Air Raid Precaution by Mirryn

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Air Raid Precaution

In the event of an air raid you will need to take cover, stay safe and don’t panic. If you hear the air raid sirens and you are at home the first thing you need to do is get you and your family to your Morrison shelter, however if you are  not at  home and you are on the road turn off your car lights and look for a blue light. Once you have spotted a blue light head towards it and get inside the building that the light is coming from.

A Morison shelter is an inside steel cage that can fit a family of six inside and it has proven to hold the wait of a falling roof. A Morison shelter can also be used as a table in your refuge room. You need to stay in your shelter until you hear the all clear siren. The vital things that you will need to take into your shelter with you are: Gas masks, gloves, blankets, food and a torch.

In the event of a gas attack hold your breath until you have put your gas mask on. Always put your children’s gas masks on first. Put your gloves on because the Germans will use mustard gas and mustard gas will burn your skin. The ARP wardens (Air Raid Precaution) will warn you about a gas attack using a gas rattle. If you hear the gas rattle the ARP wardens will make sure you do the right things.

Anderson shelters are a shelter made of corrugated metal and are basically outdoor Morrison shelters that need to be partly buried. Anderson shelters have bed frames installed in them so you won’t have to use your own bed frame but you will need blankets and pillows to keep warm. Your family will be better protected in your Anderson shelter but they will be less protected out in the open.


You will need to have a refuge room and the best place to have it is in front of your garden because bombs go deeper in soil which will prevent the damage done. You need to remove everything that is made of glass from your refuge room to pravent it shatering everywhere and inguring you and your family.

Follow theese instructions and you and your family will be safe during the war. Remember keep calm and don’t panic and you will be safe during the war.

WWII by Mirryn.

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War is declared  

3rd  September 1939

As the wireless crackled to life the family waited nervously for the news to come. They knew war was inevitable they just didn’t know when. When Neville Chamberlain announced that we were not at war with Germany it was the family’s worst nightmare. Jimmy and Arthur sat side by side looking very nervous.

Opposite Patricia was anxiously biting her nails and just behind her was Mum who was looking very depressed. Rebekah and Avril, who were playing outside, were nervously being watched by Rebekah’s mum and dad. As the National Anthem played everyone rose to their feet.

Mum and Dad’s worst fear is that Jimmy is going to have to fight in the war, so they are hoping for the best.

My First Blog Post by Mirryn.

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This is my first blog post and I will be writing a fact file.

Our fish

Our fish live in a tank at the back of the classroom. We feed them every day and change there water  every half term. There names are Squirtle, Goldeen and Pikatu. There favourite toy is there castle.