The Door by William

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The Door


The rain poured outside our house. A sad wet day on Christmas Eve ruined the outside of our beloved home. I was hiding the presents for the kids in the attic. So at night I sneaked up into the sodden compartment with a ladder and climbed in, the presents were still there but a mysterious door stood there. I wounded “Why is that there?” “What’s inside it?”

I looked at my watch, it was 10:05, and I had loads of time. So I stared at it for a while, described it to myself: oak wood, holly leaves, loin head knocker, no handle! After a long period of thinking, I pushed it open…

Out of the blue I turned up on a cathedral, sort of the one we have in Truro. The wondrous place had tons of chairs, probably about 5000! It had glamorous new stain glass windows and a stunning roof with beautiful patterns

I glanced behind me, an encased hole with guide ropes around it. I carefully walked over there and peeked in and it was nothing but a normal hole. I thought how can I get back? I looked in the hole again, it was different, the door was there again. Without hesitation I jumped in and there I was, back in the attic. I looked at my watch and it said 10:05 the same time I entered the door! So I forgot all about it and carried the presents downstairs and put them under the tree ready for Christmas.




Pip Staffieri Recount by William

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I’ll never forget the day that Pip rode his first wave: that day is embedded in my vague mind. My memory isn’t what it used to be but I still remember when he made history for Great Britain.

It was a scorching heat-wave in Newquay that summer and Pip’s scrumptious 99 cones were selling out fast with a shed load of sweaty holiday makers, breathing like they had just done a five mile run in fifteen minutes. But suddenly, he slowly closed the hatch and said apolegetically: “Sorry folks-shops closed,” in an Italian accent. I was furious; I was next in the queue!

A few moments later, to my surprise, he came out in a knitted swimming costume. But then, he pulled out a trolley from under the van and then something vast, it was huge! I didnt know what it was at first, but sooner than later I would find out.

The next thing I knew was that he wheeled the massive board down to the cerulean sea and paddled out to the waves. Minutes later I was praying ‘Please God, can I have an ice-cream?’ But then out of nowhere Pip popped up and I had a sigh of relief.

“Come on guys, ice creams on me!” he said triumphantly.

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Pip Staffieri Biography by William


Pip Staffieri, the godfather of surfing in Great Britain, was born in 1918 and will be remembered as the first British stand-up surfer ever.

At the age of 2 the normal average everyday Cornish boy that liked sport but suffered from polio in his left leg which makes it very hard to walk with that leg. But he did not let that get him down because he was a brilliant long distant swimmer and joined the canoe group when he was 12.

Pip’s family was Italian and his father died before he was even born. His mother was called Theresa and there family founded Kelly’s ice-cream, mmmmm yummy!

It was the holiday in Cornwall and Pip was at his dentist when there was an encyclopaedia to read whilst he was waiting, so he had a look and saw some people in Hawaii stand-up surfing. He was already a prone surfer but wanted to have a try at it so he built a surfboard himself and rode the wave. Also he was on the beach when he saw Jimmy Dix’s surfboard on the beach. His surfboard was 13’6 feet long and was hollow oak and it was so heavy that he had to use a trolley to weal it down to the beach and back up again! In the coming years he added a 3ft fin on the back of it.

In Cornwall the only type of surfing in that time was prone surfing-belly boarding which is just riding on a piece of wood on your belly.

Pip Staffieri Died on June 28th 2005 and will be remembered as the first British stand-up surfer. Also Newquay will remember him as there surfing legend.

Blitz Write Away Task by William

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My Blitz

That day I will never forget, the day when our family saw the wreckage that the German bombers did to our house, I still get flashbacks of that moment.

I just heard the all clear  alarm that the bombers had gone so my family and I went to go see if our house had got bombed or not. Sadly to say it was the first one.

Our house had been flattened to a million pieces. My younger sister fell into my mother’s arms in milliseconds and whelped for ages and ages on end. We tried to find some belongings on the smoky rubble of London but no use at all. Other neighbours coming out of the Anderson shelters to see the devastation that Hitler’s done to our beloved nation.

On the other side of the road a double decker bus smashed to smithereens. It was devastating to see: children crying, broken toys and just so much sadness.

And just at that point I was thinking about the tube homeless people scuttled around like rats in an attic or something. The women’s national service was going round giving cups of tea and blankets to the homeless people all around us.

I thought I would walk down the street to see the destruction that happened to our neighbour’s houses. But they are no different to our house, flattened to fragments, and just more and more destruction.

I was so surprised that all the Anderson’s actually stayed up after that hell of Hitler that he has made in this war. I have heard that the women are looking after the farm whilst the men go off to fight at war and also they have done a lot of engineering and making spitfires and bombing planes.

I turned around to see the next day that we got bombed turns out Mr Churchill said get them back so we’ll destroy Dresden!


London Blitz Poem by William

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Hitler’s devastating German planes coming in to burn London to the heart,

The heroes of our nation fight like the Lord for our souls,

The second great fire some might say,

But some may not say it at all.


Most people want; is hell to be over,

But get em’ back says our mighty leader,

More and more crackling,

Our buildings, churches,

Cathedrals and shops,

But all this is is a diabolical act of vandalism.


All you can see is a ferocious flames storming out the windows,

Now all we can do now is fight the underworld that Hitler’s making,

People coming out to see the devastation,

That Hitler’s done to our beloved nation,

Smoke still coming from our treasured buildings,

Now we have another task,

To get these dam Germans back and flatten Dresden!


The First Tripod by William

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The First Tripod

I’ll never forget that day when the first tripod invaded us. Terorr happend that very day it invaded us. suddenly a flying object flew in the sky, like a shooting star or something. Then it plumeted down to the sky at high speed and hit the ground so hard that there ws a crater in the road. Everyone crouded round and I picked up a stone to my suprise It was freezing cold, not hot. But then cracks in the road appeard, spreading for for about 100 meters at about 30mph. People still not screaming to much.

The police where telling people to get back but nobody listened to them. Then it started smashing buildings  .Then glass, then the church clocktower, then it made a massive hole in the ground but no one was listening to them.

Suddenly the shot up like it was breathing and then plumeted down to make a MASSIVE circler crevas in the ground. Then a humungus puff of smoke came up from the ground.

By now everyone was hiding behind cars. One car was so close to the pit it rolled in but then it flew out at super speed in the air! by now everyone was dead silent. The creature had emerged from the ground It started shooting lasers. I ran…


Frank Wilde Diary Entry by William

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Day 1 27th October 1914


Just set off from Buenos Aires 20 minutes ago and going at a solid speed. Crowds cheering, bands playing, getting the ship ready for the journey ahead.

Ship’s going well and the boss is happy with the way the ships going. I have just heard that Hussy is going to play us the banjo at half past 10 tonight. The bosses has been checking the 7o sledge dogs and see have been alright so far on the boat. And I do want to spend more time with Sue

In an hour or so we should have a meeting to sort out the jobs on the trip.But I will give some to myself.


Jack’s Antarctic Adventures Chapter 2 by William

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Jacks first adventure in the Antarctic after he was sent by the magic Christmas tree to Antarctica, was a group of baby emperor penguins about 2 meters away and that where very hungry. And then somehow he had a bucket of fish in his hand, so the emperor penguins saw it and they waddled as fast as they can to grab the fish out the bucket and eat food. So Jack immediately dropped the bucket and let them eat it but then he accidentally ran into a polar bear. not a split second later he ran as fast as he could with the polar bear roaring for and growling behind him for about 200 meters and just as he was out of breath the polar bear stopped and turned around, so Jack was safe and then got teleported  safely home with more adventures to come.Polar-Bear-8Emperor Penguin Chick         




Jack’s Antarctic Adventures Chapter 1 by William

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One snowy Christmas day a boy called Jack woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning because he was so excited to open all his presents downstairs. He tried to sneak downstairs to open his presents that were under the Christmas tree. But he opened the wrong present which was a magic toy Santa and Jack was cursed by the magic Christmas tree; he would never open his presents until his family was at his house. But he couldn’t care less about that rule. so kept opening them and eventually got sent to Antarctica by the magic Christmas tree and he had some adventures there that he barely survived.Image result for antarctic landscape

Emperor Penguin NCR by William

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Emperor penguins are the biggest penguin out of the 17 species of penguin and are the only animal to live on land in the frozen winter of the icy wasteland of Antarctica.

Emperor penguins have a black back and a white belly and a plumage of yellow on their head and their good at swimming because they have waterproof feathers which help them glide through in the water.And their weight is 40KG and stand 1.2m tall.

They live in the harshest: driest, windiest and coldest place on earth, Antarctica. They can survive the winter which is almost an impossible habitat to live in. The temperature can go down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit with blizzards and snowstorms to live through. In June there is a 3 month almost all dark season.

They have a varied diet that includes: fish,squid and krill and they will walk

miles to fish to live, or die. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes and dive 1700 feet down wist they’re fishing.

they have some amazing adaptations to live in the hostile conditions of their habitat. wist their in water they can reach speeds of 7.5 miles per hour. They can go without food for 125 days to take care of the egg whilst the females go fishing for food. To keep warm in blizzards and snowstorms   they huddle together. And take turns to get go in the middle and the edge intill the storms over.

After they have been fishing for 3 months then they will head off to walk 70 miles to the breeding grounds to get away from the water to mate and have a chick in the wether of Antarctica. when they have have hatched they will keep it warm by squashing it between their legs and take turns to do this, if they keep it out to long the egg will freeze and die.

Scientists predict that the population of 600000 will drop by 19% or by a fifth by 2100 by global warming. Thats 120000 emperor penguins dead by 2100. There are currently not endangered but will be.


Iceberg Poem by William

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icebergs and glaciers crush and demolish mountains and  cliffs, fascinating people for their lives.

Curving through solid ground, reaching for the sea that is just out its reach to the gate to freedom.

Eventually coming to freedom and breaking off to the dazzling ocean and floating out to live its life

Braking the biggest the of man kinds cruise ships

Erupting chunks of ice smash and explode in the sea, making splashes, then floating out to sea

rocket fire-power lumbering in the sea at the speed of a sloth.

Gargantuan pieces of ice live until summer comes and the melting begins.Image result for iceberg