Skellig-a film review by Josh

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The film is about a boy, Michael, who has to move house and his mum is pregnant. He finds an old man who is waiting to die living in Michael’s garden shed. His baby sister is born prematurely so she has to keep going in to the hospital. He meets a girl called Mina who doesn’t go to school but is taught by her mum. After a while Michael shows Mina Skellig. Michael’s dad found out that Skellig was in the shed so he burns it and Michael has to help Skellig escape. Mina helps Michael take Skellig to an abandoned tower.

This story is about love, friendship, healing and understanding.

I would recommend it for children 9 and above [PG].

I feel like the rating should be for 8 – 10 year olds because at the end we didn’t get to see Skellig fly off and there was some bad language.