Blitz Write Away by Jack

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I will never forget when I came out of my Anderson shelter; I will tell you the story.

We thought it was just a normal air raid, but I was in the Anderson for about a week, until the siren to say it was safe went off.

It was about 9 o’clock when the bombs came but they were louder this time and closer. The whole shelter wobbled a lot, and something fell on our shelter and dented the roof. In the morning the echo sounded of the all clear siren. I’m was tired beacause I didn’t really get much sleep. Dad tried to open the door… the rusty metal wouldn’t budge. I was starting to get a tad frightened. I started shouting and an ARP warden came to help.

As I stepped out I was shell-shocked. All the destruction that could happen in a night devastated me: the sea of rubble, the skeleton of a city, buses leaning up against houses and the whole city wrecked. As I went forwards I could see the fireman still putting out the fire. I was so depressed. I could hear fire crackling and the water from the hoses spurting out. As I stopped and took a breath, I choked on the smoke.

I looked back at my family and they were all devastated. We all started to clamber over the wreckage to scavenge what was left but there was nothing. Nothing at all.

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Blitz Poem by Jack

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The evil echoing sound of the sirens,
Raining flares.
Terror spreading across the capital,
Murderous inferno.
Incendiary bombs light up the heart of the city,
Reckless destruction.
Diabolical acts of vandalism,
Intense terror.
Brothers and sister of mercy,
Fire blazing.
Fighting the hell of Hitler’s making,
Manic hoses.

Then what’s left is a skeleton city.

The Adventure of a Life Time by Jack

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Last week a man called crook leg tried to break the record in the legendry gallon the mystery but half away on his adventure when a big wind broke out.  And he flew straight into a portal and out the other side there was nothing apart from the sky. In the portal the rudder his rudder broke loose and when he tried to mend it but it fell. He didn’t know what then a big noise like a trumpet came. Theirs huge turtles everywhere. He had an idea so I grab a rope lassoed the rope around the turtle neck the turtle he pulled me for about 25 minutes but

The rope snapped he was stuck all the turtle had swam off but there was one that had been left behind so I made the jump and land on his back but there was another wind and I flew into the portal again but on the other side I was on a bird  and I fell into the water and the life guards came to get me.


Emperor Penguin Facts by Jack

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The Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are the biggest type of penguins. And there is 17 types of penguin

They are black with white tummies. On their beak, neck and side of their head they have a orangey yellowy line. Large penguins are 120 centimetre tall and ins. weigh 40 kilograms. They have wings but can’t fly but the wings help them swim. There black backs adsorbed heat and there white tummy unabsorbed cold. There big claws are used for holding chicks and if they fall over. There big tummy are used to hold food and to slide on .when they swim they look like tornado zooming threw the water.

Emperor penguins have to live in some of the harshened conditions on earth in the Antarctic. Its driest place on earth and winds blow up to 100 mph. in the breading season some chicks blow away. They are the only land animal to stay for the winter most if the time there in the water. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes and can dive to the depth of 500 feet.

They eat trill, squid and shellfish like crab and clams in the breading season the dads have to go without food for 125 days and still have little bit of milky sub stunt for the chick when it’s born. But they also have predator like leopard seal, giant petrel and Antarctic skua they eat snow for water.

The male Emperor penguins incubate the egg for 2 months while the female gets food for the chick when the chick is born the mother won’t be there so the dad feeds. the chick the milky subsets when the mother returns she feeds the chick and the dad goes to get food. the mum protects the chick as it grows it starts to walk then they repeat again in till its older anther to do it there self.

There wing are water proof, they also have a thick layer off bulbar to keep them warm, they huddle together to keep warm when there breeding

There about 45 Collins of emperor penguin but when global warming gets worse and the population gets smaller.



Ice Berg Poem by Jack

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Ice sheets slowly drifting down the hill and turning into a glacier

Cutting and smashing threw Greenland heroic landscape.

Exploding glaciers make the ice wall crumble.

Breaking and cracking… SWOOSH, SPLASH the ice cracks

Exesordeny    the ice lumps break apart and float away.

Rarely you see a bunch of ice bergs floating out to sea.

Gone out into the ocean floating alone.

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Diary Entry of Chippy Mickneesh by Jack

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December 23rd           1915                                                                                                                                                                               Dear diary we have been at Camp Patient for a few days now. The Endurance has been abounded which means some of our belongings are still on bored. It was sad to see the Endurance go because my furniture is on bored.  And it’s a shame to see her go because we have been we her for 325 days but that’s the past.  Anyway, now we are on camp patient.

The food has been rationed and most of it is meat Seal and penguin meat. All the tents are cold and moist we are freezing cold. I’m right now in my tent in my warm clothes and I’m in my bag writing my diary. Hurly is a bit annoyed because he’s had to smash up his glass photos and only has a couple left. Oh and Mrs Chippy has died because of the cold I’m a bit sad. But still the Boss and frank had a little dance to keep are hopes and spirits up. Whale blubber is really nice we are hungry all the time we will eat anything. I’m tied so I’m going to go to sleep.


Frank Wild’s Diary Entry by Jack

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Date: 27th October 1914

Dear diary we just left Baenos Ares there were brast bands and people cheering I cauht lots of good shots.I was hanging of the side of the endurance so could see the hole crew. And now we have are 70 Canadian sledge dogs and the floutilla of boats has gone back now. We are going to south Georgia now I saw some dolphin so I ran down into my cabin to get my camera. And took some good picture of them that evening it was really stary. So after dinner i climb up the mast and i saw some shooting stars. It going to be hard to get to sleep because the dogs are barking mad and the boots creeping i need some sleep now I hope I see some more dolphin tomorrow.