The Secret Door: A Life In Antarctica by Leo P1

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The Antarctic. One of the most hostile places on the planet, yet the last natural existence left on earth. Scientific studies are always talking place in Antarctica. And I am in one of them. I am Stranded. It is an elongated story how I got denied from my crew, so I will not tell you how it happened, but the present is still at work. My Echo Oxygen F9 is not working. The EOF9 stores my health rate, my heat stealth: so that if my blood heat creases or decreases from expected tempeture, it would Obliterate those specs of burning heat atoms in your blood cells. The EOF9 also supplies my life form.

I am crawling. My legs are burning and scorching from the sub-zero ground. I can just make this un- accepted form of rectangle. It’s the colure brown bruise, and has such a substantial, solid and distinctive shape it gives me enough courage to exemplary my self across the frozen horizon. I am there. The mysterious shape was a door, but not any door. The door had an gargantuan knocker, the right size for a giant to grasp. At the back of the doorway, there was none-existence for the door to open into. So I push the door open. There is iridescent white matter. Where will I go…?

Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Best Marvel Superhero’s by Leo

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20. Spider Woman.

19. Silver Surfer.

18. Beast(All X-men).

17. Thing(Fantastic Four).

16. Kitty Pryde.

15. Doctor Strange(Doctor Strange).

14. Black Panther(Captain America Civil War)(Black Blood).

13. The Invisible Woman(The Fantastic Four).

12. Nick Fury(Iron Man)(Iron Man 2)(Avengers Assemble)(Avengers Age of Ultron)(Ant Man).

11. Storm(All X-men).

10. Iron Man(All Iron Men)(All Avengers)(Captain America Civil War).

9. Professor X(All X-men).

8. Hulk(All Avengers)(Hulk)(Ultimate Hulk)(The Green Beast).

7. Cyclops(All X-men).

6. Thor(All Avengers)(Thor).

5. Jean Grey(All X-men).

4. Wolverine(X-men Origins: Wolverine)(Wolverine)(All X-Men)(Killing Hulk).

3. Daredevil(Daredevil)-Its an eighteen! Don’t watch it!

2. Captain America(All Avengers)(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)(Captain: The First Avenger)(Captain America Civil War).

1. Spider Man(Spider-Man)(Spider-Man 2)(Spider-Man 3)(The Amazing Spider-Man)(The Amazing Spider-Man 2)(Captain America Civil War).

Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Best Songs of the 20th Century by Leo

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20. Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone.

19. Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock.

18. The Doors: Light My Fire.

17. Johnny Be Good.

16. The Temptations: My Girl.

15. The Beatles: Yesterday.

14. Guns ‘n Roses: Sweet Child ‘o Mine.

13. The Rolling Stones: Miss You Far Away Eyes.

12. Led Zeppelin: Stairway To Heaven.

11. Eagles: Hotel California.

10. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Can You See Me?

9. The Kings Men: Louise Louise.

8.   Madonna: Like a Virgin.

7. Aretha Franklin: Respect.

6. The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand.

5. Michael Jackson: Billie Jean.

4. The Beatles: Hey Jude!

3. Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit

2. The Rolling Stones: (I can’t get no) Satisfaction.

1. Michael Jackson: Thriller – John Lennon: Imagine.


Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Fastest Cars Ever by Leo

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20.Porsche 918 Spyder (210 mph).



19. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (211 mph).




18. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (217 mph).




17. Ferrari LaFerrari (217 mph).




16. McLaren P1 (217 mph) .




15. Jaguar XJ220 (219 mph).



14. Aston Martin One-77 (220 mph).




13. Lamborghini Veneno(221 mph).




12. Apollo Arrow (223 mph).




11. Noble M600 (225 mph).




10. Zenvo ST1 (233 mph).




9. Pagani Huayra BC (238 mph).




8. McLaren F1 (241 mph).




7. Koenigsegg CCR (242 mph).




6. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo (248mph).




5. SSC Ultimate Aero (256 mph).




4. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 mph).




3. Bugatti Chiron (261+ mph).




2. Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph).




  1. Hennessey Venom F5(300+mph?). COMING SOON!

Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Worst Movies Ever by Leo

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20. Swept Away.

19. Gigli.

18. Dream Catcher.

17. White Chicks.

16. Plan 9 from Out’a Space.

15. Cat Woman.

14. Disaster Movie.

13. The Avengers.

12. Norbit.

11. Meet the Spartians.

10. The Room.

9. Highlander 2: The Quickening.

8. The Happening.

7. xeS Lives of The Potato Men.

6. Heavens Gate.

5. Epic Movie.

4. Raise The Titanic.

3. The Love Guru.

2. Battlefield Earth.

1. Batman and Robin.

Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Biggest Animals on Earth Ever by Leo

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20. Chinese Rat Snake.

19. Hippopotamus.

18. Bluntnose Sixgill Shark.

17. Tiger Shark

16. King Cobra

15. Giraffe

14. Nile Crocodile

13. Great White Shark(White Death)(Killer of the Sea).

12. Saltwater Crocodile.

11. Southern Elephant Seal.

10. Slender-Snouted Gharial.

9. Beluga Sturgeon.

8. Green Anaconda.

7. Green Sawfish.

6. Orca(Killer Whale)(Black Hunter).

5. Colossal Squid..

4. Baird’s Beaked Whale.

3. Sperm Whale.

2. North Pacific Right Whale.

1. Blue Whale.

Waves by Leo P1

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Have you ever thought about a surfer carefully? And how they have too put up to 40 foot sized waves? Dan Joel came a few weeks back, and exclaimed all his life developed from surfing, but it had actually developed from one big wave. It could have also maybe been a small one, I just don’t know. Its like a bull show. Cruel and gruesome, I know, but if you think and look around you, everyone is cheering on the man or women that is bascading the bull, but no one is cheering the bull; and then again, the bull is the whole reason of the bascading. Same as surfing. The wave causes the sport.

“What’s a trusinami, Ma?” said seven year-old Bob, licking his ice cream madly, as if this was a one and only chance of getting an ice-cream in his life. “Its called a tsunami, deer,” she corrected, as he had another attack at his cone, “Well, a tsunami is a type of wave that is very very big indeed, and is oft-” “wow, wow, wow mummy! look at that person there!” he interrupted, pointing excitingly at a person standing up on a surf board. “That’s a massive wave ma!” he shouted out again, spurting wet, half-melted ice-cream out of mouth again. “Oh, well…erm, it is Bobbie,” she said, as a ten thirty foot wave from a massive distant away was rising forward, getting bigger and bigger! It was at least forty foot n-,no, eighty fo-, no! It was getting bigger by the second! when it was at least 80 metres away it was about 600 feet! Now one thousand!

Another 500 feet were put on the wave the next ten seconds of that seen. But just then they watched some surfers try too run away from the wave, and shouting: “HELP! TSUNAMI!”, but if you where to turn and look at the lifeguard(which everyone did), you would see him glaring at the wave, paralysed phenomenally, and with fear in his eyes. The next moment you glance at the wave, you don’t see any surfers, but just see a few cracked boards, and a pitch of blood…

Meeting a god by Leo

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Meeting a God

I shall never forget the time my life had made such an indelible mark etched in my mind. The year was 1947, and it was another scorching day; a very appealing day for ice creams. In fact, that was one of the acts I was going to perform that day. No one would have predicted what happewned later that era.

I was waiting around in queue, when the ice cream man asked me: “Hello, erm? Could you hold this for me?” At that moment I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, so I answered: “soooo, err, is this to do with my ice cream?”But just then, he pulled out a trolly from his rusty old gipsy-like aluminium ‘Papino’ logo’d van, wiped his brow, and pointed out to the briny blue, where people

were prone surfing on their coffin boards. I still had no idea what he was talking about, so I said: “But…” he was gone. I glanced around the perimeter of the land until I spoted him dragging a kind of board that I had never seen before. Quite strangely, I realised his left leg was shorter then the other, but that did not seem to effect his stride. Then he spoke: “Well are you go’nna help or what?”

I realised what he wanted me to.

Not in a rush, I wheeled his trolly down towards him. Doubtfully, I thought he would stager under the wait of the board, so I helped him lift it. He answered: “Thanks, and oh yeah, shops closed,” I followed him down on to the crystallised sand, where he pushed his trolly into the shallow water, and shoved his board in to the liquid. He rode out to where the waves were real big. He rode in, standing on his board, like the king of the seas!

Horror Stories The Last Series: Part 6 by Leo

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… “Ummm, Err. Hello?” I said, wihile I heard grizzling and Growling from the living room. Most of my thoughs were weird and un-thought through because I was still dazed from the fall off the stairs.

I watched the growling get louder and louder, until I wassure it was going to pounce! I performed a quick duck, as it was 3 in the morning, so I couldn’t see. Suddenly I saw a glistning metallic grabber, extending towards me, reaching out like a monster, like it was just about to…….wait. it was a monster. It was a Mogadorian.


A Series of Awsome Poems: Cornish Landscaps

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Walking to the entrance,

Walking on the path,

Already Spotting high cliffs,

Already hearing a below.

You rush to see whats going on,

But the wind takes you by surprise,

But only then you realise,

Your going to have to risk your life.


Papino Staffieri by Leo

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Pip Staffieri -biography

Papino Staffieri (known as Pip to his family and friends) was born in 1918, August the 3rd in Cornwall, where his mother had moved to escape the war. Interestingly, his father was an Italian war soldier in the Great War (known as the first war-WW1). His family visited Cornwall in 1900, and started a family tradition: ice cream selling. Pip never actually got to live in their family home in Italy.

As a child he had polio- a disease that disables you from moving your leg. Queerly, he was a stable swimmer.

When Pip reached his twenties, he took over the family business: ice cream selling. After one long day of ice cream selling, Pip had a dentist appointment; but this was no regular appointment, this was the start of something big… In the dentist’s waiting room, he saw an encyclopedia and inside he saw a black and white photograph of Hawaiian surfers surfing standing up. This inspired him.

Another day he had been selling ice creams when he met an old chap called Jimmy Dix, another surfing pioneer. Jimmy asked Pip for a “99” and Pip agreed, and asked why Mr Dix had such a long board. Jimmy answered: “Watch and learn, ” and at that moment he took to the seas. Leaving his 99 cone, he paddled out to the waves that were so big that Pip lost sight of him. Pip expected to see him prone surf in, but to his surprise, he saw him stand up surfing, the same way as those pro Hawaiians surfing in his dentist’s encyclopedia. When Jimmy ran back to the gypsy like ice cream van, he took his cone, and said: “Cheereo” and sprinted back into his sports car.

Soon, it was time to go home for Pip, but while he was closing the rusty aluminium shutters on his van, he realised a dormant shape of a slim and long board. He took it and rode it into the water. He tried to surf it and succeeded. He decided to go back home and make a clone of Jimmy’s board.

After lovingly applying the final coat of varnish to his 13.5 foot hollow wooden surfboard, he tested it on Towan Beach. But only when he tested his board he found it didn’t perform well. His board floated, but did not move swiftly with the waves and he found it impossible to turn. He checked again and realised it did not have a fin. Once he had made a fin, he tested it again, this time, hoping his board would succeed. It did

In the coming months and years, Pip surfed as a daily thing. Every lunch break of his career, he spent practicing surfing. After a long break of surfing, he saw Roger Mansfield surf the *Cribber. This inspired him to surf bigger waves in Hawaii. Sooner or later in the 1960s, he took a trip to Hawaii. He surfed massive waves there, and became the worlds first British person to surf on a fibre glass board.

Papino Staffieri died in 2005, June 28th. He will be remembered as the godfather of cornish surfing, and if without him, cornish surfing world not be a sport. I hope you enjoyed this biography, and without Pip, this biography wouldn’t be a thing.

Farther facts:

Oddly, Him and Jimmy Dix had the same inspiration from the same place, from the same thing: a dentist encyclopedia

A peculiar word for a special type of ice cream.

Prone surfing is a type of surfing: you don’t stand up, but instead you stay laying across you board. Some people still do it, and funnily enough, thats what I did on my first day of surf club!

The ‘Cribber’ is a type of massive wave, close to a tsunami, only that you can surf it. In England, you hardly ever get: about once every ten years! This is because it is caused by MASSIVE sea storms.

Away From Home by Leo

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Clancy was sleeping on a leather sofa, which was well preserved and covered with a layer of polish, which had just been wrapped on the following day. Around the living room were some random things, like an old oak old coffee table, with already some distinct marks of spilled contents, apparently from the past. Bayed across the room was the pale transparency of dust.

Although Clancy was fast asleep, the deafening sound of an ‘Air Raid Siren’ was rolling through the house. It was only when Clancy’s mother: Susan came into the house, to find the dopy thirteen years old, on the couch. She woke him, well, shouted at him.

“W, WW, where’s Michael?” Clancy asked wheezily. “There’s no time for questions right now,” she said, pulling the teen of the sofa. “Ok, he’s in the shelter.” Susan dragged him through the cluttered hall, out the posh house, and entering the tin casual. Although Clancy had very cloudy vision from the early wake, he could still not make out of the beautiful, slim, herculean shape of his beloved dog. The young teen kept clear of the alert, but as the frantic noise of bombing and obliteration, an hour of cowered­-nous would and should come to a stop…

A heroic desperation surged through his mind; he started to venture into an unknown wood, not caring about fire. “Aar,” Clancy cried, as he tripped over a tractor plough. As the fall occurred, he was instant too look up and see Michael, as he had had a glimpse of the dog, but the of a scold had just happened, and he was unconscious.

“Where am I? In hell or heaven?” Clancy asked. “You are in neither.” A familiar voice explained, and he recognised the voice. The voice of his beloved father, and Michael, was beside him.

Phantom Forces by Leo

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You can’t see them. You cant find them. You cant hear them. You cant survive them. . .

When people think of phantom, they think of people wearing white masks. Other people know what happens. Those neccecery people know because some of their family were possesed. When people think of possesed, they think spirits combining quality whith one another. None of this is rite. A phantom is a special kind of spirit with pure evil lurking in it. It has a gun with an infinate number of bullets; And a possession, is a kill for one of them….

“Man oh man oh man,” Mark said, just as he had finished his maths work. “I hate detention. It always beats me on that back.” I had not actually finished my work, but who cares. “Wow, that was hard,” I said, trying to act as clearly as I could. “Oh do shut up man!” Mark said, not listening to me. Just then, Mark fell to the ground. He was dead…

WW2 Writing by Leo

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Time went by so gradually in my position. And may I say it went steadily for those other poor peoples in the tube with me, trying not to be defeated by the period’s obliteration. It seemed to me that we were now in the big league of the war; only that I had not a glimpse of how big the elimination ‘up stairs’ was.

It was hard to think that I might have been a homeless person when coming out of the crooked iron door, which at least me was urging to break down, causing the siren noise not anymore to be deafened by the solid metal. Or maybe the damage was boarded, and the destruction maybe not at all is near ‘obliterated’; just scarred.

Time went on swiftly for at least over two days, and just then, as the fifth day occurred, the pear pressure of it all yelled up to the most ever can get. The muted, ghostly noise of the siren muted away. I can’t take it anymore. I was about to push the single door open, but  the withering taste of the only drink and hydration I could get, crept up into my mouth,  Probably triggered by the pear pressure of it all. . .

The stale taste of tea was so humiliating, that I had to spit before unrolling the secret that seemed like life was hiding from me. I pushed the sealed access wide open. It was pure ruin. This was the most diabolical act of vandalism I had encountered in my life. The scent of burnt flesh and rubble had filled the air with devastation, disbelief, and fear. For me, I was sure I didn’t have a home. One couldn’t even dream about this. You could even call it the terror of life.



The Terror of Life: a Blitz Poem by Leo

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A big raging siren breaks out the city,

As masses of peoples rush out their houses,

As well as the homeless, evacuees, and children.

The haunting noise of the siren,

Breaks through stress, death and alarm.

“All is lost, all is gone, and now all of hope, is nothingness,”

The chant went on,

As another building gone,

A terrible plot held,

As the heart of London, had been speared.

The outcome of it all, were the heroes on the call,

As they were trying to help London,

The heroes of it all, where trying to stop the breakage of it all.

The inferno spectacles (the bombs),

where the breakage of all.

As then, it was occurring:

The terror of life.


Leo’s Trip To The Arctic! Day One p1: by Leo

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Hello everyone. I have Just arrived in Helsinki and have had a amazing pizza; It was as big as all my body together to my hips- about 70 cm. I’m so sorry that I didn’t take any pics of it (I sckoft it before anyone had a chance to take a picture of it- but it did fill me up after that.) It was very cold: -5 to -30! I will take some pictures and post them! Now I am going to the land of snow, the Arctic!!!

In a Killer World by Leo p1

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I was in the space station a year ago, and there was a job that needed to be done. Acrobe Don, our leader asked me to do it. There were some pipes that were reveling oxygen into the station. One was leting to much carbondioxide insted of  oxygen into the place, and would have to be cut of with kices (heated metal – very sharp!)

I got the kices out and was just about to cut the iron pipe when I remembered what Mr Don had said…

The Extraordinary Descent by Leo and Barney P2

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The first sign of destiny:

…”They have finally descended into the water” exclaimed the reporter.

“They have gone deep down, and won’t be coming up for along time. Good luck Leo and Barney!” he reported.

The water swelled over the ice, which covered all the light from getting to the dark, gloomy under-floe. Leo turned to the rising side, and slowly waved until the sea- planes silhouette, was out of sight. Barney caught Leo in half a glance, and did the same thing. About forty minutes later, they found sight of a crystal bank coming up ahead. Barney looked at it: ”We must be a lot closer to the point when we’re too far to navigate back to the sea-plane” he said to Leo, with a muffled voice.

Leo exclaimed “Maybe we should go a bit further down this place. My suit has detected a cave under us. I’ll have a go at detecting if it has oxygen in it. If it does, well that is just lucky.”

“I’ve already detected oxygen down in there!” shouted Barney.

“Let’s go then!” answered Leo. The duo carried on, going down, down, down, into the gloomy depths of the unknown world.

Leo’s glass window in his suit suddenly cracked! They had to be fast, or Leo could drown and suffocate! Barney’s glass window also cracked. They were both in danger of getting consumed by either the cold, or water….