Patience Camp Shackleton by Sam

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30th December 1915

Patience Camp

We have been at this place for six days; and we are naming it Patience Camp because we are waiting for the ice to the ice to melt. We are all really hungry because we have not eaten for a day or two. It is really hard to settle in when its winter because the tents are really cold inside.

It is really hard to hunt for food because there are blizzards everywhere. The foods that we eat taste fishy because we eat penguins and seals. We are always hungry because we don’t get much food to eat but back at home I can walk to the cold room to grab anything.  The other day we killed a leopard seal and we found some un- digested fish. What we normally do is simple we cut the blubber off the seal/penguin then we eat at breakfast, dinner and supper.

What we do for entertainment is really fun because we like to do sport like: Soccer, sled-dog races and human running races. Every night we dance me and Hurley did a dance in front of the team which was really cheering me up from the endurance. Another thing we like to do is read which is encyclopedia really good because it tells me facts. I really like it when the dogs jump at me because it’s a sign that they like me. We also have entertainment for dogs to we take them for walks and play fetch with any sticks we find. We like it when Hussy plays his annoying banjo it’s really relaxing. When we play soccer we normally play a two vs two me and Hurley vs Hussy Charles Green.

Weather at patience camp can get very powerful when we do our jobs there is normally a blizzard. We don’t get that much sleep because it’s very cold in a tent. In my garden when I go camping it is shivery but the Antarctic is so blizzardy. Some of the team have had frostbite which is really bad because it leads to having a finger chopped off or a finger dropping off.

Everyone has a job to do which is really hard work. Some of us haul ice from the floor and melt it for drinking water. We also hunt for food with guns its takes lots of time to get an animal killed. Sometimes we like to hunt for a while to hopefully get more food. We get our best men at shooting to do the job. These are the jobs that we do: hunting, hauling ice and melting ice for water.

Now I have got to go and help put up a tent that fell down.


Shackletons Recruitment Advertisement by Sam

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Do you want to help me set sail for 1500 miles on the Antarctic? Im looking for tough men who aren’t afraid of ice. I will give you some clothing to keep you warm. I’ll also need some people who can fix the ship and vet the dogs and also someone to keep us healthy. This is for brave/adventurous people. You have to be eighteen or over to join me. So please join me on my Inperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.


My First Blog Post by Sam

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This is my first blog post and I’m gonna tell you how my summer was.My summer was really good my favorite part was when I went to Jump 4 trampoline park for 1 hour.I also enjoyed going swiming at Ships and Castles I liked going down the slide.I went to Flambards  I liked the Carousel and the Helicopters.I also went to Maenporth beach and went in the sea.

I went to football golf and then I went to Swanpool beach to have ice cream.Also I went to Raze the Roof and had pizza and fries we were there for three hours.