87,000 seriously injured, yikes!

4. There was a bomb called the V1 nicknamed doodlebug that, would fly across to London and then would run out of fuel then drop.

5. Of Kent there was a small base, built on water named Redsands Fort and was turned into a hotel!!!

WW2 is Announced by Sam

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Dad turned on the wireless just in time for Neville Chamberlain’s speech. “I am speaking to you in the Cabinet Room in talking to you 10 Downing Street…”  Everyone was surrounding the wireless hoping that there won’t be war declared. Everyone seemed fine on the outsdie but I knew inside, everyone was broken.

We were all there in our best clothes: Jimmy, Edward and Dad were in white shirts and tie, but Mum, Patricia and Rebekah’s Mum were in their dresses. Rebekah ws playing outside with Avril. Rebekah was very lucky she was moving to America; she didn’t have to deal with the war.

Patricia was biting her nails very anxiously and opposite her Dad and Jimmy were sitting on a sofa hoping that war would not be declared. Then Neville Chamberlain said “We have  reason to believe that we are at war with Germany. War is declared.”

The fireplace was flickering like something was wrong. The room was full of depression however we all stood defiantly and sang the National Anthem.


WWII by Mirryn.

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War is declared  

3rd  September 1939

As the wireless crackled to life the family waited nervously for the news to come. They knew war was inevitable they just didn’t know when. When Neville Chamberlain announced that we were not at war with Germany it was the family’s worst nightmare. Jimmy and Arthur sat side by side looking very nervous.

Opposite Patricia was anxiously biting her nails and just behind her was Mum who was looking very depressed. Rebekah and Avril, who were playing outside, were nervously being watched by Rebekah’s mum and dad. As the National Anthem played everyone rose to their feet.

Mum and Dad’s worst fear is that Jimmy is going to have to fight in the war, so they are hoping for the best.