War is Announced by Jowan

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As the burning coals flickered into life the family anxiously gathered around the wireless. Dad tuned in just in time. The Primeminister began: ” I am speaking to you from the cabinet room at ten Downing street…”. Dad and Jimmy sat side by side on the crammped sofa stairing aimlessly at the wireless, with Patricia sat opposite chewing her nails nervously. The Primeminister continued “… This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a final note stating that, unless we heard from them by 11o’clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland a state of war would exist between us.”

Mum, next to Patricia in an armchair knew what was coming next. “…I have to tell you that no such undertaking has been received and that consequently this country is at war with Germany.” A terrified look crossed mum’s face as the thought of the last war with Germany flooded into her mind.

The national anthem began and everyone stood up with grief. Dad and Jimmy straitened their ties and pulled out their tank tops. An awful thought came to mum: Jimmy could soon be on the front line.

Everyone sat down as the final coal in the grate died.

An Acrostic poem for Mrs Bancroft by Jowan

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Beaming every day.


No one will be better at the job at this school than you.

Considerate of every one

Responsible for every thing


Fantastic head teacher,

Thoughtful of others.

Thank you for being an amazing head teacher and I am sure you will be as brilliant in your next job as you have been in this one. Goodbye and good luck.

Yours sincerely,

Jowan Dengler

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2nd February 1916:

We have been at our new camp now for about a month and all the men are beginning to get use to their jobs. Every day around ten of us go out hunting for penguins and seals and then we cook there blubber and meat.  Just to our luck the other day a leopard seal attacked Hurley but Wild quickly shot it dead and when we went to cook it we found undigested fish inside. Everyone else except me and captain Worsley (who guard the camp) go and collect ice to melt for drinking water.

We are always hungry because food is rationed, supplies are low and running out. Sometimes I dream about what delicious food I will eat if we make it back. So that Charles still had a kitchen the crew and I made him a cooking igloo and he is working quite well even though it is small inside. When we first got here a couple unlucky penguins waddled into camp and were very quickly shot, cooked and eaten but they have now learned not to come here.

Last night I danced with Worsley to give the crew a laugh even though I did not really enjoy it. Every evening Hussy plays his banjo and sometimes we sing a song or dance. During the day we have sled dog races for our fun and the dogs exercise. We also read the Encyclopaedia Britannica and then quiz each other on the smallest details.

The weather is the worst I will ever experience because our gear is always wet and we go to bed every night cold and wake up every morning tired after having no sleep the night before. We are all worried about frostbite and just to his bad luck the other day the stow away Percy Blackborrow got exactly this. The blizzards are horrible because you always think the tents will blow away. The tents we have are different to normal ones to keep out the blizzards (not that they are any warmer). They have flaps over the door like a tunnel and once you crawl through it falls down. I need to get some rest now and hope the ice breaks soon so we can go home.



By Jowan (E. Shackleton)

Shakleton’s diary entery 1 Leaving Buenos Aires by Jowan

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26th October 1914:

Today we left the busy port at Buenos Aires to the small island of South Georgia. As we left all the people that turned up to see us leave was increadible. The weather was perfect, calm water and shining sun. Much of what I could hear was the continuous bark of our 69 Canadian sledge dogs and cheers from the crowd; I could faintly hear the music from the band. When The Endurance had been turned and we started heading away from the crowd, we could see many masts from the boats and I could hear Frank Worsley, the captain I chose, shouting orders left, right and centre and the crew who were now runing around like busy bees. Even though all this work was going on Frank Hurley, our photographer, was doing everthing in hiis power to get the perfect shot. Now we must get on with this expedition and also have a safe journey to South Georgia. It was hard to leave my family but that is what Ihave t do to complete my dream.

My First Blog Post by Jowan Dengler

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This is my first blog post and in it I will begin to describe the book we are reading in class called Skellig. The story is about an old man living in a young boy called Michael’s shed. The man in the shed has terible arthurits and no strength. He’s very mysterious all we know is he wears a black suit and eats spiders and blue bottles and eats the chinese food 27 and 53.

Another  interesting charecter Michael and Mina . Michael has only just moved house from a house he loves to an old house with a toilet in the dining room and an old unstable shed in a garden witch is more like a jungle. He still goes to the same school but he has to travel to the other side of town. Michael has a baby sister [ who he loves and is jealous of at the same time] but the only problem is she was born early. Next door to Michael is a girl called Mina. Mina loves birds and has many briliant sketches of them. The first time Mina spoke to Michael was over Michael’s garden wall. The other time was when Mina was sketchinng in a nearby tree.  That is my description of what we know and I would highly recomend the book.