The Blitz by Jake S

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The Blitz

Bombs rain from the sky in their millions,

Loose flames tear the city of London to pieces,

In smouldering buildings people cry for help,

Teams of firefighters try to put out the treacherous flames,

Zooming searchlights rake the cloudless sky for German planes.


The Blitz by Jake S

Posted in Poetry, Writing we do at school, WW2

It was midnight and London was silent,

Everybody waiting to see the hell of Hitlers making,

Seachlights piecing the midnight sky looking for bombers.

The barrage balloons raking across the cloudless sky waiting to take down German planes,

London’s people wait for the ear-piercing sound of the air raid siren.

Flames came raining down in their millions lighting up the streets of London for all to see,

Bombs began to fall letting loose treacherous flames onto the city,

Smouldering buildings crash onto the oliberated streets,

Roaring flames race through the devestated city,

Families scurry and scramble looking for a safe place to hide.

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Mrs Bancroft By Jake S

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Mrs Bancroft, you have made my school life fun and easy,

Running this school is the perfect job for you.

School needs you; please stay here.


Because of you our school is the nicest in the world.

Amazing at caring for hurt and upset children.

Nice to be in your presence.

Caring is the thing you do the best,

Reliable is what you are,

Open your heart and believe in yourself.

Forever our school will remember you,

This school depends on you to keep making it better and better forever.

By Jake

Trapped by Jake

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Frank Hurley 18.01.1915

Yesterday, Shackleton ordered the engines to be cut to save fuel and declared that we would winter on the pack. So we started to haul ice onto the Endurance to melt for water. To our surprise one of the dogs had a litter of pups on the ice and we thought if they could survive we could as well. We were going to be imprisoned in the ice for four months.


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My Summer by Jake

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This is my first blog post and in it i will Describe the most Funniest Moments in the Summer. When we were at my granparents we played a huge game of rounders, and 4 dogs[Holly,Taran,Belle,Molly] kept jumping infront of the batter, catching the ball and running of with it. When I gave my rooster [Mustard]some cabbage and the tapped the to of his tail and he done a backflip out of the coop. On the first day of Aurgurst my rabbit diesl hopped out of his hutch into a big bowl of hot soapy water and started swimming around in it.

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