Skellig Movie By Mason

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A film review of Skellig

The main Characters

Tim Roth played Skellig, Bill Milner was Michel and Skye Bennett played Mina. Michel has a baby sister called Grace.


I recommend it for 9- 14 years olds.


I would rate the film 4/5. This film rating is a PG.


It was written by David Almond.

About the story

Skellig is a man who waited in a garage to die and then Michel helped him to get stronger and stronger and also Mina helped Michel to help Skellig get stronger and stronger. Then Michael‘s sister went into hospital  to have an operation on her heart so Michel went to Skellig  to ask him to help his baby sister but he said  “no I won’t help  your  baby  sister”. Michel was so sad that Skellig wouldn’t’t help his baby sister.


Emperor Penguins By Mason

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Empero Penguins by Mason

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Emperor Penguins by Mason


Emperor penguins are biggest of the seventeen species of penguins in the world.


Antarctica is the coldest continent in the world and has one of the coldest sea. Winds can blow up to 100 miles per hour, nevertheless it is also a home and a breeding ground to one of the biggest penguin species in the world.


Adult emperor penguins have beautiful yellow and orange on their face and neck. The have white plumage on their stomachs and black  plumage on their backs, although juveniles have grey stomachs and backs and fluffy plumage.  Adults  reach up to 1.2 meters tall (a size of a six-seven year old child) and they can weigh up to 45kg.


These flightless birds use their wings as flippers to dive deep into the depths of the dark, blue, polar sea. They have adapted to the cold and icy environment of Antarctica by huddling together in colonies. Male emperors are able to last for up to 120 days without food while they incubate their eggs and care for their chicks.

Threats to survival/ predators

Leopard seals and giant petrels hunt  emperor penguins. Leopard seals hunt emperors in the sea but they have a chance to escape because they can swim up to 4.7 miles per hour and are very agile in the water. Giant Petrels only eat juveniles because adult emperors are too large. Antarctic skuas will also attack juvenile penguins and will also eat penguin eggs. Orca Whales hunt juvenile and adults and sadly, many emperor penguins will not reach their first birthday.

Reproduction/ life cycle

To get to the breeding ground emperor penguins have to walk up to 80 kilometres. When they get there they have to find a mate. They will try to find the same mate as the previous year because they are monogamous. They breed in the Antarctic winter and sadly some eggs will freeze and the some unfortunate adults won’t get any juveniles that year. 

There are approximately 600,000 emperors in the world today but because of global warming scientist thing that there numbers may reduce by 2100 AD.