The Door by Samuel

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I look up to a Morden skyscraper which was just finished yesterday it was a techno marvel it had everything. As I walk in to the building I realise how smart the building really was because there robots everywhere to power the tower. As my tour guided took us to the second floor I start about the thinking the past which I think is strange because it is techno brake threw but I am thinking of the past. I carry on thinking this until we hit the second floor. My tour guide lead me out of the lift she talks about the building but I didn’t listen instead I’m still think about the past until out of the corner of my eye I see a rustic and old wooden door. I ask my tour guide “what is that door?” the guide says “I don’t know,” I thought that was very peculiar but not as peculiar as the old door in the most high tech building ever made. I then ask the tour guide can I go to the toilet” I didn’t need the toilet I just said it so I could investigate. She replied “okay,” I walked towards the door. And every step it became. More unclear somehow I started to hear gunshots and shouting.

When I got to the door I really started to realise how odd this really was it is the most high tech building with “the oldest door” I think to myself. Then I tied to image why it is there and what is behind the old thing. And then the time came open the door. But to add suspense I looked threw the post box to see what looks like London but in the 1940s. Knowing that it was safe I pushed the door and looked to be in 1940s in a café. There was an American troop everywhere and I ask one “where am I and what year is tit” the man responded with “London 1941 what’s your prob” I say “I don’t know what’s your name” the guy says “Jackson what’s yours,”


“Were you from Samuel?”

“London, you?”


I say “bye,” and I walk off to the streets of London. I then realised how crazy this really was time traveling. Then I thought about what to do next get a room or go back to future like Mcfly. I decide to get room I look for the nearest hotel. I then found one and it was not just one it was the One otherwise known as the Ritz. Why not I could afford because I had wallet full money and it was 5 pound a night. And I had 500 pound in my wallet. I check in to the small hotel. When I got to my room I think about what I could by with 500 pounds. I then went to bed from a day of madness 1 minute in 2041 next in 1941 and that door is it still there and how I am going to get back.


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Bermuda Triangle 1 by Samuel

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Today We set of today on an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. Because there has been a radar sighting of an island, we were told to travel to this island for studies. we were warned not go from the locals but we shall carry on.

Are group is called curtis after the great pirate. We are made of 5 people which one is Danny is an amazing sailor from the royal navy, another is Josh a radar reader from the royal navy, there is also joey a mechanic, harry a navigator and me I am the groups captain James.

We travel by boat so that we can study the wild life and get there easily.  Image result for boat

Pip Staffieri Story by Samuel

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I will never forget the day when witnessed surfing history

It was a steamy hat day in Newquay. There was a line of hot sweaty makers queuing up for one pips famous 99 cone and in that line sweaty fat was me . I was waiting for one for holly ice cream form the rust bucket of van. It was a ;

Local treat everyone who was any one went to the ice-cream van of dreams. When just about to get my treat of the day pip shots “shop closed” every gasped hoarier like world had ended. Then he said but if you want an ice-cream come help me” the line holiday makers rusher pip. Pip then said  “look be hide the van and get the board” . as he said there was a board behind the truck but he did not say that it was marvel of a board it must have been at least 13 foot and was like northing I have ever seen before had curve and a fin .pip then stepped out his van in a stripy woollen swim suite and then said “get the board the trolley” so all of us lifted the board on to the trolley. And then pip  wheeled the board on the trolley down to the beach with a pose be hide him. Then he got to the water age took the board of the trolley, barely, and then pushed towards the waves. Got on the and then dispread at the waves brake. Then here appeared riding the wave like a god.

Money Wasters by Samuel, Cian and Barney CG

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Money wasters are the new kid on the “bill”. This is the place to look at the most ridicules junk which is worth millions. And on today issue it’s the most expensive tech which will waste your money

First thing is a phone which is worth £1,375. Now you may be being maybe this phone is good but hear is just a photo. It has a giant display of just 2.4”. and has battery live of 4hr which is not bad but for over thousand pound and if you are still with this phone. Here’s one more thing the fact is that you can a phone for just £64 and it has the same sized screen as the other and has the same camera AND it’s a smart phone. which one would you buy.

expensive phone

              cheap phone                                                                                                                    

On the note of phones there is a phone case worth £5,500. It is a design make which is louis Vuitton but is it worth it when you could buy a case for just 2 pound. And there’s just one of these ridiculous phone case in fact there is another phone case which is just and says I’m rich and costs £696.


That’s all for today’s issue of. but next week on money wasters is stationery so stay tune for the issue.

Pip Staffieri Biography by Samuel

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Pip Staffieri

Pip Staffieri is one of the first stands up surfers in the UK and some people believe that he is the godfather of surfing. Pip Staffireri was born 1918 August the 3rd in Newquay, Cornwall.

Pip Staffieri had a hard life with polio in his leg but that did not stop him. He grew up never seeing his dad because he sadly died before his son was born in the war. Pip Staffireri grew up in a Italy a culture with his mum starting an ice-cream business, which know called Kelly’s ice cream,. He had one brother and one sister both of them being older.

As young adult he earned his wages by working in the family’s ice cream truck and on his free time he did many water sports including prone surfing which was the being of surfing in the UK.

While we was in the dentist he saw people in an Encyclopaedia Surfing in Hawaii. As he was already into water sports this blew him away and he would do anything to a get bored like that. And when he was working in his ice cream truck he spotted a board just like the one he saw that it was owned by Jimmy Dix. He got to the beach and looked at this wonder of a board. And looked at and picked it up. By doing this he had made metal blueprint in his head and as soon as he got home he tried to make marvel of a board.

The board was a massive 13.6 foot board and was oak wood. A tom Bake style with brass screw holding the planks together and to finish the board of with a goat of vanish. As soon as we could he could he wheel his giant 13.6 foot board to water edge in his wool swimming costume. He got out to the waves and tries to surf.

After a while he but a 3 foot fin on to his board to make it stable and in doing so he was the first person to ride a surfboard with a fin on it. And was not just the first person to ride with a fin but was all so the first British person to ride fiberglass board.

Pip Staffieri died in his sleep in 2005.















The Blitz by Samuel


I was playing a game of cards when we heard that the disruption outside had come to an end and it was time to get out of our shelter. My family and I sheltered in our Anderson shelter which was cramped, cold and just horrible in general. Tired but alive, we crawled out to see Hitler’s hellish rain. Just as I got up I fell with and sadness. Our streets gone, our home gone, but that was just the beginning of our nightmare like lives. We got on to the skeleton of a street and saw nothing: no buildings, just the bane of London existence; the end of London as we know it. Fires were still ravaging the building’s corpses until there was just the floor left. People scream as we do in Hitler’s terror. It feels like the moon, with craters everywhere and there is no air, just dust and deathly smoke.

My shop looked like a pile Lego bricks, shattered everywhere. My life’s work shattered in one night; glass everywhere I looked. It’s a dream I keep telling myself, but dreams don’t come true – nightmare’s do – and this one did. My dreams are shattered but I still go towards more ruins, until I see Hitler’s playground. The Cathedral is  gone, one half engulfed in flames of terror and the other I am standing on. Everyone’s soul has been crushed in this nightmare. Fumes of gunpowder and smoke replace the air,for that’s the only thing around, because there are no buildings. Cars are thrown in the air and ito the skeletons of shops. Double decker buses lie in craters, under cars.

The people’s morale is low, but our prime minster tries to keep them high. Our hearts are crushed but our spirit is still alive.


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London is a Playground by Samuel


London is a playground for bombs

By Samuel


Hell rains down.

House shatter,

Just like the cities bones.

London is gutted.


Firemen try to save London,

Because it’s taken its last breath.

I see family break.

Hitler laughs as we cry.


Family are broken,

Just like are souls are.

We keep moral high,

But inside it burn to be happy.


Smoke like death kills silently,

Are hearts stop.


We cry

We die

But we don’t give up.


Our Prime minster is London’s soul,

And keeps London alive.

Hitler’s hell ends are beating hearts,

And end the live we live.


London is a playground for bombs

By Samuel
















1939 3rd September by Samuel

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1939 3rd September

I turn on the wireless with everyone crowding around to hear Neville Chamberlain speech and we hear that we are at war with Germany. We knew that this would happen but nothing could bearer us for this tragically of an event. My first thought was jimmy joining the war and possible ending his life to fight for his country And Trisha becoming a nurse and going away. The last war was horrific.  I worried about air raids, the Anderson working and if the food was in shelter. As air raid worded my job began and there was no doubt about It. And we are already in money trouble and it is only going to get worse as the war goes and soon we will be on rations.  All of our faces black with somehow shock even though we knew that this would happen but it stilled shocked us, that this nightmare came true, and

we stood for the national Anthon


WWII Story by Samuel

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“Hello hello, I have crashed my spitfire. I think I am in the middle of Black Forest in Gemany I believe that at least 5 of my friends have all so crashed please send help. Over” I have spotted a death camp ,while I was free falling, I think they know that I’m here. They probably have my co pilots there. I am going to try to sneak int one of the many jeeps coming in and out of the gates of hell.

The time has come where try to get out of the forest and some go where my live is not hanging on the edge of a cliff ready to fall to death. A jeep came out of the gates I know this is my chance. So run for my live to get to the only hope of survival. I got in to the jeep with no one noticing. I saw 3 offer men my brain did not know what to do because there were my copilots. James was driving, I said to him “where are we going,” he said “some where but where” he and I smirked. At this point I thought I was dreaming.i was.
“ Wake up” I heard as my heart virtually stops. Breakfast was almost nothing. I meant up with some other prisoners one who was called Steve had been held at this death camp 4 years and still is scared. He said to me “what ever you have been threw nothing will prepare for this. There is no chance of survival”

Lunch came all it was potato mash I thought that rations was bad. Some punk came up to me saying that I’m dead I didn’t think anything of it. Salvageable began with breaking rocks and then boxing. This was hell to me because I was always treated love me the best and now it’s the opposite.

I needed to escape but there was no where to go after I have escaped and even escape was nearly impossible. I engendered another day in hell breaking rocks and boxing but this time they added a check to make sure no one was trying to escape. I thought this was wired because everyone was not expecting this at all this made me wonder why they did this if there was no need to do it. I started searching for clues on why thy did this. While investigating I spotted myself listening in on what the guards were saying and They said that someone had escaped. This made me curious on how who and why. I heard the bell which meant that it was lights out.

I started searching again but this time a little more secretive because I think they might be on to me . The reason why I think this because the seem to be looking at me with the faster of almost disappointed with me. “Come over where” someone whispered to me I whispered to them back “what” I just went along with it. He then said to me “I know what you are looking for.” I then saw him. He was was a classic prisoner with tattoos all over his shoulder and a bald head with side burns.

“He is gone, he ran. The coppers are after him.” He was gone my mind was baffled about what I just heard . The guard called me over “ what are you doing,” I heard in a rough voice I said “nothing” I just walked off. I went in to my cell and saw a poster which was never there before and then I heard where has he gone. So I looked behind the poster and saw…

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The First Tripod by Samuel

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The tri pod
I was just walking down street. And then I saw crater form I automatically thought it had fall un from the sky I then walked over to it there was a big crowd all wondering what it is. I saw a crystal I put my hands under my coat to get ready for the heat but strangely it was freezing cold I could not get my head round this knowing that when an object fall it goes red hot.

Then cracks accrued so I thought it could just be one of the effects of a meteor or it could have been just an earthquake the crowds went crazy running. I then found my friends and they said that it could not of been an earthquake because there was no warning or shin of being one.
Crassus s started climbing up the church then we thought there was no chance of being ever one of those cos that would be impossible. The crowds went wild thinking there was tersest blowing up buildings to strike fear. This was carnage first the meteor then the cracks now climbing the building. It fell that’s when people ran we stayed because it glued us to the spot even though we knew we should run for are lives hoping this would not cost are lives…
I’m glad I stayed cos I saw the impossible the ground almost took a breath it went up and then down with a mighty roar car alarms screamed at their loudest a few blocks away. this was no tersest no it most of been high technology like government system gone wrong. A sink hole formed in front of me. I could not help thinking that this all started with me tanking the crystal.
We then hid be hide a car next to us a car hit the from the sink hole .a ominous sound struck a robot like create a emerged from the hole and started the end of the world by starting with a guy with a camera it almost teleport him to the. And then blood poured as guts got shredded to a million I think everyone knows what happened as skin fell. It almost was rain blood and haling guts .I ran…

Messi’s Net Worth by Samuel

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Messi is one of the best football players in the world scoring 507 goals in 644 matches. Here is he’s net worth and some overall facts about him.

First his transport and the value of the car : a Ferrari F430 spider worth $117,900, Maserati Granturismo’s worth 126,500, Audi Q7 worth $47,700, Audi R8 spyder worth $114,900, Lexus 4×4 worth $73,292, Toyota Prius worth $24,200 and a Maserati Granturismo MC Stadale worth $181,182 and a super yacht plus priatet jet.

Now the teams he is playing for: FC Barcelona and Argentína national team.

Finally his net worth which is 350 million dollars.

Felipe Massa net worth by Samuel

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Felipe massa is one of the most famous racing driver in F1. Here’s is he’s net worth plus some overall facts

First he’s car collection: a Maserati ,Aarth 695 tributo Ferrari,Ferrari 599,Ferrari 458 Italia, and many more.

He’s driven for a number teams including Williams, Suber, Ferrari

and  finally his net worth which is  11million pounds


Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth by Samuel

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    • Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world with scoring 360 goals in 343 matches
    • First he’s cars and prices: Ferrari 599 GTO worth $385,000,Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 worth $318,000,Porsche cayenne turbo worth $96,000 and a Ferrari F430 worth $300,00 and many more. Just adding all the ones I used in the list the cost is $1099000He has played for lots of teams including Manchester United ,Real Madrid and Portugal. He has scored the most goals Real Madrid with 277 goals.

      His Net Worth is $230 000 000

Michael Schumacher net worth by Samuel

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Michael Schumacher  is a legendary f1 driver and is a 7 times world champion .here’s some facts about him.

First he’s trace port; he owns a Ferrari Enzo,Ferrari California , Mercedes C65 AMG estate,Mercedes GL450 CDI,Mercedes S65 AMG,Ferrari FXX and many more cars. He also owns a 32 million pound yacht and a 25 million pound jet which he’s wife sold.

Michael Schumacher has driven in many different team such as Ferrari, Jordan, Benton and Mercedes. sadly Michael Schumacher no longer races because of a skiing  accident and no is paralysed.

he’s net worth is 641 million pounds


Lewis Hamilton net worth by Samuel

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If have heard of lewis Hamilton thesi  first sentence is about him .Lewis Hamilton  is a professional racer and drives for Mercedes Benz.

First he’s trace sport. He has many cars, surprising we owns a  Ferrari  la Ferrari  ,McLaren P1,Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet,Aston Martin Vanquish, Nissan GT-R and many more cars. He also owns a 25 million dollar plane and yacht and he’s f1 car roughly cost 7.21 million dollars

All together he has won 52 races and in this year he can earn 140 million dollars.

he’s net worth is 200 million dollarscar




Donald Trump net Worth by Samuel

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This is pretty much why I don’t like Donald trump and a few facts about him

There was once a not very smart person called Donald and his family only gave 1 million dollars (which is a very small lone arpartle ),obviously he then had very hard life with a million dollars and then we wanted to become president for some reason.

Now i am talk about his stuff and price. 1.Trump tower in Chicago is worth 32 million dollars ( that’s right there is more then one) 2.The tump hotel in new York is worth 1.5 billion and was the tallest tower in the world

Now he’s traces port.He owns all these cars,2003  Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, ’50s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, Rolls Royce Phantom, 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT, and a2011 Chevrolet Camaro Indianapolis 500 Pace and  he also owns a private  jet and a helicopter both with gold in plated insides.

And he’s net worth is 3.7 billion dollars

If you have any more people is should  do next

The Emperor Penguin by Leo

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The Emperor Penguin

super penguin emperor

The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin out of 17; it also has an almost impossible life cycle.

To look out for this animal, it is a very tall, broad animal. It is around 2 metres tall and has a glint of shine in its obsidian, back rear. The black also spreads around the back head, and bottom front. It has white, yellow, and white side burns extending from it quarts white stomach. They have silk-smooth feathers as if they were leather.

The huge Continent (Antarctica) they live in is all one place, but the emperor penguin exists in many places. It includes ice bergs, ice expanses, water, and even the breeding ground. But the climate is the danger. This amazing animal is the only living organisms that stay in the Antarctic in winter. Although,  some don’t survive.

Because this penguin is the only physical thing on land, there is nothing for it to eat. But because it mostly roams in the water, it has an aquatic diet. This means it eats amphibians or animals that live in the water (aquatic animals).

Emperor penguins have many adaptions. They are like water torpedoes. They can dive to a limit of 1700 feet below the surface. Their unexpected amount of fat keeps them warm through the harsh winters of the Antarctic. Their colures are black and white. Their black rear is meant to absorb light, and the white stomach is meant to deflect light. The curved, long flippers of the penguin helps it move swiftly through the -58f Oceans. All speciesof penguin are not near extinction, but, scientists have estimated that by the year 2100, the population of penguin would have dropped by 20 persent .