My First Blog Post by Jowan Dengler

Posted in Writing we do at school

This is my first blog post and in it I will begin to describe the book we are reading in class called Skellig. The story is about an old man living in a young boy called Michael’s shed. The man in the shed has terible arthurits and no strength. He’s very mysterious all we know is he wears a black suit and eats spiders and blue bottles and eats the chinese food 27 and 53.

Another ¬†interesting charecter Michael and Mina . Michael has only just moved house from a house he loves to an old house with a toilet in the dining room and an old unstable shed in a garden witch is more like a jungle. He still goes to the same school but he has to travel to the other side of town. Michael has a baby sister [ who he loves and is jealous of at the same time] but the only problem is she was born early. Next door to Michael is a girl called Mina. Mina loves birds and has many briliant sketches of them. The first time Mina spoke to Michael was over Michael’s garden wall. The other time was when Mina was sketchinng in a nearby tree. ¬†That is my description of what we know and I would highly recomend the book.