Pip The Ice Cream Man By Polly

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It was a hot humid summer in Newquay that year and I was on holiday. You see, I come from Glasgow and in Glasgow there aren’t any beaches, just shopping centres and stuff like that. Any way let’s get on with the story.

As I was saying it was a roaring hot humid summer in Newquay that year and all the coffin lid borders were catching the ideal waves, while Pip was serving sweaty holiday makers there subways and ice creams. There were about 30 people down the line. After servingnoine or ten tourists and local people he stopped, wiped his brow and then started to stare out to the vast ocean and then closed the ice cream hatch and emerged out of the van wearing a knitted woollen swimming costume and said: “Sorry folks shops closed”. I was outraged he was on the last scoop.

Then Pip hurtled out a trolley with a 13 foot whatever it was on it. He started to wheel the metal trolley down the sandy path towards the water’s edge. Then he man handled the board of the metal trolley, put it in the water, jumped on to the board and started to paddle in to the lapping waves. In about 2 minutes he was riding the waves BUT STANDING UP!. I was amazed it felt like Hawaii had come to me.

Could this be the future of surfing?


Pip Staffieri Biography By Polly

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Pip Staffieri

Papino Staffieri (known as Pip Staffieri) was born on August the 3rd 1918 Lanherne Avenue just as his mum had moved to Newquay at the beginning of the20th century.  Pip’s dad died in battle during WW1 before Pip was born, leaving his mother to take care of him.  Pip was born in to an Italian family. His dad was named Augustine and his mum was called Teresa. Many details about Pip’s early child hood are unknown.

During the late 1930s his family opened an ice cream business on Towan beach harbour. Pip served his ice cream out of a pony and trap and this was the beginning of Kelly’s ice cream business.

After already being used to the sea  and seeing many pictures and films plus Hawaiian stand up surfers in an encyclopaedia in a dentist surgery  as well as coming across tow oak surf boards side by side on Towan  beach Newquay decided to create one of his very own. He set to work as soon as possible and it was finished under a year. His very own  hollow oak varnished surf board, it had a nose plug to let the water out and it was 13.5 foot long. Pepion only added the 3 foot fin when he couldn’t steer it to the shore while standing up. Pip said that the board was great when he got in but the longer he stayed in the sea the more water got in his board and it became heavier and harder to ride.  He became the first British to ride a fibre glass board.

Pipino died at the age of 86, June 28th 2005 Lanherne Avenue during the night, the same place he was born. Pinion Staffieri the grandfather of surfing and the inspiration to us all.

Some of the earliest ever video of surfing which shows Lewis Rosenberg with his friends at Holywell Bay in Newquay Cornwall 1929. 01 DEC 2011 See SWNS Story SWSURF This grainy footage captures the moment an intrepid adrenaline junkie attempts stand-up surfing for the first time in Britain – over 80 YEARS AGO. The video was taken on a ‘lads holiday’ in 1929 and records the travels of three friends who caught the train from London to the British surfing mecca of Newquay, Cornwall. Lewis Rosenberg picked up the craze after watching a clip from Australia and – after carving a home-made eight-foot board from balsa wood – took to the waves. The clip shows him wading out to sea with the longboard under his arm, before attempting to stand up on it as his friends cheer him on. The film reel was passed on to Lewis’ daughter Sue Clamp, who stashed in the attic at her home in St Ives, Cambridge, where it lay forgotten for nearly 20 years.


Finding Thomas by Polly

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It was an ordinary day in Elizabeth’s house. Elizabeth listened to the sound of the pattering rain on the ceiling and the roar of the burning coals in the stone hearth while Thomas sat curled up on her lap. Her mother was in the armchair reading the paper.

Suddenly the threatening blare of the air raid siren sounded. Thomas jumped off her lap and ran out of the cat flap. Elizabeth tried to follow him but her mother kept on puling her towards the shelter. Elizabeth yanked her arm and her mother lost her grip. She started running in the opposite direction to the shelter into the night. Her heart pounded as the hammering rain fell down on her. It was getting late and it had been about half an hour after since the air raid siren sounded.

Then Elizabeth remembered the day that her father had given Thomas to her before he had gone to war .He said to always look after him. Suddenly she felt a deep empty feeling inside her, she had let him down.

Elizabeth kept on running through the pouring rain. She thought to herself:  if I’ve got this far I’m not giving up now. Just at that very moment she heard the comforting sound of Thomas’s purr. Elizabeth followed the sound until she found her beloved Thomas, curled up under a broken drain pipe .She lifted him up and let him snuggle up into her long brown bushy curls. His sweet smell filed the air. In a flash a house across the road exploded glass and rubble flew everywhere. Elizabeth held Thomas tight and faced away from the blast. She stood there for a bit and then fell to the ground in shock.

Her mother came running round the corner and then saw Thomas next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was on the ground eyes closed her hands were cold as ice. Her mother knelt down and said in a soft voice “Elizabeth my love are you still here” There was no answer so her mother scooped up Thomas and went home to start a new beginning.



How to Make a Banana, Apple and Strawberry Smoothie🍓 By Polly

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you will need :

2 apples

1 bannana

10 – 20 frozen strawberry

and 600ml – 800ml of yogurt

Method :

first you need to juice the appal in a juicer. Then you need to pore the apple juice in to a container. Now in  another container chop your banana in and por the yogurt  til it just covers the banan then add the strawberries and then add the Appel juice and blend in till smooth. And the you shall have your delicious smoothie. 😊


Blitz Descriptive Writing By Polly

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September 19th 1940

I didn’t know what time it was, I didn’t know what was happening. I was simply ling in my bunk curled up under my blanket. Mum was awake too, and then we heard the siren go off which meant all clear. We woke up dad and Florence. Dad lifted of the corrugated door. Luckily we didn’t get buried under rubble and bricks. Dad got out first to check if it was safe and then he finally said you can come out now. Mum got out after dad then Florence and then me.

I looked around me and everything was gone everything I had loved, the house was destroyed the only thing left was the skeleton remaining’s of it ,the yard was full of splintered glass, bricks and rubble. As I walked I could hear the sound of the rubble beneath my feet. There was a huge pit in the road that must have been where the bomb had hit. I walked over to the pit and looked in there laid the remaining’s of the exploded bomb.

 Mum suddenly started scattering thought the remains of the house trying to find our beloved passions Florence was now joining in at this stage. They only found a metal spoon, a bed post and an iron tray. My friend Mary Hesslins house was also destroyed. I could see the W.V.S (women’s voluntary serves) coming round offering tea and blankets too everyone. They were now at the top of my rowed.

I scanned back thought my memories in my mind. The time when me and Mary had a teddy bears picnic in here back yard or the time that Florence laughed so hard milk came out here nose. Suddenly a tear appeared in my all the things I had known was gone it felt like I had lost a part of me. I didn’t know what was gowning to all I could do is think about the future.    



Blitz Poem by Polly

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The blitz

Night after night vicious bombing attacks haunts our dreams,

Mothers crying of vengeance.

Flames flicker in the moon light,

Hoses playing on the smouldering ruins of London.

Sirens howl on the wind,

V1 rockets soring though the sky at terrific speed.

Fire raining from the scorching ruins,

Skeletons of buildings blistered by intents heat.

The vengeance of the night is broken by the choking dawn,

Hitler is burning down our homes but he will never break our spirit.



The First Tripod by Polly

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The First Tripod

I was staring down at the hole which had just been hit by a meteor a little bit off it had chipped off it while landing it was next to me.  My heart was thumping as I wrapped my jumper round my hand and slowly approached the immaculate rock (thinking it was boiling hot). But I was wrong I looked over at the man next to me I said” gosh it’s freezing cold”, it was nearly too cold to touch.

I stared down at the hole I felt the ground moving under my feet then suddenly a huge crack appeared it spread all the way to the nearest florets shop then another crack appeared and another and another. Then glass started splintering in shop windows and a big crack was forming its self-down the side of the church. I was scared to death. Then suddenly it was like

the earth started berthing then it exploded and made a deep pit. Cars started rolling in and man got pushed in by the crowd he started climbing for his life, If I helped him 2 lives would be lost so I didn’t help,. The tower of the church could not hold on for much longer. It fell to the ground with a big clunk and shattered in to a million of tiny pieces of wood I ran.

Suddenly out of the blue a metallic robot came out of the pit about the size of 150 feet hi it had a bee shaped head and blue suckers it was destroying everything in its path then it dumped a huge pile of something behind it .My

life was depending on me so I ran for it.




Frank Wild’s 3rd diary entry by Polly

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Dear diary

The day has come after 6 weeks of barging pushing and smashing though ominous ice floas. Our little ship is finally stuck in the ice.

The Boss called us all down for a meeting and he said we were stuck in the ice and we would had to stay the winter Intel the ice melts.

For tea we had the edible bits of the whale from South Georgia. Now I must get some rest.

Frank Wild

Frank Wild’s 2nd Diary Entry by Polly

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December the 4th 1914

Dear diary

Today is the last day on South Georgiar for me and the crew. The wailers told us that the ice was wors than ever. I was a little nervers my self but the Boss said were gowing to be fine. So for the rest of the day we spent paking but off cors I made sure that Herley got a bit of time to take some picturs of the land scape and habitat.

We had whail for tea with a few sleging biscuits as well. I hope that every thing will go well tomorow.

Frank Wild

Frank Wiled’s first diary entry by Polly

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Dear diary

Today was brilliant. We set off from Buenos Ares their where millions of people clapping and cheering another was even a brass band !. When we sailed out of the harbour there were boats following us either side.

Finally we got out on the water ready for the journey ahead. As I am the captain I made sure that the jobs were spread equallybut of course I made sure I got a bit of time with Sue the dog At last it was supper time. We had Tertal with a creamy source and we also popped a botal of shampain for the bosses welcome. Now I must get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

Frank Wiled

water to frozen science experiment by Polly

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I filled a bowl of water up and put a thermometer in it. Then I left it in the freezer and went to check on the thermometer every 5 mins and recorded the temperature. I was doing this experiment to find out how long it took to get to freezing temperature (zero). The water froze but it never got to zero. We think it mite be because our thermometer wasn’t the best at measuring freezing temperatures.  The graph went up when my mum opened up the freezer for the shopping to go in because the warm air went in.IMG_1790 IMG_1792 IMG_1793.

data and graph


Emperor Penguins by Polly

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Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are the Earth largest Penguin at 1.4m tall with a complex life cycle.

These birds are clearly recognisable by their bright orange flash on their head.  They also have snow white bellies and jet black backs with small feet.

Their diet is normally krill, squid and fish but their babies’ on the other hand first live of a milky subsets that the father coughs up while the mother goas back to the sea to collect and feed. Once the mother has found a hole in the ice that leads to the sea they dive in to sea and go fishing for food they can stay under water for 15m.  

Emperor Penguins live on the most remote place on earth. These birds live in the Artic seas in summer and the breading ground in the winter. It takes around 3 months to get to the breading ground. Their habitat is a wold of snow and the wind can blow up to 100 mph. It’s one of the hardest places to survive in. Emperor Penguins are the only animal to stay the winter in Antarctica. It is the coldest, windiest place on earth.

When they get to the get to the breeding grounds the male tries to find a mate. Once they have found a mate they form an egg once they have formed an egg the mother parses the egg to the father some couples do not succeed and the ice clams it.

These birds have 4 layers of feathers to protect them from the cold. Their sharp thick claws for stopping them skid on the ice. They have small bills and flippers to convers heat.   

There are around 600,000 in the population of Emperor Penguins. These animals are not endangered but scientists believe that the population will drop by 1/5 by 2100.      

10 Fantastic Facts about Everest by Polly

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  1. Everest is 29,035 feet or 8,848 meters high.
  2. It’s over 60 million years old.
  3. Everest grows by about a quarter of an inch (0.25) every year.
  4. The top is the edge of Nepal to the south of China or Tibet on the north.
  5. The rocky submit is covered with deep snow all year long.
  6. It is made up of many different types of rock including limestone, marble and shale.
  7. Everest was formed by the movement of the Indian tectonic plate pushing up and against the Asian plate.
  8. The wind on Everest can blow up to 200 mph.
  9. The temperature can be -08f.
  10. Everest was first named peak 15.


The Storm by Polly

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The Storm

The lighting in the sky was like a twing in my eye

The rain was warm as well as the storm

The thunder was loud all around hidden up in the clowd

The stars in the sky wer briter then inside

The sky darkend as it started to carmon

by Polly