Pip’s Story Sam

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I remember the day when I saw Pip Staffieri ride his board. I was having breakfast when I saw a rather nice horse and cart selling some incredible looking ice creams. I got up and left. I approached the horse and cart and entered the back of the queue. I was three people away from the front of the line when Pip just walked right down to the beach, like he was hypnotised, and said: “Sorry folk’s shops closed.” I was so angry. He went into a hut and then walked out of it with a trolley and a giant surfboard. He wheeled the surfboard down to the metallic-blue sea and set off. For ten minutes in the red hot summer sun I waited.

And then I saw it… Pip riding the big, shiny surfboard. He landed with cheers and clapping, and then as if nothing happened, he just went back to the horse and cart.

Later that evening, I went to close my window when I saw a figure in the waves. I smiled and closed the window.

The end

Biography by Sam

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Pip was one of Britain’s first stand up surfers. His parents were called Philip, his mother and Augustine, his Father. His family came from Italy and then they moved to Newquay in the early 20th century .  Pip was born in Italy 1918.


Wen Pip’s was 2 years old he had a minor defect in his left leg. He went to a school in Newquay. It is quite patchy about Pip’s childhood.


Before he was a surfer he was an Ice cream man with Kelly’s Ice cream. He took his mother and father’s job, Kelly’s Ice cream.

How did Pip’s interest in surfing begin?

Pip saw a surfing booklet in his dentist and then saw Jimmy Dix surfboard on the beach and copied the idea. His board was 13.6 feet. His mum and dad were the founders of Kelly’s ice cream.


His board was made out of oak it was hollow and he had to wheeled it down on a trolley.

He died on the 28th of June 2005. He was very famous in surfing and still is now

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Blitz Escape by Sam C.

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Blitz Escape – By Sam


November 5th 1940.I stepped out of my bomb shelter as the siren went off. I saw the Germans flying of in the distance. I heard the crowd cheering. But suddenly the Germans turned round and came back. The crowds cheering soon turned to screaming. The sirens turned on again and I ran. One plane caught up with me and I saw a black silhouette in the sky. At that moment I knew it was a bomb. As I stopped to catch my breath the bomb hit the ground. It was over. I was no longer on earth. I was dead.


I saw three parachutes slowly descending through the sky. I walked closer as the crowd went back. But before they could land they were shot by the army, but not just any old army, the Special Forces.


I was sitting in my bomb shelter then out of no were a soldier walked in and said your now a fire man. The look of devastation was on my face. Ok I groaned. He said I’m one of not very many people that could say that.

I was trained for one whole week until November 5th 1940. That very same day was the day that I got my gas mask. And the day I died.

From heaven I saw all throughout the war the ending the middle and even into the future.

I didn’t properly get to introduce myself I’m Len and I was a fire fighter in World War Two.  

      THE END


Wow: you have woven a clever time travelling tale. Well done for being d=so absorbed in your writing today. Mr W. **2tps

Sam C Blitz Poem

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Bombs dropping!

Flames scorching!

People screaming!

Air raid sirens howling.

Fear spreading.

People awaking!

Fire fighters charging.

Thick smoke.

The bones of houses.

Loads wounded and in fear

Trains tooting.

The hell that Hitler’s assembled.

Hitler’s Vandalism.

Brave heroes.

The remains of the houses?

Whistles blowing.

The heart of the soul.


London’s burning London’s burning


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War Time Cake by Sam

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First I weighed the ingredients:

  • flour
  • margarine
  • sugar
  • sultanas
  • carrots
  • 1 egg

In this photo I’m grating the carrots .

I then sifted the flour to remove the lumps.

I added the margarine. Using my hands I rubbed the margarine into the flour.

Next I added the sugar, carrot and sultanas. Then I cracked the egg.

After I cracked the egg I stirred the mixture.

Once I had finished stirring the mixture I put it into a greased and lined tin using a big spoon.

Finally it’s ready to go into the oven. I baked it for 45 minutes.

When it was ready we took it out of the oven. It tasted scrumptious.

How do lions live by Sam C

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I’m a Sam the jaguar and my best frend kirsty the tiger we are the mane caractars. And we are going to tell you about are lifes.Sam.I live in south africa all though i’m suposed to live south America i was mooved. I go to school with kirsty every sunday and saterday morning and leev school in the afternoon.me and kirsty sit to gether and behind us was the bullies jack the wolf and polly the panther witch thross rubsh at us. My perants tid and jess. By for now.kirsty. I have the same life as Sam so i’m just going to tell you two things.I live south Africa all though I am supost to live in Asia. My perants bob and samanther. By for now.

The First Tripod by Sam

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The first tripod


A meteor hit us. No one new what it was. I went over.  I was standing right next to a giant hole. I picked up some sort of metallic black stone expecting it to be hot but it was cold. Trying to pick up the stone I put it in my jacket. That moment a crack erupted around the town. The crowd was shouting. A cop said there would hast to be something down there. No one believed him. They just thought it was bomb.

Then the ground sank in and out spiting cars out and what ever was in the way. Then suddenly some sort of robot came out of the ground. Every one froze(excepted the people taking photos).                                                                                                     It had big robotic eyes that could dissolve you with one strike and big legs that were 15 kilometres high. There was not 1or2 but 10 came out!

After all this I ran?

Shackleton’s Recruitment Advert by Sam

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To all gents who would be so kind to join me on my journey to the South Polel. We will be walking from one end of the Antarctic continent to the other. We will be wanting strong men. We will need a photographer, geoligists, a chef, a medic, sailors and scientists.It will be in a harsh environment. We will be leaving Plymouth on 1st of August 1914.

Ernest Shackleton

shackleton ad

A story by Sam

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It was Monday morning and I was bored. I did not know what to do. So I went to the shop the moment I went in to the shop I saw something magical. It was a time shifter but it was $20.To get $20 I needed to do some chores. After a couple of weeks I had $20. I went to the shop as quick as possible… The time shifter wasn’t there .I ran home. On my way home I saw something shivering in the distance I went over there It was the time shifter.

At home I went to sleep. When I woke up I was sitting in an igloo there were tribe members surrounding me. I got up in a shock and ran out .I took a lode of deep breath and said I wish to go back home .In a flash I was suddenly I was back.” I mumbled that was quick”. As the year went by I got older and I had not got the time shifter as I broke it in a temper. So decide I was gowning to the South Pole. So I got a crew called Jo, Zack and Ned. They hired a boat and set sail. They saw lots of things. As they arrived we could see a huge ice berg. We went to a igloo I recognised it .it was from the trip with the time shifter.                                   An old man came out and said you should not be here he was rewinding us Zack” shouted NOOOO”

Ned “shouted NOOOO “same as Jo.

They were back. Suddenly Sam woke up it was a dream

By Sam 12.10.16                            The end

Emperor Penguins by Sam

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Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin out of 17. They can grow up to 1.2m tall. They have a have a yolky yellow collar. They have black backs and a white chest.


Emperor penguins live in Antarctica which is a frozen desert covered with ice and snow. Temperatures in Antarctica can go down to 58 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. It is the windiest place on Earth and winds can blow up to 100mph. It is extremely difficult to live in Antarctica but the Emperor penguin has a warm coated fluffy layer of feather over its skin.


Emperor penguins diet is fish, squid, krill and other things. The Emperor penguin has lots of predators like sea lions, orcas and big birds called Antarctic skuas and giant petrels, which prey on penguin chicks.


In the spring the chicks hatches. The father keeps the egg incubated. When the chick has hatched the father regurgitates in to the chicks mouth and gives the chick a nice milky mix.


Emperor penguins have a black back for warmth and a white chest for camouflage. They huddle together to keep warm.


There are 45 colonies with a population of about 600,000 Emperor penguins. They are not endangered at the moment but scientists predict that emperor numbers may  drop by 20% by 2100.

By Sam

polar landscape by sam

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I found some rocks and washed  them.

Then I started to paint the rocks.

At the same time I painted the box. Then I waited for it to dry.



Then I stuck some tissue paper on for the frozen water.

Mum got some toy’s from Preschool.



What we need:

tissue paper

animal toy’s



paint brush

cardboard box


Freezing a bowl of water by Sam

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freezing a bowl of water


I used:

  • 200 ml of cold water
  • bowl
  • freezer
  • digital thermometer
  • timer

What I did:

  • I put 200 ml of cold water in a bowl
  • I used a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the water
  • I put the bowl in the freezer
  • I set a timer for 15 minutes
  • I measured the temperature every 15  minutes for 2 hours
  • I made a graph of my results using Excel