The Blitz by Reef

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I will never forget the day when I lost everything, that day was the worst day of my life it still destroying my imagination, killing all my memories, sometimes I wake up with a scream in my throat but it never comes out with the siren singing in my mind. I was sitting on the platform dinking the tea I was given uncomfortable but bearable everyone was waiting for the siren that means we can go back up to the surface and see the destruction the Germans made when we herd the siren the men that were guarding us were saying to walk  and not run when we got to the surface the smoked choke but when all the smoke was clear all we saw were skeletons of buildings, the smell of burning body’s, everyone gasped as the saw houses destroyed, cars in craters, cars in buildings, buildings half blown to pieces, and only some buildings were stand just a little damaged but liveable.

Everyone was checking their home for any valuable stuff that hasn’t been destroyed or melted so they would remember the war they faced and the people that fought would not be forgotten and would be remembered as brave men. Everyone tried to look for their family, but everyone was still scared because the Germans could come back to kill the rest of the people and destroy the rest of the building.

The Blitz by Reef

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Vicious attacks kills loads,

Murderous inferno burns lives,

Diabolical act of vandalism kills loads,

The heart as strong as ever to fight germany,

Fire like a roaring furnace,

Everones life in peril,

Orgy of scatterd bombs that could blow any second,

Savage attacks murders hundreds,

The heat of fire is like a giants breath,

Ruthless attacks kills millions,

Flares’ falling like its raining fire,

The germans terminating london,

People blisterd by the painful heat.

Shackleton’s Diary By Reef

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Right now im sitting on my chair after the dogs were dropped of,so now we are setting of to Antartica but whats taking us so long is the beautiful sights, the sea a listening,flotilla of boats,to escort the Endurance,but it’s got it’s down side too,the smells,coal fire,whale oil lights,salt water,wet dogs and the dogs pooh,the sounds are good and bad too there are banjos,people clapping,cheering,dogs barking,whining,water lapping,brass band and sails flying.

Penguin Report by Reef

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Emperor penguins are the largest penguinin the 17 species and has a unique life cycle.

Emperor penguins live in the coldest,dryist,windyist and harshest place on earth.

Emperor penguins eat fish,snow,krill and squid.

Emperor penguins have big bellys,yelow and white necks,short legs,black,white and yellow plumge{feathers}.

Emperor penguins have webbed feet for fast swimming.Emperor penguins huddle together to keep warm.Emeror penguins can hold there breath for 15 minutes and can swim 500m in any direction.

emperor penguins walk 70 miles to the breeding grounds,The females pas the egg to the males so the females can go get some fisher for when the chick is born ican eat for the first time.