ARP (Air Raid Precaution) by Theo

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These instructions will show you how to stay safe in an air raid. Remember to stay calm and go to the nearest shelter (or house if possible). If you are too late, think differently because you can either lie flat on the ground or find the nearest ditch or hole.

If you are in a house remember to make your refuge room as safe as possible by doing things like:

  • Taping up your windows
  • Make barricades to stop your door from flying in
  • Turn off all light sources (also known as a blackout)
  • Wait and listen for the air raid siren
  • Make the location of your refuge room in the basement or facing your garden
  • Take lots of food and drinks as you don’t know how long you will be in there

And remember, as long as you follow these instructions (and the sign) you will survive the Blitz.

War Is Declared by Theo

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The coals had nearly burnt their last spark when suddenly, the wireless crackled to life.

It was Neville Chamberlain “I am broadcasting from 10 Downing St…”

Mum definitely knew what was coming but the main thing she was worried about was Jimmy “what if he was to go to war “.

…Hitler has refused to withdraw his troops so we had no other choice but to declare war with Germany”. That was the moment they had all been dreading, the moment that they had been hoping would never come but at least they knew that they were prepared for what was coming. That day world peace was broken and nearly all hope was lost and the last spark in the fireplace had gone out. As the National anthem played, (also known as God saved the Queen) they all stood up. No one wanted another world war mostly because of the last war and all of the millions of men that had lost their lives while fighting for their country, but there was no turning back now.

The Blitz by Theo

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London falls silent,

Waiting for the hell of Hitler’s making.

Waiting for the death and destruction

Of the city.

Families wait for what could be their final days.

The bombers arrive at the crack of dawn,

Ready to destroy city after city.

Searchlights light up the blood lit dawn,

While the barrage balloons get ready to snag And rake at the Germans

To salute our glorious victory.

Hanging over the heart of Britain

The city screams for someone to stop it,

Someone to bring Hitler to his defeat.

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The Best Head Teacher Ever by Theo

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Best Head Teacher Ever!

All the people of Constantine school are very grateful to have had Mrs Bancroft as a head teacher. Mrs Bancroft has always taken in ideas and has done many things for this school. We will always remember the things she has done for us such as:

  • Providing all those fun stickers at Chistmas time
  • Gives out lots of certificates every Friday
  • Always available when you want to talk to her
  • Took the whole school to the cinema to see Frozen

And that’s not even a sixth of what she has done.


A Book Review on Skellig by Theo

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Author: David Almond

Star Rating: *****/***** 5/5

Encourage readers of yers 7-15.

Main Characters: Michael, Mina, Skellig, The Baby, Michaels dad,Michaels Mum, Minas Mum,Leaky and Koot.

The story is about a man called Skellig and a boy called Michael. He moves into a new, dirty old house. When Michael moved in he met an old man in the garage just waiting to die. Michael asked him if ge wanted abything but all he said was 27 and 53.

Pokemon Basics by Theo

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This is my first blog and I will be telling you about Pokemon. There are many types of Pokemon but each one is different because of a certain ginetic code that is held in a Pokemon called Mew. There are also lots of types such as:

  • Normal
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Fairy
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Leaf
  • Electric
  • Dragon
  • Psychic
  • Fighting
  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Flying
  • Poison

The magical world of Pokemon also holds many secrets that are always being uncovered.

The main four Pokemon are: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

I love Pokemon and these are some of the basics.