The War door by harry

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I heard someone scream as they got shot by a German sniper and rolled down into our trench (and he almost kicked me in the head but luckily he missed.)

I was really nervous because my commander was about to send me out of the trenches on to the battle field 5 minutes later I was out of the trench and in what I called HELL.

As soon as I was out of the trench I ran to the only spot that I could see that was safe (which unfortunately all it was a pile of sand bags.)

The more screams I heard the more scared I got.

I moved my head and just as is did that a bullet from the sniper came straight past my face and misses by an inch. My whole body was shaking as if I were in Antarctica.

But then I heard a noise as if it came from heaven. I looked beside me and saw a grand Victorian door with a lion knocker in the middle. The frame looked as though it was marble and the wood was like vanished oak and vines wrapped around it.

I stepped through the door into a frozen land| which looked like an animal aquarium full of monkeys. All of the people that were around me seemed so relaxed, nothing like it was during the war. Somebody photographed a monkey that was right next to me. My eyes were burning because of the sudden light that came from the camera. I turned around and everyone ran away from me but I wasn’t to shore why. I followed them to a hut in the hut I found a couple of people they all went and hid behind the desk apart from one. I ran over to them and asked her why everyone was running away she told me it was because I had a shot gun hanging off my shoulder and that everyone thought that I was a terrorist. I took off my gun and dropped it on the floor and said that I was extremely sorry and explained the story to all of the people at the aquarium. They didn’t really understand but they believed me. They said that they would show me around there world but I thought. Why would they do that when I am in the same world at the same time, unless I’m not at the same time and the door also time travelled me forward in time.

I asked them what year it was and they said that it was 2010. I was shocked at how far forward in time I had gone. I showed them the door that brought me here. I asked them if they knew how to send me back but they said no. I tried to think off how I got to this time on earth.

After a few minutes an answer popped into my head which was to just simply step through the door but then the door suddenly went disappeared I was stuck in this time this place. I’d never see my family ever again, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have to fight in the war. But then I remembered how the door suddenly popped up it was when the sniper shot the bullet that almost hit my nose which made petrified. Which triggered the door to come down beside so the only way was for me to be petrified?

I told the other people how they were supposed to petrified me and the only way is to do the same thing as the German sniper did which is to miss my nose with a bullet

After a few minutes I was ready to be shot at. The man with my shot gun aimed at me well not exactly at me but just off my nose. He shot it just missed me the door appeared right in front of me. From inside the I could hear all of the shouting and screaming from the war. I waved at the people that helped me to get back to my own time. I stepped through the door well I was crawling really so that I could stay away from that German sniper but then I slipped and saw a glimpse of the sniper. After I had got back on my feet I tried to find the sniper and once I had I aimed my gun at the sniper a shot right at his head and hit him.  I shouted REVANGE.



Tsunamis by Harry

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A tsunami is caused by tectonic plates stopping or moving which causes an earthquake, volcanic activity and possibly underwater disruption. A tsunami is one of the world’s most catastrophic and devastating events. Unlike a normal wave: a tsunami is made by the displacement of water, where as a normal wave is made by the moons gravitational pull.

Tsunamis can sometimes be called a tidal wave, although they are not actually tidal and that is why scientists don’t refer to them as that.

A tsunami is not just one wave, it is several waves at different heights and lengths every time a  wave comes. Also tsunamis can have a range of time from minutes to hours.

What scientists don’t understand is why some big earthquakes don’t form tsunamis but small ones do.

In the late 5th century BC, the Greek historian Thucydides thought that tsunamis were related to the submarine earthquakes and from then on everyone thought that Thucydides understanding of tsunamis was quite slim. Up until the 20th century the understandings of tsunamis were correct but there was still a lot to learn.

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

That particular event was one of the most devastating events that killed many people (230,000 – 280,000 people roughly , in 14 countries) off the Indian Ocean coastline. This event occurred on 26th December at 00:58:53.

This particular tsunami was the third largest ever recorded on a seismograph. It also caused the whole planet to move a centimetre.

This tsunami was caused by the Indian tectonic plate moving/stopping, which triggered many different waves in the 14 countries.

The waves were up to 30 metres high (100ft).

Here is a list of the countries that were affected

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Myanmar
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

Here is an example of the destruction caused by this catastrophic event.

The night of flame by Harrry

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The air raid siren goes, and Jimmy rushes out of Westminster fire station in the rickety fire engine. The rain was pooring down, sohe thought he wouldent have much work to do. but when he looked up, all Jimmy could see was thousands of bombers and no sign of the moon or sky.

Then he saw a diffrent srt of rain, a much bigger sort and a much worse sort. The incenardary bombs.He jumpedout of the truck,grabbed the hose and ran to the building next to him.

The water,from the hose,climbed into every room in the buiding. Once he had ut out fires in that building he rushed to the other side of the road but the stampede of people barged him over, lie peble. It would have took Jimmy a long time to get upif a girl (called Rachel) wouldent have stoped to help him.

After a few minutes he managed to climb up the building and stand up.”Thank you” said Jimmy to Rachel. thebn Rachel ran as fast as she could to the shelter.

Jimmy switched the hose on.But just before he had finished putting out the fire the ose pipe snapped in half. So he rushed back to the fire engine to the bucket of water.

Jimmy put out the last part of the fire and walked back to the fire engine(well nearly anyway.) Before he could get there tough a building fell which was puite close to him and so a planck of wood came tumbling down onto him and winded him. He tried to wriggle free, but it didnt work. Jimmy tried to push it off, but that didnt work either.

After a minute a girl caled chloe came over and shoved the planck of wood off Jimmy. Then she pulls him to the fire engine and drove him tho the shelter. then in the morning he went to the hospital and got lots of help.Image result for ww2 fire man pics


The Blitz by Harry

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The Anderson shelter was cramped like a bee in a pea. The noise of the first bomb almost deafened me and the ground shook as well as the shelter. I fell off my bed and landed on the hard iron floor.
After that I started to feel queasy and dizzy and fainted. Once I had woken up I could still hear the air raid siren howling around the city. I clambered back into my bed and lay there starting to feel claustrophobic.
My stomach was howling for more food.

I start to hear the hiss of water and wonder if our house is on fire or  one of the neighbours. Suddenly, I hear the creak of wood and the shelter starts to move back and forth as though something has hit , hopefully not the house.
The strange howl, I distinctively remember, is falling towards the ground. I cover my ears. The doodle bug has dropped somewhere near our house.

The roof of the shelter was dented after the heaviness of what had fallen on it. But then I thought it had to be our house, so I started to think of what would happen to me and my family.

The children started to cry as I told them the bad news. My wife was as white as a sheet and I was frozen in thought.


We all had a restless night and woke up in the morning with the all clear siren.

We try to open the door but its stuck. We wait for the fireman to realise that we are trapped, which doesn’t  take long.

As we climb out we see that the back of our house is shattered and is also what was blocking us from getting out of the shelter. The garden is covered in rubble and trees. The front of the rooms are still standing but the doors are  just hanging off the walls.

We rush to the house but the fireman stops us because its too dangerous.




The Blitz Poem by Harry

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The siren goes,

Children scared,

Flares fall down from the sky,

People flee to the nearest shelter,

Incendiary bombs drop like rain falling,

Our capital is now an inferno,

The diabolical act of vandalism strikes the city,

The fear spreads all around,


The strange howl starts to fall from the sky,

The crash is thunderous as the plane turns into a bomb,

Fearless fireman tries to hold back the fire with British spirit,

As the fiery grip grabs them,

The dawn had struck and lit up the city,

To reveal the skeletal ruins of London.

Image result for blitz planes




My letter home by Harry

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Dear family,

It was great to receive your last letter, but it took ages to get here. I am so glad to hear that Gran is recovering from her fall.

Christmas here wasn’t quite like your Christmas Mum, especially not the food, but it must have been Christmas because we got to sleep in a barn, it was so nice to be cosy and warm in the hay. I hope Father Christmas made it to see my brothers Denis and Gerald and that they got the bikes they were hoping for.

The weather has been mostly fine for the last couple of weeks, a lot better than last months constant rain. Boy, did that take a lot out of us. My pal Barry got a cake sent from his Mum. We were all very grateful that he shared it with us, even though it was a bit crumbly. It was delicious, probably the most tasty food we have had since we have been here.

We are moving base tomorrow, obviously I can’t say where, but we are all hoping and praying for better conditions and more food rations.

Try not to worry too much Mum, I’ve got some great mates here and we all really look out for each other.  Give Denis and Gerald a hug from me and tell them not to get into to much mischief.

Missing you all, can’t wait for some leave to come home and have one of your homemade pasties Mum.

Love always



My Great Uncle Desmond Gendall By Harry

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mortar carrier

I spoke to my gran about what my great uncle did in World War 2.She told me the following story.

He was 19 years old when he was called up in 1943 to join the army to fight the German army. He had been working for his dad, Frank , learning to be a builder. It was a big change to leave a small village like Constantine to go to an army training camp in Battle, Sussex. He joined the Worcestershire Regiment , one of the best, and his number was 143998375.He was shy but made friends with Dennis Oakley, William Braggins and two older soldiers , Albert Brown and Sammy Ball.

As he could drive a tractor , he trained to drive a mortar carrier ( see photo) in the mortar platoon. A mortar was another name for a shell. It was about 3 inches across.On June 15th 1944 , Desmond and his friends were sent to the South coast and shipped across to Normandy. It was a few days after D-Day but the fighting was still  fierce.They landed  near Arromanches on June 22nd on an artificial harbour called a Mulberry harbour.

The German army were waiting with their tanks and soldiers. Gran said the tanks were called Panzers and the soldiers were crack troops. Some though were young not that much older than me say 16 or 17.We attacked over the cliffs onto the roads which were narrow and windy with high hedges a bit like our lanes in Cornwall. The Germans could easily hide .One night , his two mates , Albert Brown and Sammy Ball were killed.

The Regiment drove the Germans back through Tilly and Cheux towards Bayeux .Here the mortar carrier was hit and destroyed and Desmond had to carry in as an infantryman. Desmond was now on foot. Once his gun jammed when he and his platoon were trapped and under fire from a sniper. He quickly sorted his gun and shot the sniper.

By July , the Company were ordered  to take Hill 112 from the Germans as it controlled a very important airfield. It was a tough battle against Panzers and soldiers. But we won.

By August 1944, the Germans were running away towards the River Seine. The Germans tried to fight back at a town called Vernon. Des was trying to take a vital bridge with his platoon when a mortar landed killing his friend , Dennis Oakley. Des was also hit with shrapnel and badly damaged his ears. He also had shell shock which he suffered then and later in life.

Des was sent back to camp to recover. Getting better , he guarded some prisoner’s of war before returning home.

Gran said he visited the graves with his son Stuart in 1997 and 2001. Dennis Oakley at Vernonnet and his other pals Albert Brown , Sammy Ball and William Braggins at the St.Manvieu cemetery.

He was very upset .

He also went to the monument at Hill 112. A group of French people overheard the conversation between him and Stuart about what had happened. A big fuss was made and they really thanked him.

Gran said her brother never talked about the War but knew that he had been very brave and served his country well.

I am very proud of him.


My House Elf by Harry

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Well I thought that it was just a normal morning, but then I remembered it was the 1st of December. I got out of my bed and hurried down to get my chocolates from the advent calendars. Once I had them I went into the front room and I saw an elf sitting in a glass bowl. Next to it there was on one side of a piece of paper was a beware sign saying(Beware house elf living here) and the other side said(Santa strop here elf knows I have been good.) There were a few other things as well which were two pieces of paper for my Sister and I to write our Christmas list on. Also there was a piece of mail, well elf mail so I read it. Inside it said well some of it said(This elf is very mischievous indeed.)

When I got home from school that day I found the elf sitting in a Lego box lid making a tower of bricks. As my Sister and Mum came through the door I told them about it because they had been out all day so it could not of been them.

Then when I woke up the next day I found him sitting in my dads shoe reading Winnie the Pooh books so I left him there and got my chocolates. Then my Sister came down so I told her about it. She was baffled about it but I told her it was the truth.

According to my Mother and Sister, when I got home from the park that the elf had been in my sock draw and all my socks were on the floor of my bedroom. But I have no evidence of that happening because they had tidied them up.


Why do your teeth chatter and you get goosebumps by Harry

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Goosebumps are caused by coldness or a strong emotion. Your brain sends a message to your nerves to tighten so that your hairs pop up and pulls the skin up with it.


gb 3


Shivering is caused by coldness. Your brain sends a message to your nerves to tighten then untighten really quickly which creates shivering.


Teeth chatter

Teeth chattering is a form of shivering. It is formed in the process of shivering because your nerves are connected to your teeth.




Earnest Shackeltons diary entry by Harry

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27th October 1914                                                                                           We got on the boat (the Endurance.)The croud were cheeringas the played a song (a royal navy band.)The waves thrashed up against the side of the boat. There was a boat waiting to send us of as we leaft.

I walked over to compass to see were we had to go and which way. It wasent very clear but I could just see Buenos Aires above the horizon. Hussie was playing his banjo below deck entertaining the crew. Frank Herly was up on the mast trying to get some good photos.

Earnest Shackelton

Aurora Borealis Poem by Harry

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aurora 2      aurora 1


The fires of the Aurora Borealis shimmy through the sky.

In the air the mystical magic of the lights cast a ghostly glow.

It sways in the breeze as it dances through the night.

This magical wonder creates this twisty glow of beauty.

Fires in the air cast their spell on the water.

The Aurora casts it spell on the phoenix in its stunning beauty.

The phoenix sways as it rises through the light.

As it mesmerises the spell in his head.

aurora 3

The Emperor Penguin by Harry

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The emperor penguin is the largest of seventeen penguin species, with an almost impossible life cycle.

They have black, yellow and white plumage, which is waterproof to. Emperor penguins have black feet and have sharp claws so that they can dig into the ice to stable themselves. They have a thick layer of blubber to keep them warm, especially in winter. Emperor penguins have a long beak which is black.  They also have bright orange and yellow ring around their ears and neck. They are 1.2 metres tall.

The emperor penguin lives in the harsh waste land of Antarctica, but spends most of their time in the ocean catching fish. Antarctica is one of the windiest continents on earth. The wind can blow up to 100 mph. all penguins live below the equator including emperor penguins. Emperor penguins reproduce their babies on thick ice, so that by the time the babies are old enough to swim the ocean will be closer to them.

The emperor penguin adapts more and more every day to survive in Antarctica. They have black backs to observe heat, and white bellies for camouflage from predators. Emperor penguins can hold their breath for fifteen minutes under the ice, and can whizz through the water like torpedoes. That is because of their streamline bodies. Emperor penguins have a long beck which is wide to, if the fish is fast and large.

An emperor penguin has a hard to catch diet; which is squid. Squid is not easy to catch, because it has suckers which could stick to its face, and they squirt ink which could distract the bird. Also it eats fish, fish isn’t easy to catch either because it is almost as fast as an emperor penguin. They also eat krill, which is tiny and that makes it hard to catch for their beck may be big but it is also thin to. They eat shrimps which are small and fast. They eat coruscations which are so small you can barely see them, also they eat snow (strangely).

The male emperor penguin has to walk 70 miles to the breeding ground. By the time they get there they the females will be waiting for the males to mate up with a female once they have done that they will start the life cycle. When the baby was born the mother would transfer the egg to the father, it’s crucial that they don’t drop the egg, if they do the ice will make the egg its own. If they do it successfully then the female will go to the sea to feed. While the mother is at the sea the farther will have to keep the babies close to them. They have to survive through blizzards and while being starving. Once the blizzard has past the a game of hide and seek begins (finding the babies). Some babies are alive, by huddling together. Then in the time of a couple of months there mothers are back. Then the fathers will go to the ocean to feed, but before they go the father has to know his child’s voice so that when he gets back he can find his partner. When he gets back they will leave the chicks on their own for a month. By the time the mother and father get back the chicks are old enough to swim in the ocean for the first time.

The emperor penguin will be endangered from global warming by the year 2100. The population at present is 600,000 emperor penguins

Iceberg poem by Harry

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Ice crashes down as the glacier, thrashes to the ground.

Crushing everything in its path.

Every mile of ice has as many,crevasses as you can think of.

Before the glacier pulverises the mountians.

Evetually the solid stream moves, closer and closer to the sea.

Rushing towards the end of the island were the land meets the sea.

Gallons of ice fall into the sea.

Seas shatering as ice turns into icebergs.


The Arctic Seas by Harry

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arctic-ocean-factsAs I set off from England,  I have packed all my bags and I’m going on a science programme in the Arctic for a year. I head up to my cabin and its full of people on the ship right at the bottom under the waves. Where you can see all the fish in the world gliding past the port hole.  After an hour, I decide that its time to introduce myself to my crew ,after all it has been a whole hour not talking to any one because of my anxiousness about the on coming trip. Because you see I have never been on a boat before.

The men told me their names were Tom, Philip and Jeremy, I told them my name was Peter. Then, Tom realised the time ,it was 6:30pm. We all rushed up the stairs  but then just before we reached the café, I saw Greenland.  I said ” Greenland is part of the Arctic to the boys! In the distance, I saw an iceberg with a lot of walrus on top. I rushed up to the café to get a better look out the giant window and there weren’t just walruses there were whales and seals.

As we got closer to Greenland, I could see Arctic foxes and polar bears on the shore. I have my dinner and go to bed. I wake up in the morning and look out the window and see the Arctic. I have my breakfast and by the time I had finished my , we had docked. I went down to my cabin for my bags, I got off the ship and went to the ice station but then I heard some sort of noise behind me , I turned around and saw a seal, not just one  but four. I played with them and they made a noise. I copied it. I went inside and saw maps of the Arctic, temperature recordings and graphs of the glaciers that fall everyday and how many. Suddenly, an alarm bell rang. Everybody rushed outside. There was a huge crack in the ice about one metre wide.

Tom had fallen in the crevasse. He was hanging upside down screaming for help. We all ran over. We tried not to panic. There was another shudder. More ice fell from the glacier on to Tom. Jeremy and I fetched the rescue equipment which was mostly ropes and crampons. I volunteered to go down the icy gap .I closed my eyes. It was so deep I could not see the bottom. I grabbed the rope tightly and dug my crampons into the cold wall of ice.” Hang on Tom Keep calm.” I stretched out as far as I could and managed to grab his arm.  So glad to see you mate. You have saved my life!” said Tom.

Everyone on top pulled the rope hard and both were raised to the top. They were all now safe and very happy. Tom , however, had broken his wrist and needed  to get to hospital. We had to radio for a helicopter which took several hours. It landed on the snow with the rotor blades blowing the flakes everywhere. What a storm. Tom and I were  taken to the main hospital on Greenland. I was made to feel like a real hero as the story was put on the internet and then the main TV news. I was famous at last!

Harry’s Frozen Quiz.

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  1. What is the lowest recorded temperature in the Arctic ?
  2. How many people live in the Arctic ?
  3. What are the indigenous people of the Arctic called?
  4. Name 5 animals that live in the Arctic ?
  5. Do the frozen ice sheets of the Arctic rest on water or land ?
  6. What is the imaginary line around the Northern hemisphere called ?
  7. Which 8 countries make up part of the Arctic ?
  8. What percentage of the world’s fresh water does the Arctic contain ?
  9. What is the largest desert in the world called ?
  10. What is the highest recorded temperature in Antarctica ?


  1.  -70c.
  2. 4,000,000 (4 million).
  3. The Inuit’s.
  4. Polar Bear, Artic fox Walrus, Seal and Whale.
  5. Water.
  6. The Arctic Circle.
  7. Canada, Russia, the U.S.A, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.
  8. 10%.
  9. Antarctica.
  10. 14.5c.