The Secret Door by Kirsty

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The Secret Door

The wind blew hard. I had been walking for hours on end. I was in the harsh environment of Antarctica   looking for somewhere to shelter. I was surrounded by an endless white landscape where all life perished. And I was no exception.

But then far away in the distance a shape started to form.  It started as a mist but slowly it began to form into a shape more solid and pure. I stumbled towards the door as fast I could and soon enough it was there in front of me.

It was made of a polished oak in a marble frame with the addition of a lion door knocker on the front. I reached out my hand towards the lion knocker and grabbed it with all my strength. I tugged it open but wrong choice because everything went black…

Suddenly, my eyes flickered open to find myself staring at a marble like ceiling. I turned my head to the left and saw rows upon rows of pews then I turned my head to the right and saw another long row of pews. Instinct told me to stand up and explore.

After hours of exploring it had come to my mind that I was in a cathedral of type but the only problem was that there was no sign of life at all. But at that moment a door began to slowly open. I couldn’t prepare myself for what happened next. Out stepped a ghostly figure dressed in the clothes of a vicar. His eyes were the ones of a wolf, his teeth were the ones of a lion and instead of nails there were long white claws.

The mutant creature scanned the area with his yellow eyes seeking any movement. I stayed frozen on my feet not moving a single muscle. But it was no use. The creature saw me and started to meditate in my direction. His teeth were bared snarling viciously whilst saliva dripped from his mouth. When he was only 10cm from me he stopped and stared at me in a way that made you think he was living a death. What did the door do? Did it lead people to their death?









My Encounter with Pip Staffieri by Kirsty

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It was a long time ago when I witnessed Pip Staffieri ride his first ever wave. He was like a Hawaiian god riding into the flaming sun. This was the day when Pip made surfing history.

It was a boiling hot summers day and Pip could not sell his ice-cream fast enough. Queues upon queues of sweaty holiday makers had formed waiting to break into Pips famous 99 cones. And I (of course) was amongst them.

On the waves there were a handful of body-boarders paddling on their planks of wood trying to catch a good wave. Whilst that that was going on Pip was doing business with his ice-cream. But something else was on Pip’s mind. He put down his scooper and gazed wonderingly out onto the open ocean as if he wanted more.

Then Pip shut the van window and rather apologetically said: “Sorry folks, business is finished.” I was outraged; I was next in the queue!

But as I was going ballistic about not getting an ice-cream, Pip was pulling something heavy out of his rusty van. Something so big people wonder how he was actually able to get it in. Something so big so big more than human strength was needed. Something so big … (I think you get the idea). For short: it was huge and heavy. When he got the thing out of his van, he had to put it on a trolley to be able to get it down the beach.

People stared as Pip flung the object into the water. It seemed to be to be made out of wood – maybe oak and it definitely had a layer of varnish on it. That’s when I realised it was some type of board.

Pip jumped on the board and started paddling out to sea. He seemed almost at home in the ocean as if he was not human. Pip started off lying down on his board but slowly he started to rise. And soon enough he was standing.

Everyone started cheering and clapping at Pip. Except the body-boarders who (I think) were just plain jealous. But whilst he was standing I couldn’t help but notice that one of his legs was shorter and weaker than the other.

If you had seen Pip’s leg you would have wondered how in the world was he able to stand up on an unsteady board. But that did not affect him.

Very soon a wave began to form. And as it towered over Pip people started making prayers for him not to die. But soon enough he was swallowed in the wave.

The beach was silent, waiting for him to be washed back on the beach. But no. That was not to be. Instead out popped Pip riding the wave whilst standing! He was like a Hawaiian god up there.

And soon enough Pip was back on the beach. People from every side came rushing over to him congratulating the surf god of his display.

But if that wasn’t enough the next thing Pip did was shout “Come on everyone ice-creams on me!”






10 facts About Animals That you Never Knew by Kirsty

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  1.  Snow leopards do not have the ability to roar
  2.  Female giraffes give birth whilst standing up
  3.   Ants can carry up to 50 times thier body wheight
  4. A wolf pups eyes are blue at birth, the turn yellow in later life
  5. Elephants can live up to 70 years of age
  6. Meerkats help to babysitt their queens young
  7. Seals can sleep underwater
  8. Blue whales can wheigh up to 200 tones
  9. A dolphins calf is nursed for 2 years
  10. A group of kittens is called a kindle


Pipino Staffieri by Kirsty

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Papino Staffieri

Pipino Staffieri is a famous surfer who was called “Pip” for short. The reason that he is famous is because Pip had made the longest surfboard on earth reaching the height of 13.5 feet in length. He was born in 1919 at Lanherne Avenue.


Pipino Staffieri’s farther was killed in action one year before Pip was born in ww1. His mum and he moved to Newquay and that is where His interest in surfing began. Pips family were in fact the founders of Kelly’s ice-cream and that could be why Pip in later life began his own ice-cream business.

How his interest began

Pip was at his dentist when he first found an encyclopaedia about surfing. The encyclopaedia is thought to have contained images and writing of Hawaiian surfers in Hawaii. Pipino Staffieri also found two surf-boards at a beach that belonged to Jimmy Dix and his wife, and he used their boards as inspiration for his own surf-board.

He will be remembered.

Death: 28th June 2005



Cat Rhymes by Kirsty

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The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway,

The cat from Greece got caught by the police,

The cat from Britain had lots of kittens,

The cat from Japan loves a bit of ham,

The cat from China did nothing finer,

The cat from Turkey hates beef jerkey,

The cat from France likes to dance,

The cat from Bulgairia marked his area,

The cat from Spain flew a plane,

The cat from Brussels stole some truffles,

You see all these cats who can catch rats have their own way.

My Story of The Blitz by Kirsty

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My Story of the Blitz


Fear has spread dangerously. The moral of innocent people here in the underground has been lowering rapidly. But there’s still one person with spirit and that person, is me.

Right now I’m sheltering in the London underground. Confusion and fear is being mixed together and young children have been crying for ages and I’ve been sleeping with diseased rats for the last few hazardous nights. The smell is so rancid it could blind the eyes of a new born; even I’m struggling to keep my eyes from blinding.

I’ve been sleeping on the shutdown railway tracks in a plain white hammock. The greasy oil is forever finding holes so it can leek through and contaminate me.

 This morning a nurse came to me and gave me a cup of tea and some steaming soup! (Which I think was very kind.) She smiled at me and said comfortingly “Don’t worry, I bet it will be over soon.” And that brought hope and spirit to my saddening face.

Suddenly, a siren went off. At first I thought it was a bombing siren but as I listened carefully a sudden wave of joy washed over me it wasn’t the bombing siren, it was the all clear siren!

It didn’t take long for all of my family to gather our stuff and walk out the disgusting place. But when we got outside a devastating sight met my eyes. Skeletal remains of once beautiful buildings stood there, shattered glass was all over the place and vehicles had been locked into the side of buildings whilst firemen tackled the deadly inferno.

I immediately jumped to my younger sister to cover her eyes but she wouldn’t allow me. Her eyes were flooded with tears and then she burst into hysterics of heart breaking cries that saddened my soul greatly. Soon enough I couldn’t stop myself so I hugged my sister, I also burst into tears and then my mum and dad tucked us into their arms. That was the most heart breaking day of my life.

But I still had my family.


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Loner Child By Kirsty

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It was a stormy night, the noise of rain pounded against the window whilst wind howled as if it was annoyed . Then suddenly I heard the door open downstairs. I wanted to go down there but something was telling me not to investigate. But my curiosity got the the better of myself. I slid out of the bed and swiped up my torch then slowly taking one step at a time I silently tiptoed across the bedroom hesitating to open the door. But I had to, and just when I touched the door I suddenly felt like I had an electric shock and fell to the floor out cold…


“Well it’s not my responsibility to pack your stuff Tom, I have far more important things to do.”




“Oh for goodness sake Tom their both on the kitchen table and your late for school again, now hurry.”


Now that was me. Late for school like always and shouting. Yep you heard me, shouting. Most moms tell you off for shouting like that but my mum is like why bother wasting my breath let him shout as much as he likes.Which I think is very wise.

Whilst I was walking to school things seemed to be a lot quieter than usual. Like normally I would hear the birds and see Mrs Faze walking down the street with her pet Labrador. But no, like I said I saw nor heard absolutely nothing. Something even more weird was at when I got to the school gates nobody was there to welcome me in. So I waited and waited for the school bell to ring but it never did.

Finally, I had had enough. I got of the bench I was sitting on and slammed the doors open to school to find nothing. It was dark inside with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and as I walked deeper along the corridor I started to hear throaty voices calling my name. Quiet at first but becoming louder and louder. Soon I started getting the creepy feeling as if someone was watching me so I turned around and ran.

When I got outside I flopped on the bench that I was sitting on earlier exhausted and scared. A million questions buzzed inside my head. Why had school been left, why did I hear voices and why was there no people.

After a long rest I reluctantly stood up. But when I lifted my head I wished I hadn’t. Right there was like a million foul aliens slithering towards me with drops of crystal clear saliva oozing from their mouths and the eyes they had where jet black showing nothing but the desire to kill. Suddenly the aliens froze at a deafening noise that shattered the glass of buildings nearby. I scanned the area to see if I could locate where it was coming from. But I didn’t have to. In front of me was a mutant sized creature more deadly then anything seen. And then it stared at me tensing up ready to lunge…









Cat Paradise Part 3 By Kirsty

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When I got home and had snuggled deep down into my cushion, I heard my owner screaming loudly in the other room.Immediately, I ran to my owner finding out that she had won the lottery and we would be going to France.But the downside is Hamish is coming to so that means there’s going to be a food thieth around stealing all my food.The trip is tomorrow so I’ll be packing my bags with lots of toys and treats because I’ve been told that it’s 1 hour long.

Suddenly, I heard the cat flap open and with my hackles raised I cautiously approached the porch to find the most beautiful black and white cat ever.😻 Not that I instantly had a crush on her or anything, (but I had to admit she was quite pretty).

Unexpectedly, I Cooly said “So, what brings you here.” And to my surprise she looked at me as if I was dum or something and swiftly turned around and stalked out the house without saying bye! How rude.

It was becoming night so I padded back to my bed passing Hamish on the way who looked like an idiot like he always does but when I got into my bed something struck me who was that cat and what did she want.🙀



The Blitz by Kirsty

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The Blitz

Women screaming,


Children crying,


Flaring fire,


Nothing could stop this vandalism,


Roaring sirens,


Devastating destruction,


Trickling hopes,


Londons peril was at its worst,


Diabolical crimes,


Suffering survivors,


Ruthless vengeance,


Hitler hanged like a hawk over the dead,


Deadly inferno,


Scorched spirits,


Ferocious fury,


Colossal strength was being used Incorrectly,


Lower moral,


Barbarous projectiles,


Parched buildings,


Souls echoed in every treacherous creak,


From the dust of London,He had no mercy…

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I Am Morgan

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I am Morgan, and i’m an orca, (also known as a killer whale) who once had the freedom of swimming in the ocean for three years. When I was in my pod of fifteen, we would go on the most wonderful adventures together , whilst leaping out of the crystyl clear water. Deep down it was a place of complete wonder, where long, shiny strands of seaweed glistend in the slight sun. You would also see schools of fish the colours of the rainbow weaving thier way through all kind of things like seaweed or smooth rocks. They were my favourite.

But thats to be no more. I am now stuck in a flimsy human shield of yours, swimming around blankly, not knowing what to do, with your kind tapping and banging at me. How is that life? Things are hard nowdays. To get food I have to get all kind of tricks like pushing a ball along the water or jumping through small hoops

The size of the swimming area is way too small. I keep bashing my head against the wall and making myself dizzy which is painful for a long time thank you very much! But the thing that’s bugging me the most are those things that flash at you that people always seem to have with them. I hate them.

When Iook out of the tank at the other side, I see other animals enjoying themselves whilst prancing around and snuggling up with one another. But im on my own in my area so I dont have any friends.

In the future, I would love to be released back into the ocean and rejoin my beloved pod. For I can feel my family’s pain aching inside me. Please help me because I am an orca whale, who needs her family.




The First Tripod by Kirsty

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I was hovering over a meteor that had struck in the middle of town. Thinking it was going to be hot I nervously reached down to pick a rock up, but to my surprise it was freezing cold. “Strange” I whispered turning to the person next to me “Its freezing” .Suddenly, cracks started cutting its way through the pavement and up the clock tower sending the huge spire falling down towards the people crushing some of them to death.

“RUN!” shouted the police men pushing people backwards away from the meteor. But of course no one listened and darted towards the spire to help any survivors. I started to back away but I was too late. The ground pushed upwards and then deep down into the earth like it was breathing sucking in cars in all directions.

Then out of the ground rose a mechanic machine, it kept going up and up easily reaching the height of the clouds. And everything stopped. (Apart from an old lady crossing the road like nothing had happened)              

By Kirsty

Cat Paradise by Kirsty Part 2

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Then my owner came into the room and picked me up. I started to purr but I stopped because the dog came running in like a loose hurricane. The dog is called Hamish and he’s a white miniature poodle. I think he’s 11 months old. Once I had my breakfast I went through my cat flap and into the cold morning air. I started to run to my territory and once I got there I saw a dark tabby prowling the grounds snapping at my mice that are in my territory. Suddenly, the strange cat swung its head around in my direction and built him self to his full hight asking for war.😾

I agreed to him, and in response started hissing, flaring my sharp teeth at him ferociously and then he charged bashing into my side and knocking me over. When I got up I launched myself onto his back pushing him down on the floor but the cat jumped up and flung himself at me starting the real action. I can’t really explain it, all I remember is a fury of claws and curses shouted at my face but the best bit was when I won the battle and saw him limp pathetically into the distance never to be seen again on my land. In your face you pathetic cat!😼


Cat Paradise By Kirsty Part One

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The sun was shining through the window warming me in every way and I could hear my owner talking quietly in the room next to me trying not to wake me up.There was a bird outside flying around finding worms probably feeding its young.I thound it very fascinating.Suddenly, a bug scuttled across the floor from nowhere and THACK that was my paw smashing down on the bug.Poor bug, it could of been a mother or a father.But that is a cats reaction to something that has disturbed him or her.So I can’t help it.😺

Im called Shadow and I have black fur that is short.I love eating tuna and hate eating sardines.That is not handy because I’m having sardines for tea tonight and there will probably be leftovers.One thing people do not know about cats is that we go to school but only on a Thursday.At school we have hunting,sleeping,fighting,jumping and grooming favourite lesson is fighting because I like action and showing off my skills and the lesson I hate the most is jumping because they ask you to jump of 10 meter high hay bails and expect you to land on your feet.Its ridiculous.🙀


The Life Of A Cat By Kirsty

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The Life Of A Cat                                                                                                                     I woke up this morning,my sleep was nice but boring,I found some mice,then someone rolled a dice,which distracted me and was not very nice,I wanted someone to feed me,but they didn’t come or hear me,so I screeched at the top of my voice,then I noticed parked outside was a fancy Rolls Royce,I went outside when it started moving,I jumped and grabbed on  like an adventure movie…    

cat pic                                  

Emperor Penguins by Kirsty

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Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguin species. They have a complex life cycle including surviving blizzards with an egg, chicks waddling for their life from Antarctic skuas and a lot more.

Emperor penguins live in one of the coldest, harshest places on Earth. It is -58 degrees with the wind reaching up to 100 mph. Icebergs surround the place they live causing ships to sometimes crash. Antarctica is a frozen desert covered in ice.
Emperor penguins can reach up to 1.2 m and weighing up to 40 kilos. They have jet black backs to absorb heat and pearl white bellies to camouflage in the snow. On their necks they have distinguishing orange tear drop shapes making them easy to identify from some other penguins.
Emperor penguins have small feet, beak to cut down heat loss. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes and reach the bottom of the ocean. Emperor penguins have waterproof plumage that traps air; underneath their plumage they have a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm.
Emperor penguins can feed in the ocean for 3 months. They eat squid, krill and fish; sometimes they will eat snow to quench their thirst. Emperor penguins can go without food for up to 4 months. They use their flippers to propel themselves through the water and to dive deep.
When emperor penguins jump out of the water and ready for the breeding season they will walk 70 miles to breeding ground. It is a dangerous journey including starvation, tiredness and more. Every emperor penguin was born at the breeding grounds, the reason why they chose the breeding place was because there is ground under the ice there and it’s away from the sea. Egg laying begins at the beginning of June when the females pass the egg to the male they do it very carefully because one moment on the ice can kill the egg. The fathers hold the eggs for 2 months whilst the mother feeds in the ocean they have to stand in blizzards huddling together. In July the mothers come back to the fathers and take over holding the egg. The females do what the males did with the egg but the blizzards are a lot worse. When the egg hatches the mother will regurgitate some food into the chick’s mouth. The chicks are grey and black with really fluffy plumage. When the chicks are old enough the mothers and fathers will abandon them and the chicks will look after themselves for four years.
In 2100 penguin populations will go down because of global warming. There are 45 penguin colonies in Antarctica with 18 species