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A Not So Ordinary Wood By Lily

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It was an ordinary day in an ordinary wood. The leaves were rustling. It felt so magical. I glanced down onto the little glistening lake when I saw there right in front of me, all the trees turning into doors about 7 foot tall, I pinched myself I could not believe it .ALL of the trees were a very polished looking door with a grand lion door knocker it very slowly the outer part of the door was turning into a very white looking marble raped in ivy. The erg to go through one of the doors was unstoppable. I dropped my belongings and ran to the nearest door …….

It was on a beautiful woven bridge. It had a sparkling tropical river beneath I looked left there were green leaves and trees all around. I looked to the right there were rocks and more river then a little building caught my eye so I walked to find it. As I was walking I found an abandoned village. It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen covered in emerald green ivy. Flowers growing out of the granite walls. I kept on walking up and up the hills till I got to the top, it was incredible. The river looked tiny and that bridge looked like a brown dot there was many more villages that I expected.  All of a sudden, I saw a magic door appear so I decided to go back through whilst I could. I arrived back in the same wood the doors were still there slowly fading back into trees.

I thought I better get home quickly because I have been gone for longer than an hour. My mum asked me if I had a nice time, I replied and said the best time in the best wood and ran to my bed room.

Pip Staffieri Biography by Lily

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Papino Staffieri

Papino Staffieri (Also known as Pip) was the first person to stand up surf in England.

Pip was born on the 3rd of August 1918.He was born in Italy, Lanhurre Avenue. Before Pip was born August Staffieri (His father) died in WW1. At the age of two Pip had polio which effected his left leg for the rest of his life. Pips family was Italian and then moved to Cornwall in the early 20th century. The information is a bit patchy of his early childhood so we have no information about his early school life. He lived with his sister, brother and his hard working mum. Pip always loved going into the sea on a bright sunny day.

In Newquay, Pip started an ice cream van at the top of a cliff path that lead to Towan beach. He always looked down onto the beach and daydreamed about swimming in the salty sea water, with the waves leaping over him and the salt spaying into his mouth. One day he saw Jimmy Dix’s two surf boards exactly the  like one he had seen in pictures before in an encyclopaedia at the dentist . At the end of his working hours  he closed the van up and ran down the path to see these to magnificent boards. No one was around, so he spread his fingers across the board , picked it up and felt the weight and knew that he wanted to make one himself.

This inspired him to make his own board. Jimmy Dix’s surf board was 13 feet long so he knew he had to make it bigger, and set a goal on making it 13.5 feet long. Pipino was a good belly surfer (Nowadays people say they look like coffin lids!) One day, Pip took his board down onto Towan beach. It was so heavy he had to wheel it down on a trolley, he got into the water and was so pleased to be back in. He went on to put one massive fin onto his surfboard.

He Sadly died in  28th of June 2005. He will always be remembered in the surfing industry as the 1st person to bring surfing to England.

By Lily

Some of the earliest ever video of surfing which shows Lewis Rosenberg with his friends and surfboard at Holywell Bay in Newquay Cornwall 1929. 01 DEC 2011 See SWNS Story SWSURF This grainy footage captures the moment an intrepid adrenaline junkie attempts stand-up surfing for the first time in Britain – over 80 YEARS AGO. The video was taken on a ‘lads holiday’ in 1929 and records the travels of three friends who caught the train from London to the British surfing mecca of Newquay, Cornwall. Lewis Rosenberg picked up the craze after watching a clip from Australia and – after carving a home-made eight-foot board from balsa wood – took to the waves. The clip shows him wading out to sea with the longboard under his arm, before attempting to stand up on it as his friends cheer him on. The film reel was passed on to Lewis’ daughter Sue Clamp, who stashed in the attic at her home in St Ives, Cambridge, where it lay forgotten for nearly 20 years.

Blitz Write Away Write Away by Lily

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I can still remember the day we came out of that Anderson shelter. We were there for a night; it felt like we were in there for about 2 days though.

There was Lillian, John and I all squashed up into the little shelter. Just when we were all settled and everyone was asleep our neighbour ran in shouting out of breath, that the underground was full and their shelter was bombed a few nights before. So they stayed with us, it was horrible, the smell of sweat from the neighbours running to us , , the sound of babies screaming and the retched sound of the air raid alarm. After a very long night, the alarm that signalled all clear went off. All that went through my head was please let my home be in one piece, I can’t live in here for the rest of my life.

I stepped out… my house, my garden! It’s the same as everyone else’s house, flat. I looked straight down and saw a picture of my eldest daughter (Jane) in her scrubby nursing uniform. I cried my heart out, picked it up, and held it up to my wet chest. Flames are falling from windows, Firemen’s hoses were playing on the rubble and people were posing for the camera happily. They looked at me and asked if we wanted a picture to send off to the Germans. I said no I can’t be happy, look, just look at the devastation all around us. I sifted through to ruins it was all ashes apart from Jane’s old ration book. Lillian, John and I walked down over all the rubble hand in hand looking for the WRVS women for a warm cup of tea and some warm coco for the children. As we were walking we saw families taking their first steps out. One lady had lost a child she was absolutely devastated, I didn’t know what to say. There were suffering survivors all around us, just left to perish. I am lucky though I still have my children. We walked past a sign that read: ‘DANGER unexploded bomb’.

It’s The Same Every Day (WWII Poem) by Lily

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It’s the same every day

It’s the same every day,

You wake up to a choking dawn,

The screeching of the air raid alarm starts.

Look out the window, its raining fire.

Burning the soul of our City,

Ashes leaking from windows.

London’s heart beating faster than ever,

Blistering creaking, coming from flames.

Orgy of scatter bombing,

The capital of England’s skeleton is dead.

Ferocious aerial attacks,

Suffering survivors dripping with wounds,

Hoses play on the rubble,

It’s the same every day.

By Lily

Lilians Cafe Menu by Lily

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Root vegetable soup

Carrot and coriander soup

Lentil soup



Woolton pie (vegetarian option)-Potatoes, Cauliflower, carrot, swede, spring onion, vegetable extract, oat meal and parsley.

Sausage and sultana casserole (Meat option) – Sausage, onion, sultana, sour apple (cooking apple), mixed herbs, stock and salt.



Sugarless apple dessert -Cooking apples, condensed milk, orange juice and nuts or grated chocolate.






The First Tripod by Lily

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It was a busy day in Manhattan.There was a massive thunder storm the night before.So it was wet and humid.There was lightning strikes into the middle of the square so there was a little crack, at least what I thought was from lightning. Then I saw loads of people gathering at the middle of town,were the crack was. I went over,I couldn’t believe my eyes! The little crack was now a big mass of cracks.

I reached down to have a closer look I saw a piece of rock that looked like a meteorite.So I put my thick gloves on (that I had just bought). Lent down and picked it up. I said to the person next to me”Its FREEZING”. I was almost certain that it would be boiling.The crowd were all super glued to the floor.

Then the cracks were getting bigger and bigger moving like a chetah was chasing it. The police men were all shouting for us to get back. The cracks were now going towards the florist shop.Then the crack went up the shop shattered the windows and made a colossal line of a hole.most of us were all running for our life but stayed with my two friends and watched as it went towards the church all I herd then was “ah” and “watch out the church spire is coming down”. I hid behind an open car door and saw car go into the hole then it came back up and landed on a posh car.

A HUMUNGOUS metallic robot looking thing came up. It had massive disk like eyes Three legs (so we now call it a tripod). It was above the tallest building in town. It was not like any metal we have not gold nor silver. Me and my friends ran for our life. By Lily

A Man Sailing in the Air Jumps Onto An Air Turtle. by Lily

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He is a man called Joe Leaf he is 52 years old. He lives in the busy streets of Bristol but spends most of his life on his air ship called air sailor because it sails through air not sea.

Joe says:

On the Wednesday the 13thof April. Joe was trying to move his rudder but moved it a bit too far so he was stranded far from land above the candy floss clouds with knows contact to land. But then he heard a sound , it sounded like a whale song deep and slow but it was too quite then he looked through his telescope I was absolutely  gob smacked  sea turtles .But they were unidentified species green with turquoise  hexagons on their shell. Loads of them I saw about 16. One flew over me.

Then one flew slowly near me so I grabbed my rope and lassoed it round its neck and off I was flying away. Just as I sat down and relaxed the rope snapped and I was stranded once again then a smaller sea turtle came up behind me and I had to make the decision to take a leap of faith or to stay. I jumped.

Reported by: Lily Morgado

A Family’s Antarctic Adventure by Lily part 3

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Ellie panics and runs to her room to start packing.                                                                  40 minutes later the berry family are loading up the boat. They had been preparing for this trip but today was the leaving day! “We need to leave …………….. NOW!” Ellie shouted looking down from her watch. Ellie doesn’t like to admit it but she is very precise. If someone said in 40 minutes she doesn’t look up from her watch for the net 40 minutes. So Mum and Dad normally say around about 40 minutes!

A Family’s Antarctic Adventure by Lily part 2

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Amy, Dan and their 8 year old twins, Ellie and Charley are sitting around the breakfast table in the cabin. They have been there for 6 dark months of winter whilst Dan researched the Antarctic weather. He is a meteorologist!

‘I think it’s time we get going now Dan, as the penguins will start moving soon!  They’ll be looking for mates and that is exactly what I need to research about’ said Amy slowly

‘yes I agree according to my schedule if we are going today we need to go in the next 40 minutes to get the calmest sea crossing’ Dan said

“Mum Dad when do we need to go?” said Charley.

“Now” said Dad as he jumped up from the dinner table and started to gather up his stuff.

Ellie said “right now?”

“Yes” says mum “now”!

A Family’s Antarctic Adventure by Lily Part 1

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It’s been dark for a very long time, nearly 6 months, dark day and night. But now slowly starting to get lighter, the dark black\blue skies were changing, becoming lighter blues. At the same time, it was becoming ever so slightly warmer.In the middle of winter the government research centre recorded temperatures of -73 c! Now its -20c it feels boiling!

How Do You Get Goose Bumps by Lily

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Why do you get goose bumps?

When the skin is warm the hair lies flat agiants the skin.                                                         When the skin is cold the erector muscles attached to the hair shafts contracts (becomes fatter) and cause the skin net to the hair shaft to form a bump-this is called a GOOSE BUMP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The erect  hairs capture pockets of warm air and this insulates and warms the skin.           In Portugal they know it as chicken skin!!


Shackleton’s Recruitment Advert by Lily M

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On the 1st of August 1915 I’m setting sail to the south pole, to be the first to walk across theremote ice land. I need fit, strong and brave men to recroot my group. Or maybe you know any sponsers that could sponser us. Remember you need to be 17 to 49 years of age. If you are a; chef, docter, artist, scientist of an arcoligist we need you. So, if you are strong , brave and fit men, 17 to 49 come and join us. We need 19 men to come on the Endurance.

Earnest Shackleton

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Frank Hurrlys 1st dairy entry by Lily m

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27th October 1914

Day 1:

We’ve just set of from Buenos Ares.I got some incredible shots of the icy blue water.My friends and family were there waving me off and there was a brass band playing.The dogs were howling and I had to give a hand with the sea sickness medicine for the dogs. teerI painted a picture of sue and hussy together.Tonight Hussy played the bango for us, and we all chanted “Next Stop Antarticar!”.I can’t wait for tommorows fun. Now its time to feed the dogs and snuggle down into my cabbin for the first night aboard with the boss.

Frank Hurley 

Emperor Penguins by Lily

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Emperor Penguins are flightless birds with a complex lifecycle.

Emperor Penguins are the largest species of all penguin. When they hatch they are a whitey grey colour and their fluffy feathers are not waterproof. They have a black back reflect the cold and a pearl white tummy to adsorb sun light, and they have orange plumage on their neck.

They feed on crill, squid and fish for 3 months and then go 125 days with no food! In total they go about 4 months without food! They can hold there breath for up to 15 minutes and dive 1,700 feet whilst fishing.

Penguins have the most amazing adaptations. Even when the father has not eaten for 4 months, it can still cough up a milky substance witch lasts for 2 days. they have sharp claws to help dig into the ice.

Emperor penguins live in Antarctica one of the coldest places on Emperor penguins earth.There can be winds up 100 mph, some chicks don’t survive.In the breeding season they go inland to thicker  ice so the chicks don’t fall though the ice.

Most Emperor penguins find a mate and stay with them for the season.

When the male arrives the female passes the egg to the male.  The female will leave and feed for 3 months while the egg  hatches in the males pouch.  Then the female comes back and she sees her chick for the first time. They pass the chick like they passed the egg.  If they leave the egg out of there pouches for to long the chick will die of the cold air.  Some penguins who have lost there chicks fight for other chicks.  When they are old enough they get left on there own for a couple of months ,so there parents can go 70miles back to home to feed.

There are about 6,000 Emperor penguins in the world in about 45 colonies, but scientists predict that by 2100 it would of reduced by 1\5.

Icebergs by Lily

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Ice sheets slide and shift down to the ocean

Colossal frozen wonders are born

Exploding chunks of ice

Brutal icebergs break of the glacier

Exquisite icebergs sparkle in the light

Rolling penguins dancing through the water

Glistening shards of shining joules

Stunning crystal lumps bobbing along.

By Lily M