The Secret Door by Taya

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I’ve just got back from my dad’s house.  Whilst I was walking into my house I put my bag on the couch. Then I walk up the stairs and shut the window because it was chilli and I continue walking up the stairs. Randomly a door came out of nowhere. (It looked like something I couldn’t I afford)

It was kind of fancy in a way there was a door knocker was shaped like a lion and the material like brass. I was blinded the door was so bright I kept blinking after that the brightness faded away. Two vines where growing upwards from the bottom of the door. Before I went a step closer to the door I realised stone slabs at the bottom of the door in-between the vines the right vine was higher than the left vine. The actual door itself was a polished oak wood it looked like it had drawers and the doors had diagonal lines going corner to corner on the drawers so it made a cross.

Later on I hear I a bang I think someone has broken in to the house so I hide. There is man or a woman in a black hoodie he doesn’t notice me  he opens the door and he walks in the mysterious door (I look to but it was too bright for my eyesight).

So I take five steps to the door first I knock on the door. At first instead of an answer there’s an animus answer so I let myself in like I don’t care it seems like I am teleporting I have to wait for five seconds before I get there I here weird noises well I am teleporting.

My eyes pop out and I see a green pot which I think is made out of green stained glass on the left side of it is a small size lamp and it is was being powered with batteries. However there was on thing that was on my mind I realised I wasn’t wearing shoes I took them off on the way in and the floor was cold also the floor was a bronze colour. Opposite me was a grey room screen and it was rusty ,after my eyes stopped focusing on the screen I stared to look at something else a tiny dark green chair well most off the chair was green apart from the bit you sit on it was  wood it was like the wood on the door it was polished. On the part you lean on there was a flower pattern with some vines is well.

There were two glamour’s chairs with gold arm rest and the acutely seat was a cream colour to be honest it looked quiet comfy. I notice that there was a picture leaning on the chair I couldn’t tell what it was and it had a sliver frame. Next to their chairs and behind the green stained glass pot was a cupboard it was copper and a rusty brown there was a bell in the and it there was there was glass on it but it sadly it shattered. I didn’t really describe anything else in that area because nothing else was that fascinating something shattered a beep came on I think time is up and I got teleported again and it took me to a different place.

Wow I thought I was dreaming when I came to my second place I was at Great Seto Bridge it was an amazing height off 194 meters can’t believe it I am in Japan umm I said to myself I was standing on top of the bridge. The rood was clean and it was beautiful and stunning view the bars were sinning and polished. (I hope I don’t have a time limit here).

In the Conner of my eye I saw some houses two roofs where blue, one was red and the rest of the where grey.

I heard an instant bang and a crash coming towards. I see a stairs case so sprint for my life I take a quick glance behind me and it the man/woman from the begging he/she has two knives he/she is glued to the knives as I am running he/she said for “goodness sakes”(I think he is a man because he voice is low)  I’m not so sure why he said it I think it is because one of the blades of the knife snapped and he cut himself I think. In my head I was so glad the man cut himself because it grabbed me some time to run.

I get down to the bottom of the stair case and I look left and right before I step foot on the road. I run and run and run until I see he is quiet far away from me I hear a beep times up I teleport back home. There is a hammer in the shelf so I smash a door so that the guy in the black hoodie can’t come in.

Today was fun a little bit dangerous.

Pip Staffieri Biography by Taya

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Pip Staffieri was born on August the 3rd 1918, at Lanherne Avenue St Mawgan Newquay.

His parents are Augustine and Teresa and most of his family are Italian. Sadly  Augustine (The farther of Pip) past away before Pip was born and Augustine died in ww1 (Pips real name is known as Pipino Staffieri but most people call him Pip for short) His parents moved to Cornwall at the beginning off the 20th  century. He has one brother and one sister they are both unknown. He had polio in his left leg and he got it at the age off two and he had it for the rest of his life

Pip was an ice-cream man who sold Kelly’s ice-cream but then he found interest in surfing by seeing a clip in the dentist. Once he saw the clip he saw a photo of Hawaiian surfers that also got him more interested in surfing and plus he was already a good swimmer so he was no stranger to the waves.

After seeing two surf boards in the summer on the beach eventually he figured out one of them was Jimmy Dix’s board and on off them was Jimmy’s wife. So he went over to the surf board he had a good look and he stated to touch the surfboards. Whilst he was on the beach a thought came to his mind he had an intelligent idea to build his own surfboard. The surfboard was wooden, hollow it had a lovely oak wood pattern is well it also had brass screws. He had a heavy trolley to carry it around it also had 3 oak planks inside of the board and also it had fin people believe that it was the first ever fin on a surfboard it was an amazing height off 13.5ft. After a while he travelled to Hawaii and became one of the first stand up surfers.

By the off age 86 Pip passed away June the 28th 2004 he shall be remembered the god farther of surfing.

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WW2 and My Family by Taya

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My Nanny was born in 1937 so was a very young child when ww2 broke out. She sadly died 2 years ago, but she liked talking to us about growing up in the war.
She didnt live in Cornwall as a child, and grew up in the city but she wasnt evacuated. She remembered being taken to the air raid shelter, and the children would actually get excited when the sirens went because they would have such a lovely time together in the shelter.
My great nan loved cooking so found it hard to stick to the ration books, but would swap things with her friends to allow her to keep on baking. She would make cakes with powdered egg. They also ate dripping from the meat spead on toast, it was my Nans favourite treat. She could remember having lemonade for the first time , and a banana. Bananas were hold to get hold of during the war.
Rationing was officially started on 8th January 1940.
Ration books were issued to every person
Each week, one person would get:
one fresh egg,
2 oz butter,
2 oz tea,
1 oz cheese,
8 oz sugar,
4 rashers of bacon,
4 oz margarine.
Vegetables were not rationed,
Babies, pregnant women and sick people were given extra rations of milk, orange juice and cod liver oil.
Rationing continued until 1954, years after WW2 was over.

Spitfire Homework by Taya

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World War 2 plane, Spitfire
The Spitfire was the most famous fighter aircraft of ww2. It was the only British fighter plane to be used throughout the war.
RJ Mitchell, an engineer at Supermarine Aviation, designed the Spitfire originally to be a short range plane. The first planes were produced in 1938.
The name Spitfire was taken from an old English word meaning someone of strong or fiery character. The names Snipe and Shrew were also considered for the plane.
The plane weighed almost 2,400 kg and could go 582 kph, but could dive at faster speeds. It was able to climb to 7,000 metres in just over 9 minutes.
Just over 20,000 Spitfires were built. The plane was in active service until 1955.
Some of the planes had changes made to their under the wings. Instead of carrying bombs, the planes could carry beer. Many German pilots actually believed the Spitfire was better than their own planes.
The Spitfire has been in many war films. Today, there are almost 50 Spitfires left around the world flying.

Blitz Persective Write Away by Taya

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I woke up and I climbed out of are Anderson shelter I could not believe what I was seeing the world had transformed. I saw nothing but destruction. I was with my family my wife Lilly and my twin girls, Ava and Eva and their older brother Joe they were sleeping. My family waited in the Anderson shelter I went ahead to look around it was a nightmare well I was walking. Stupid Hitler who did most of this mess. On the way I saw the milk man he had a big smile on his face he came to me and offered me some milk ,but he gave my an extra bottle he was a very nice chap (he had a very  nice family is well).

I still think I’m day dreaming my favourite place to go in town was gone I shred a tier or a couple. But then I found something it was a picture that was from our house. It was a picture of Ava and Eva. Once again I thought I was dreaming like a crazy person.

As I was walking it felt like shattered glass on the floor, and broken cracked pieces of wood. My hairs on my neck prick up slowly. I heard lots of loud noises I could hear lots of bombs. I could still see huge amount of flames. I could see my house I ran as fast as possible it wasn’t looking so good I was slowly drowning in darkness.

It looked like the world was over and some peoples life’s where over two. The city had been spread with darkness I cried and cried I walked back to are Anderson shelter and I told my family about the house Lilly didn’t believe me and the children didn’t believe it. So they followed me and I showed them the house, and they all cried we had a look around some of our most valuable items where gone or destroyed. Some of the family photos where ripped. This day was darkness, and we left the house for ever.

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Blitz Poem By Taya

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The Blitz

The heart of London shattered to pieces,

Burning London alive,

Bombs as loud as a plane falling into a volcano,

Darkness surrounds our homes,

A Savage attack.


Fighting the hell of Hitler’s making,

A shadow of chaos spreads around the City,

Everybody’s heart beating as fast as lighting,

Brothers and sisters of mercy,


Raining fire,

Still burning skeletons,

Showers of flares,

Our capital city being fed with death and horror,

London is nothing but a city of ruins,

This place is a key of lava,

Citizens wondering if they will stay alive,

Running away from the burnt houses as fast as a tiger,

Hitler stands for hell.

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Diary entry by Taya

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Dear diary
Hi my name is Dorothy Jones and my dad is called Gilbert Jones .I’m 9 my dad is 37.
Today has not been great it has, in fact, turned into a nightmare. So well, it is very hard to explain. Firstly, my dad said we had to get out of here straight away dear (here’s a little fact: My mother died when I was a baby). Well after that he said I have to be sent far far away .
“Goodbye dear” and i was gobsmacked to hear that. I asked why he had to go to war and I cried so we went to a boat and well, we said our goodbyes and we set off from our hometown in Birmingham. I saw a lot of other children that were also very upset.
On the way there we heard  hundreds of bombs and explosions. We were in there for a while and I  had a ear ache wondering if dad was still alive. Some one in there had a heart attack. We finally got to a the countryside of Devon, it was very cold. We went on a very noisy train, I threw up and I wasn’t the only one. So we got to this place where we were going to stay. I felt very lonely for a while. But when we found out where we were sleeping and I met this girl that I shared a room with, her name was Mary .She also had none of her family with her so I felt a little better. The girl was very nice, it was very busy there and lots of people panicked , well I can’t say anything as I  was panicked as well. I hope Dad is not dead. I hope WW2 ends. I hope this all ends well.

The First Droid by Taya

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The Martian

One day I went to see what was going on and I saw a hole in the road. So I picked up a bit of the shattered on the road and it was cold. I was surprise but everyone was shouting and the police where telling people to get evacuate like mad man. But I didn’t listen. Well no one did.

But in a blink of an eye the hole started to expand and people backed away as fast as light. People where panicking like loud parrots. I said oh no the whole was moving also it really trashed the windows in the shop and lots of over building’s. It was going everywhere and citizens where ruing like something had gave them super powers. My friend was crying like wimp but it is very scary. Then something strange happened, a woman screamed her head off.

Well the church got smashed to smithereens the top part did and I could not belief it. I was still breathing. My heart was just about beating. I was incredibly relived that I got away from the church.

The big whole well huge whole went massive and it came out. It was like a volcano in the ground. There was a lot of smoke. My eyes could not take a second of it but my feet where stuck like ice. After that this thing decides to come out of the ground. It came out like a rocket ship.

He or she or anything was like something I had never seen anything in my life like this. ALL of a sudden the robot like feet made a move it started crunching cars across the street. I was hiding behind a car also there where two people next to me. But one of the cars that the thing chucked hit the car they were hiding behind so they ran of their life.

So I did.




Acrostic Poem by Taya

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Ice sliding slithering slowly into the deep ocean.

Chalky frosty broken ice floating through the sea.

Ear splitting  exploding of icebergs drifting.

Bobbing beautiful crystal clear ice cubes.

Exclusive solid and soft water rolling in the vast sea.

Royal milky chunks of square pieces ice block.

Glacial carving its though Greenland mountain’s.

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Frank Hurley’s Diary Entry by Taya

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Dear diary:

I have been working my feet off taking photos but the photos are very stunning. We have still got a long jouney ahead of us also there is 27 of quiet a lot if you think about it . A lot of barking dogs, wood creaking, crowds cheering, sails flapping, water lapping, and brass band.

When we left the brass band was loud cheering was loud as I already mentioned. I got a good photo of the sea and some wild life. It was incredible when I set of (tears were shed).  I’m getting to know every won a bit more. Funny enough are ship caption is called Frank Wild. There is a ship cat Miss Chippie she’s cute I guess she cause a little bit of mischief.

It smells like salt water but when big waves come and you’re up on deck and the salt water goes in your mouth and it is horrible.  Also there is other smells like cooking, coal fire, and the whale oil lamps it is quiet sad a (it is disgusting).  Hussey is exactly intertying on his banjo. The meal was interesting I forgot what is was but still it was nice more like very yummy. Obviously we all had some rum and some beer I am very excited for tomorrow. I still don’t get why I get was tossing there were so many others offering to do the job but I am glad. This is my dream come true and it is beautiful.

Frank Hurley

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