About My Dog by Nayte

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My dog is a puggle (pug cross beagle) she is really lazy and fat but she is really energetic. We take her for walks there is one where we walk for three miles its called lowertown, she loves it down there she runs round but she is really anoying.Image result for puggle

Mrs Bancroft Letter by Nayte

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

We are all sad to see you leave our wonderful school you have done a lot for our school like:

  • Bring the premier league trophy in and some of Plymouth Argyle players
  • Helped hire the mini busses for our school trips
  • Enter competitions for our school to win some nice things in assembly.

We will miss you Mrs Bancroft¬†ūüôĀ

Shackleton diary entry five by Nayte

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Diary entry five

October 27 1915

¬†Our ships carpenter ( Harry Mc Nish) has built a ritz for us to stay in after we’ve had our tea. It was worth the wait. I could’nt believe how it looked it was phenominal but the problem was we had to wait for three days for him to build. While he was building that me and the crew were playing soccer, tag and catch the dog. Sue had four pups that started wondering round and a couple moments later they found an ice cave.

Shackleton journey to South Georgia By Nayte

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26 October 1914

Leaving Buenos Aires

My name is Ernest Shackleton and this is my diary all about my journey across Antarctica.Me and my crew left Buenos Aires then we saw many things like crowds cheering, people waving, dogs barking and of course other boats. On the ship we were waiting for one of the Naval Ships to send us a message saying proceed. After 10 minutes of waiting we saw a Naval Ship outside of the bay looking if there were any dangerous animals so they finally sent us a message saying proceed so we left to sail to South Georgia sorry I have to go now since I need to help out on the ship someone is being sick bye.

 Image result for Endurance ship in color

A Horror Story by Nayte

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Once upon a time there was 12 kids at a park playing man hunt [it] with flashlights then 5 of them dissapeard  the other 7 were looking for them after a hour they met back at the wall there was only 4 now. The other 3 were terrified suddenly they saw a tall black man with a white mask running at them they started sprinting,suddenly they were to slow like a tortoise they had one last glance, until the was in the back of a dark black van.