The Secret Door by JB

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It must be sixty years ago now but I’m not sure because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Since I Jameson Barnes have witnessed the unimaginable and unexplainable…
It was when I was thirty I was on a trip to try to find and shut down the endangered, Vaquita fishers. The Vaquita, a strange happy creature, had been on the brink of extinction due to over fishing
My crew and I had been tipped of about an abandoned mental asylum that apparently housed an illegal fishing organisation. I started to wonder through with my colleague, Drew. All of the beds had been ransacked and there were puddles of dried blood all over the concrete, freezing, and dented bug infested floor. We started to creep by cells and strait jackets. When we saw what seemed to be an operating theatre. With discarded bloody tools everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eerie glow coming from the cafeteria down the hall.
So I told Drew that I was going to investigate.The door slowly creaked open. I heard a bloodcurdling scream. I don’t quite know what happened then because I blacked out. All I know is that after about twenty minutes I awoke. A petite white door covered by ivy and surrounded by a cracked marble door frame, appeared in front of me. It must have been about four inches away from my face. On the centre hung a magnificent, silver, lions head Victorian door knocker. I was not strong enough to stand so I meandered over to the door and pushed with all my available strength and pushed.

Everything went white. I could feel snow on my nose. I stared around and then things started materializing around me. I saw an at least six hundred foot fall next to me. The ground beneath my feet was covered in a milky white icy blanket of snow. My instincts gathered all my might and stood me up. As I did the ground made a crunch like a walnut in a nutcracker.

I spotted a sign slightly to my left saying: Jigokudani Monkey Park. I don’t know how I could have been so oblivious to the fact I was surrounded by winter lodges and cafes. I hauled myself up on a snow covered pine tree. Its bark felt just like mouldy carpet. I cowered towards a small iced bridge. Maybe made of dark oak. Even though there were loads of man made things no one was there I searched every cabin. I examined every café. I even looked under every coffee machine.

I settled myself into a small hut on the outskirts of the resort and just slept for about seven hours because I needed to get some energy back. But strangely enough we I woke I was in what seemed to be the middle of a Japanese street fair. There were brightly coloured lights in the shape of Chinese lanterns. I was pushed and shoved all over the place by the dancers. I really wanted to get back at that point so I thought that if this was a dream I could just have a nap to get me back to reality.

So I found a small cardboard box and an alley way and drifted off to sleep. Soon I once again awoke, but this time I was in some sort of dark chamber with some kind of distorted, naked, white and non-armed creature. Its face was long and dark.  “Come girl.  Tell me how you got here.” It whispered in my ear in a petrified and high pitched tone. “How?”

“I don’t know sir” I said in my calmest voice “but do you know where we are?”

“We are in the demons dimension.”

“How do I leave?”

“You must complete my task.”

I stood contemplating what I had to do to leave when the thing said;

“You my girl must murder my killer. Jamie Trevion. Can you do that my girl?”

“Ok” I said but I instantly regretted my decision. Jamie Trevion was Michael Trevion’s dad. Michael Trevion was my partner. But I had to leave and get back to him but I did not want to put him through that. I just did not know. The demon dimension has been my home ever since.



Pip Staffieri by Jameson

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Pip Staffieri

Pip Staffieri was Britain’s first stand up surfer and is the pride of Newquay. Please enjoy.

His family originally came from Italy. But Pip’s mother (Teresa Staffieri) and father (Augustine Staffieri) moved to Cornwall some time near the beginning of the 20th century to pursue the family ice cream business. His dad was in WW1 and died on the 13th of September 1918, the year before Pip was born.

Pip was finally born on the 3rd of August 1919. Not much is know about his early childhood except for that he was diagnosed with minor Polio in his left leg at the age of 2. We presume that he was educated in a school somewhere in Newquay. He had 1 brother and 1 sister. Their names are unknown to us. Pip was very into water and swimming which would help him later in his life.

He went through school and took over the family ice cream business, he was on the beach every day, looking over the ocean. Along with this he was a skilled craftsman. He went in to his dentist one day and he was looking through the encyclopedia when he spotted a picture of a group of Hawaiians stand up surfing. This would have been a strange sight back then because in Britain they only had belly boarding (that was like body boarding but on a surf board.) He was very good at this.

One day he was walking along Towan beach when he saw out of the corner of his eye two surf boards, they were exactly like the ones he had seen before in the book. At this point in time he was on the fence about building a surfboard of his own. The boards made him decide to build his own.

When he finally built the board it was thirteen and a half feet long and made of a single oak plank. In the year of 1939 Pip finished his working day and because his board was so heavy he wheeled it down to the sea on a trolley. His board because it didn’t have a fin at this point in time so it was very difficult to steer. He was paddling out when he suddenly disappeared in the rolling waves. After five minutes he popped up just about to catch a wave.

Later on in his life he went to Waikiki a famous surfing destination in Hawaii. He witnessed first hand the Hawaiians surfing style. Once he arrived home he enjoyed more fun filled days but sadly he passed away in his sleep on Tuesday the 28th 1995.

His legacy still lives on in all cornish surfers hearts.

By Jameson

Misfortune… by Jameson

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It was five am when Tom heard the siren to go to the Anderson shelter. He slid himself out of bed, wishing he could go back to sleep, when he noticed that his six month old kitten, Tabby, was not in his usal spot by Tom’s bed. Tom called out for him: “Tabby! Tabby!” He did not come, although normally when Tom called, Tabby would come trotting over to him. He thought: “Where could my Tabby be?” His mother came rushing in and ushered him down to the shelter. He panicked all the while.

After fifteen minutes of despairing in the Anderson, Tom pounced out the petite door, slamming his head on the way out. He sprinted down the street, constantly calling for his beloved pet. Without warning, a massive bomb dropped on the house across the road, collapsing it to the ground. The noise sounded like one million elephants stomping all at once. He tiptoed over to invesigate when he heard the faint cry of his kitten. In an instant, he bolted over to the sound. He frantically dug at the rubble, and after ten minutes of searching, he finally pulled Tabby free. He was coughing and covered in dust but Tom had found him. He gently patted Tabby’s head whispering: “Your safe now,” over and over again. Tom pulled Tabby to his chest to keep him warm.

Because they were at the back of the now destroyed house, they had to clamber over moutains of rubble and debrey. He was nearly out of the mess when suddenly he slipped! His scream was nearly as haunting as the sound of the siren he had herd so many times. The one that killed his dad all those weeks ago. Tom had accidentaly slit open his leg with a glass shard. he stared at the injury and a few seconds later he passed out. He was thinking about how hehad let his dad down and about how his Tabby to him.

“Ok Tom I know this is hard but I got you this little fellow. He can be your little fighter you know to remind  you of me. Love you Tom. Bye.”

That was Toms last set of thoughts before  he bled to death. His cat snuggeling him all the while Tabby snuggeling him all the while. Nobody ever found or saw him again…







What I want to do by Jameson

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I have wanted to be many things in my life. First I wanted to be a vet helping animals and their owners. After that, I wanted to be a doctor treating and making pepole’s problems over. Now I know what I want to be, an interior designer, to me there is nothing  finer. I  have already had some practise doing up doll houses and giving them the wow factor. I love it so much I am doing mine and my parents rooms soon. Even more practise! In my spare time I am going to own a smoothie truck and sell all sorts of smothies, coffees, doughnuts and ice cream too. All these things I’ve wanted to be. I will just have to wait and see what I could be…

The Blitz Descriptive Writing By Jameson

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My family’s terrible Blitz experience

Wednesday 13th July 1940

Hello, my name is Victoria. The war is not helping me and my family’s condition because my younger brother, Edward, has breathing issues. Being in the Anderson shelter is making it worse.

 This morning was our first sign of hope. The women’s services came around and offered us a cup of tea and a cosy warm blanket each. Edward smiled with joy and because he smiled it made me, my mum and my dad smile too. That was a moment of hope but none of us knew that that moment would end very soon. After we finished our tea the all clear siren came on.

 We were all a bit hesitant to go out but the adrenaline rush made us all want to see the damage. We knew the house was no longer standing because last night we heard a bomb drop right outside the shelter. But we all needed to see what we could rescue from the wreckage. I was the first out to see the devastation. Then my mother then dad came out holding Edward. I jumped and covered Edward’s eyes so he did not have to witness the horror, tragedy and overall terror of the street!

Smoke still lingered in the air. I could hear babies crying, children screaming, air raid wardens shouting. It was true chaos. I could sense the panic. Our, once beautiful garden ruined by shards of glass splinters of wood scattered everywhere and all that was left of our beloved home was a skeleton, of not just a house  but a home.

After about ten minutes we decided to go rummaging. I was scared to take my hand away from Edwards face but mum’s smile assured me it was ok. I gradually walked towards the wreckage. When I got there I caught sight of my old bunny toy and fell to my knees. Then I bawled my eyes out for five minutes before my parents came and sat down next to me. Edward crawled out of dads arms and hugged me. We were together.

Blitz Poem by Jameson

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The burning colours of fury still gallop through our minds,

Choking dawn breaks the endless hours of darkness,

A murderous inferno.

Skeletons of buildings blistered by intense heat,

A diabolical act of vandalism tore down our home.

Attacks burn the heart,

London cries out for vengeance.

Charred ruins are all that is left,

Flairs are the only warning.

The doodlebug buzz pierces delicate ears,

Families hoping it wound not land near them,

Mothers praying their children to be safe.

Yet Hitler’s men cannot damage the spirit,

Mr Churchill was right we will give it back to them, but worse!

Diary Entry from 1939 by Jameson

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September 3rd 1939

Dear Diary:

It is me Lucy Grimshaw again.Today was the day we realised the true extent of the war.We were all down stairs with Rebekah’s mum and dad. Avril and Rebekah were outside playing with dolls. That may be the last time I see my little girl happy. Then whilst mid way through listening to “I’ve got a Pocketful of Dreams” our song was interrupted by a broadcast by Neville Chamberlain, then he said;

This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a final Note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 o’clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland , a state of war would exist between us.

I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently tis country is at war with Germany.

You can imagine what a bitter blow it is to me that all my long struggle to win peace has failed. Yet I cannot believe that there is anything more or anything different that I could have done and that would have been more successful.

Up to the very last it would have been quite possible to have arranged a peaceful and honourable settlement between Germany and Poland, but Hitler would not have it.”

Then he went on like that for another 25 minutes then ending his speech like this;

Now God bless you all. May he defend the right. It is the evil things that we shall be fighting against -brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution – and against them I am certain that the right will prevail”

Then the National Anthem played, Arthur stood then Jimmy then the rest of us. At that moment all these terrible thoughts raced through my mind like: How will I tell Avril?, what will we eat?, will Jimmy die in war? And will Arthur keep his job? All of these thoughts were what worried me the most not even Hitler could scare me more than this…

The first Tripod by Jameson

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war of worlds image

I will remember that day for the rest of my life. The day we realised we were not alone.

Staring in astonishment we all were crouded around the what seemed to be a metior. I bent down to pick it up with my sleeve over my hand a piece of rock, expecting it to be hot. When I touched it, it hurt but not because it was hot it was freezing cold. My freind next to me asked if it was hot. I said no.

Then huge crevasses started appearing. First leading down towards the flower shop chasing a man to the wall. He jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. It struck the wall climbing up it like a spider. The glass shattered with a huge clatter.

Then from the center anouther appeared. This time heading toward the church. Up the wall it climbed. Shattering yet more glass. Suddenly, the church chappel fell nearly crushing twenty people. It broke upon impact.

  The ground started to move once up and down as if breathing. Metalic creaking noises came from the ground. A collosal machine rose from the floor. Every body was transfixed to the spot with terror. It started to throw cars. Then it beamed people up I was a deadly gam of hide and seek.

By: Jameson

Christmas is nearly here!!!!!! by Jameson

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lighten bag

lighten bag


Its that time again when kids leave out mince pies for santa and parents are wrapping up Christmas presents in secret. It is Christmas time again! People singing about a winter wonderlands and a snow man named Frosty. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow find it hard to these nights. Advent calender doors being opened each morning. Decorating christmas trees. Couples kissing under the mistletoe. Stockings hanging by the fireplace. Turkeys being gobbled at Christmas dinner. Christmas time is family time.



Aurora borealis poem by Jameson

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IMG_0101Nothing more beautiful

Others cannot comprehend what they have just whitenessed

Real life magic

Timing is key to catch a glimpse of the glory

Happy doesn’t even start to describe feeling

Erecting the age of magic

Remains of the final bleivers

No one can recreate such beauty


Likened to the souls of the earth coming in from the heavens

Igniting imaginations

Grabing attention

High point of the day

The one thing everyone wants to see

Supercharges everyone’s minds

Chilled by Jameson

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I am Jodie Treadle, and I took the journey of my life back in 2003. And this is what happened…


I had been planning to go to the Antarctic for a year. I had been saying my final goodbyes to my family, then I drove off away to the harbour to board my ship.


I finally arrived at the harbour. I had shivers running down my spine. I checked my bags and I had all of my warm clothes, my gloves, my socks and especially my hot chocolate mix. So I went to my fellow crew members. Hamish Norton, captain, Nick Sucker, submersible driver and Olivia Cataract, underwater photographer were the only members of crew I was really going to be involved with and we set off to the Antarctic.


We have finally arrived in the Antarctic! After six long weeks we’re finally here! Me, Olivia and Nick are going out to try to film our first penguins I am so excited! But we’ve only got three days to get our film, then we have to go back home to process all the film into a nature documentary for BBC One!


It’s finally time to go do some filming. We’ve located a colony of Emperor penguins they have been nicknamed the “Ding dong” colony. I was in fits of laughter when I heard their name, but despite the odds I tried not to laugh (It was still funny though). So I went back to the task at hand. I hopped in the back of the plane and we were off. In the time I spent with Olivia we became the best of friends, we did everything together. But within 10 minutes we had arrived at the colony and we had our first sight of penguins. It took us awhile so we had the deadline postponed to give us one more day, but we finally got our footage. We brought it back to our bosses and they examined it. They loved the bit where we captured the hatching of a chick and the Emperor penguins mating ritual. It was produced into an amazing documentary on BBC Earth. I was so proud


I hope you enjoyed my polar story

My Summer by Jameson

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                                               My summer

           My summer was fun and it was done before I knew it,

          My summer flew by and I think the wind blew it,

         My summer, most of it the sky was blue,

         My summer had lots of ups and downs and I got things that                   were new,

        My summer, in it I got a dress blue and pink,and when I got                    home I had a little think,

        My summer, I thought that when the summer was over I might              be bowled over but I’m not always right,

       But I wasnt  and I was alright,

By Jamesonimages summer