Meeting a Legend by Kaiden

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I’ll never forget the day when I witnessed history in the making. Pip Saffieri was just your ordinary ice-cream man before he inspired a generation.

It was a fine day in Newquay, my 2nd day down in Cornwall and Pip was selling ice-creams in the humid sun to a long, sweaty, queue of upcountry tourists, when suddenly he stopped, stared out to the coast in a daydream, like he was confused, and then he closed the hatch of his ice-cream van.

Out of nowhere Pip emerged from behind his van wearing nothing but a knitted, woollen, swimming costume and said politely: “Sorry guys, that’s all for today.” I was outraged I was next in the queue to get one of his mint choc chips. Then immediately pulled out a massive trolley and then manhandled an at least 13ft long wooden surf board on top of the trolley. People were amazed; people were confused.

Pip pulled the trolley behind him all the way down to the shore. He took the board off the trolley and pushed it into the water. Five minutes later he popped up riding the waves like a Hawaiian God, floating back to the shore and shouted: “Ice-creams on me.”  I remember Pip’s face, gleaming with happiness and pride. People that were gathered on the beach applauded him.

After seeing him surf like that I decided to start stand up surfing and follow Pip’s footsteps .

Pip Staffieri by Kaiden

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Pip Staffieri was known as the first English stand up surfer. He was born on 3rd August 1918.

Pip always had a love for the sea and was a good swimmer. He was a long distance swimmer. He joined a canoe group at the age of 12 and soon became a good canoer as well. Unfortunately for the surfing legend Pip was diagnosed with a life changing disease named polio. Polio is a disease that gives you a weakness in your limbs. (By the way he had polio in his left leg.) His dad died before Pip was born so Pip’s mum had to look after him on her own. Pip was born into a Italian family. The move to Newquay to carry on their beloved company Kelly’s ice-cream.

In Pip’s later life he had a few jobs including: selling ice-creams, carpenter and surfing.

Pip’s interest in stand up surfing began when he saw an encyclopaedia at his local dentists about Hawaiian surfers. He thought it looked like good fun. Later on he saw a surf board on the beach (It was Jimmy Dix board.) He prodded it and knocked it and stroked his hand across it. He decided to make his own surf board.

To make his board he used oak planks to make the frame, he used brass screws to make them stay together. He incorporated a nose plug to the front of the board so he could drain the water out of the board (as it was hollow.) He also added a layer of varnish to his board.

Pip unfortunately died on 28th June 2005 age 86.

The lost children By Kaiden

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The lost children


It all started when Billy and Alisha where playing in a field with their mother; Josephine when the air raid siren bellowed its normal roar. As they were rushing home the children lost sight of their mother and they didn’t know the rout home so they decided to ask some people if they knew were Pudding lane was but no one did.

They walked trying to vision the way back home. As they walk down lanes, up hills and through fields but they still didn’t know the way home. As they got closer to what they thought was home a doodlebug embedded itself in the sweet shop across the road and then it exploded. Then out of the rubble a shard of glass shot out and hit Billy in the shoulder and then he fell to the ground. Alisha ran over screaming “Nooooo” and crying as she bent down to see what she could do

Billy told Alisha to take her to Mrs Shrewson shop across the road. Trembling with fear Alisha took Billy to Mrs Shrewson’s shop as he asked. She bashed on the door. Mrs Shrewson was a lovely old lady in her 80’s and she answered the door in her nighty.

“Hello” she said with her lovely old voice.

“What can I help you with” She then look at Billy and said

“What on earth happened to you” she asked

“A building blew up near where we were and a glass shard shot out of the rubble and hit Billy in the shoulder” said Alisha

Mrs Shrewson invited them in and took them to the cellar. She had a few cardboard boxes anAd she told Billy to lay himself on the cardboard boxes. Mrs Shrewson said “stay still and no pain will come to you. He listend to her and no pain did came to him. Alisha remembered when her father said “keep Billy safe if it’s the last thing you do.”

The children thanked Mrs Shrewson and asked if she could walk the children home. Their mum was so happy to see them and she also thanked Mrs Shrewson for bringing the children home.



By Kaiden

Blitz Write Away Task by Kaiden

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I will never forget that day when I and my family emerged from the Anderson shelter to see the destruction that the Germans had made.

It was a horrible experience every night the air raid sirens would go off and we had to rush to the shelter even if we had our pyjamas on. This time when the air raid sirens went off and we rushed to our shelters as you would expect it was very cramped because there was five of us in the shelter: Me, my mum, my dad, my brother and my sister. But when we emerged this time we found the destruction of our house. The windows were blown out, the doors were blown out and all that was left was the skeletal remains of our house. Immediately my mum rushes to see if any of our valuables survived the bombing. She found a picture of her and dad when they first met. She was touching it like it was pure gold as if it was the only thing that meant something to her for the 5 seconds she stared at it. I started searching to see if I could find my teddy that was the same age as me. The taste of the salty smoke and rubble swirls around in my mouth as if I was swirling water around my mouth.   The smell was unbearable it was like people had burnt wood and the fire was right in front of me. Civilians scatter, and rushing to their homes praying it is still there. Our family feels like caught fish in a fishing net. Our house has been devoured.  The A.R.P warden has given out gas masks and has helped the firemen to put out the fire and they dig for hours trying to get people out of the rubble. They also helped the children with the blankets. The ladies that handed out the tea were very helpful and provided us with a bit. The tea was very nice it was nicer than the rabbit soup we have been eating for weeks.


What will happen to us?

The Blitz Poem By Kaiden

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1940 Adolf Hitler bombs England’s capital city,

Bombers spread fear across city,

The skeletons of buildings awaking in the ruins,

London’s wounded.

Thick smoke hangs over the heart of Great Britain,

Out the mist of devastation,

Hitler laughs as we cry,

A diabolical act of vandalism.

Our capital is a roaring inferno,

Bombs like a giant’s foul breathe blistering buildings,

Fierce, fearless firemen battle the unforgiving inferno,

Flames leak from structure’s window.

People in bomb shelters whilst chaos is caused,

Terror grips our hope and takes it away

Germans target ports and bases,

People cry, people die but we stay as one.

Germany has burned London’s heart out and they won’t stop,

Hell rains down all over England’s capital,

People immerge from the rubble of the used to be houses,

Public stood in front of destruction in stunned silent.

1941 Adolf Hitler finishes bombing London,

Bombers still spread fear across London,

The skeletons of building fall asleep in the ruins,

London’s still terribly woumbed.

By Kaiden

The Mother-Ship Surrounded The Globe By Kaiden

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That one day I and my mates saw an extraordinary thing happen. It was an ordinary day in    Hong Kong and we were playing basketball to see who the best was when the ground started to shake. At first we didn’t think much of it but then it got louder and louder and then stopped. We heard shrieks of tiers breaking and smashes of cars crashing. People starring up at the sky. We looked up at the sky and a massive shadow covered nearly the entire city leaving us in darkness.

Everybody ran but I stayed glue to the spot in terror and curiosity. The shadow came from what looked like to a vast thunder cloud 1000’s of meters above Hong Kong. The clouds were grey and some bits appeared to be red. It looked thick like fog almost and had slow movement but almost looked like it wasn’t moving at all. People were worried about what was coming.

People started running from the cloud as if it was going to shoot lightning out on to them. Mums and Dads ran and grabbed their children by the arm and babies cried and screamed because everybody was screaming. Everyone went into a panic and then stopped all of a sudden like they have just been frozen to the spot.

A disc shaped ET aircraft ripped through the fog and revealed a loud scream from what looked like a control area or an engine room something like that. It had patterns I had never even had a glimpse of before. It kind of looked like a floating wasteland but had nothing on it. The army came and thought that shooting the mother-ship would make it fly off but instead it shot some sort of gas out of air vents well what looked like an air vent anyway. The gas was orange and most people inhaled the gas and fell to the floor holding their throats and struggling for air. They aliens declared war on us just to get our resources.



I am Morgan and this is my story by kaiden

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I am Morgan and this is my story

I once had a life in the endless turquoise ocean before you took my freedom. I was in my pod swimming free to Antarctica and America, searching for food and knocking fur seals off ice floes. We emerged from the water all taking a deep breath then going back to searching. I was born in 2007 and had 3 year to roam the deep blue sea and be free.
Now I feel alone, sad and bored at Loro ‘Abusement’ Parque. I have no one to play with, and no one to talk to. Even though you feed me you make me do tricks to get it. In small enclosure I’ve been looked at and people take pictures of me. They mock me and they leave me at this horrid place. No one try’s to help me.
In the future I wish to be released into the wild and to be reunited with my pod and not to be kept in captivity. I wish to be back hunting with my pod. I what to have my freedom back and I want my family back. Please think about what I said and if you act on it I Morgan will be able to live my life again.
If I do get released back with my pod I will be happy and free, moving were ever I want. I will be able to hunt knocking fur seals of ice floes.

Diary entry by Kaiden

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Today I’ve been sending messages around to tell everyone what needs to be done. Like harvesting the fruit and vegetables, cleaning out the roads of the town and preparing for battle. As the war is progressing I feel more more and more terrified. The people of our town have been training and preparing for battle for 3 weeks now and the chief still thinks they’re not ready. At the moment I’m writing this in my bedroom and I feel safe. Last month the Japanese army came not for combat but for a truce between us and there forces, but a week before the Japanese army came the French came to fight but they had swords and not one gun to be seen. Our farmers fought back and some how beat the French army. Today at school we went on a trip to a pond not far from my house. It had fish, frogs and some sea birds. The fish had spots and they were black. The frogs were green with yellow spots on their face. Now I have to go for my tea but I will hopefully have time to write tomorrow.

The Tripod Awakes by Kaiden

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The Tripod Awakes

Everyone saw the meteor fall, it penetrated through the road and it was only a matter of time before the whole town came to see it. I bent down with my sleeves over my hand to pick up the crystallised rock that came from the sky-thinking it was going to be boiling but to my surprise it was so cold it was hard to hold it in one hand for over 5 seconds. I put it In my pocket as 4-5 inch cracks in the ground spread every direction. The crack travelled up buildings destroying the glass. Car alarms went off and everyone ran. Luckily the NYPD were there to calm everyone down. Now I feel terrified because I don’t know what’s coming for this town.

Suddenly the crack travelled up the church and the front of it crumbled to the ground. Then the road raised and then fell and kinda made a sink hole. No one new what was going on and no one dared to move. As we looked with are mouths wide open curious and confused an ET machine emerged from the ground. Everyone new then it wasn’t a natural disaster it was a Alien invasion. Now there were high pitched screams and shout. People ran for their lives but I couldn’t as my eye’s were transfixed on the metallic machine. For a minute no one moved including the machine.

The machine was one of a kind and had lights as it’s eye’s. Also it had three mechanic legs. We all heard a sound and we new what it was-the machine was charging its self up. A man came from behind a car and started recording it but as unfortunate as he was the machine was charged up and with no hesitation it shot two blue lasers perishing everything in it’s path. Us humans power the machine that’s why it’s killing us. It through car, destroyed home and took lives. It’s hard to put ito word how scared I was. After I stopped staring-turned and ran.

By Kaiden

Aurora Borealis by Kaiden

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The aurora borealis sits in the sky, as the polar bears look up to see the light.

The Northen light shines through the darkness, as all is calm across the Arctic  region.

The light has many different colours, and keeps the sky bright through the darkest of nights.

The light doesn’t go in a straight line, but wiggles and shuffles around as if it’s alive.

The calmest night of the Arctic’s year, when the lights come round with colours in the sky.




Beginning of a New Goal, Frank Hurley

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The creaking, moaning and groaning of the ship haunts me when I sleep. We watched the ship get taken by the cold and dry environment and we felt useless. That was the darkest moment of the expedition.

We have been camping on the Antarctic floor for 30 days now and it has been a task of survival. We tried to haul the lifeboat along the ice but the man power of me, Hussey, The Boss and Wild was just not enough to pull it along the ice.

We had to leave some of our most loved possessions on the ship to get taken with it. I smashed some of my photos and left them aboard the ship. We called our new home patient’s camp, because all we could do was wait for the ice floes to break as we get nearer to spring, so we can launch and paddle to dry land.

It is hard to write this as my hands are a bit frost bitten but I will still try to write a few more diary entries before we set off on our lifeboats to try and sail home to England. All I want right now is to survive this perpetual environment, to be here and to be with the amazing men who want to survive but also want their shipmates to survive too.

My hopes are brightening as the ice is breaking but I have to get some sleep for the busy day ahead.

God save our souls.


Frank Hurley



The Lifecycle of an Iceberg by Kaiden

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Ice sheets shift and shuffle towards the cobalt ocean,


Carving through the ancient Greenland mountain.


Explosions from the crevasse is where the journey begins.


Bulky bergs as bright as a polar bear,


Eventually change and melt as summer days come.


Rolling lumps of frozen water shining in the sea,


Gigantic pieces of beautiful ice turn to water and finish their travels.



The Emperor Penguins by Kaiden

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The Emperor penguin is the largest of 17 species of penguin and has a unique life cycle.

The white, black and orange plumage is a one of a one of kind site. When they are in water they look like torpedoes and they webbed flipper like feet. They have a hunch back and wobble as they go along the ice and snow. They have a jet black back that goes down to their waist and a pearl white stomach that cover is face. They have claws on their feet to keep grip when they are walking on the slippery ice.

The Emperor penguin has a varied diet, which includes fish, squid and krill. When the penguins hunt for food they are hunted by seals. They have to dive to the bottom of the sea to catch there food. Their food can be hard to catch because they can be caught by a seal.

The Emperor penguin has other predators such as an Artic Skua, giant petrel 3 different types of seal like lion seal, elephant seal and leopard seal.

They have a unique reproductive cycle. They have to walk 70 miles to the breeding ground. Once they have found a mate and done there ritual when the egg is made they pass the egg to one another over and over again if the egg is on the Antarctic surface the will be no more.

They live in the harshest place on Earth: the Antarctic. The Antarctic is a frozen desert and is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth. The flightless birds are fond of the sea. The sea loving birds of the sea can survive the freezing temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor penguins are the only land and sea animals that stay on the land in the harsh winter storms. The Antarctic is dark for half a year and the other half of the year is light.

The Emperor penguins have many amazing adaptations such as their black backs absorb sunlight and their white tummies deflect the cold. The flightless birds have water proof feather and their arms are like flippers. When the mother penguin has gone to get some food the dads have to survive 125 days with no food. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes and dive to a depth of 1700 feet. They have an amazing sense of direction to get to and throw from the breeding ground.

The Emperor penguin has got not just one colonies but aproximally there are 45 colonies. The population of the Emperor penguin is 600,000 and scientists have found out that the population could drop by 20%.