A story about alien invasion by Mirta

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Mirta’s story about the aliens


Aliens live in other planets, actually in different planets, some in our solar systems, others outside our solar system. And they are all very different… as humans are different, Aliens are too!

We have got several types of aliens: for example we have aliens with jelly arms, and aliens with no arms, aliens with many legs, aliens with no legs, and aliens that can become like rocks.


How do I know that?


Well, one day I have met a girl, her name is Mirta, who told me that one morning, during the winter, she was at the beach with her family for a picnic, the beach was unusually empty … it was a cold sunny day, but all over the sudden something weird had happened, the sky turned dark, and something fell from the sky into the sea, like a giant ball, like a big orange… splashed into the sea, like a biscuit into a cup of tea!


Well she told me that she got a bit scared, and her daddy, mommy and brother too… but after a little while she went on into the water to check what that ball was, and her daddy, mommy and brother followed her too.

They could appreciate that the ball was instead a gigantic disc of metal, with only one rounded window. It looked like a spaceship! So Mirta knocked on the window, and to her surprise she saw something with one big eye in it… or similar to an eye!

Everyone got very scared, mommy and daddy screamed and asked Mirta and her brother Samuel to step back from the mysterious disc… instead Mirta and her brother got very excited and amazed by the fact of figuring out what that new thing was!

So because Mirta and Samuel were so confident and excited, daddy and mommy also calmed down, and eventually managed to go with them to knock on the big door of that orange ball spaceship.


To their surprise a family of aliens was hosted by the spaceship: a big squishy something, a less big squishy and smelly something, a way less big smelly something and very tiny little something a bit squishy and a bit smelly!

They opened the door and did something that looked like a smile! They were friendly and peaceful!

I don’t understand why people think that aliens should come to invade or conquer us, in fact that family was there to have holidays!



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Tomorrowland- instruction to how to never give up by Mirta


Tomorrowland describes the vision of our future in which catastrophes will bring life on Earth to an end. It describes the life of Frank Walker who discovers the world as it could be (Tomorrowland), when he is still a child. He is a young inventor who gets in touch with the founder of Tomorrowland when presenting his invention (jet pack) at the New York World’s Fair. The founder whose name is David Nix is not impressed by the invention, but a young robot named Athena helps Frank to get into Tomorrowland giving him a pin with a letter “T” on it. Frank spends several years at Tomorrowland but he gets heartbroken when he discovers that the so beloved Athena is a robot and later on he will be thrown out of Tomorrowland due to an invention of a machine that can tell about the exact moment of someone death.

Few years after Athena will find a way to get in touch with a new dreamer named Casey Newton and let her having a vision of what Tomorrowland used to be, sneaking a “T” pin into Casey’s belongings. Casey is a young rebellious teenager who tries to stop the NASA (where her father works as an engineer) to putting down a platform for launching space missions.

Casey is a dreamer since she believes that the future can be changed and things can get improved, and that it’s easier to give up, but she will never do that.

When, thanks to Athena, Casey and Frank will get in touch, they will be able to go to Tomorrowland. Once there, David Nix will show them that the end of the world will happen in a couple of months. Casey doesn’t accept that there is no solution to it; she thinks that the machine built by Nix is brainwashing the humans regarding the end of the world such that nobody will imagine a different future. While Nix is convinced that the machine is just showing how hopeless humans have become simply accepting the end of the world.

After fighting fiercely against Nix and his robots, Athena, who was wounded without any possibility of being fixed, will be used by Casey and Frank as a bomb to destroy the machine.

Tomorrowland is now safe as well as the Earth. New robots are created by Frank and Casey to bring “T” pins to new dreamers on Earth.


This movie has inspired me because of its meaning. There is a story told by Casey that I loved: “There are two wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins? Whichever one you feed!” This is teaching us how the way we embrace our lives shapes our future.

How the movie relates to this term topic:

Firstly it talks about space discovery and secondly it talks about world destruction, catastrophes and wars.

The Blitz Poem by Mirta

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London waits anxiously for the arrival of Hitler

Behind black-out curtains.

Families go in their shelters to stay safe from bombs.

London waits quietly as all the people are sleeping.


Wailing sirens pierce the peace of the night.

They could heir the rumbling noise of the planes.

Flares were dropping to light up the city,

Then the bombs started raining down.


The hungry flames were destroying London.

All they leave is the skeleton of the house.

You could heir the creaking of the houses,

As if they were going to tumble down.


The blood lit dawn reveal’s the Terries of the night.

The city was covered in smoke,

Pieces of houses crumbling off.

Fireman were pulling out people who have been crushed,

For Mrs Bancroft by Mirta

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

You have given me a really warm well come and I’m really sad that you are leaving. Every day you wait for us, even when it’s raining. You all ways give u s bread when it’s lunch time. You’re the best head teacher I have ever met. Your kindness is immense and your heart is too. You help young children and older ones alike.

Mrs Bancroft I’m heartbroken that you’re leaving, because you are joy to our school and our hearts. I wish you good luck if you need anything from me then you can count on me as you have done so much for us. You have taught us to be kind and lovely to each other just like you. When we went on camp to the Eden project you went every single day there – I’m amazed by that.

You always have a smile on your face. I hope that you will visit as it will make us very happy. You’re a very great head teacher.

I just want to say one last thing: you have given us love and support and that is one of the best things a head teacher can do.

Good luck I will never forget you.

By Mirta

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Emperor Penguins by Mirta

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Emperor penguins are the largest of the seventeen penguin species and they live in the coldest and harshest of environment: the Antarctic.

The emperor penguins live in a harsh environment called Antarctica. The Antarctic has one of the most deadly winters on Earth. They have to survive there for their whole lives. Antarctica has 100mph winds and its temperature can plummet to around -60c. It is the coldest, driest and windiest continent on Earth.

Emperor penguins can be as tall as 1.2m in height when they reach adulthood. Juveniles have a fluffy coat of grey feathers while adults have a layer of white feathers on their front and black feathers on their back. On their head and neck they have an orange flash. Adult emperors can weigh 22-45kg.

The emperor penguin has adapted to the cold in many ways including: belly skating, huddling many more. They use belly skating for when they are tired and need to rest their feet so they slide on their stomachs to glide along the ground. They use huddling when they are cold so they huddle together in a ball shape. Emperor penguins can hold their breath for 15 minutes and can swim down to depth of 600m in order to catch their food.

Due to their swimming ability, emperors   are fearsome hunters. Emperors eat krill and squid and other small fishes. However, leopard seals giant petrel Antarctic skua and orcas (killer whales) prey on them.

There are approximately 600,000 emperor penguins currently living in Antarctica and they are not an endangered species at present. However, scientists think that global warming could reduce their numbers in the future.

By Mirta

Emperor penguin pair in courtship ritual with chick (Aptenodytes forsteri). Dawson-Lambton glacier, Weddell Sea, Antarctica (November)