Pip Staffieri Biography by Hannah

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Pip Staffieri was a surfing sensation and is remembered today as the first British man to surf a fibre glass surfboard in Hawaii.

Pip was born on August 3rd 1918 in Lanherne. Before he was born his farther Augustine died so his mother Teresa was left to raise her children. At the beginning of the 20th century pip’s family moved from Italy to Newquay in Cornwall so pip could start an ice cream byssus. Not much is known about pips childhood so we do not know much.

When he was 18 in 1938 he saw a picture of a Hawaiian stand up surfer at his local dentists in the waiting room. Then a few years later he saw 2 surf boards which where surfing legend Jimmy dikes surf board and his wife’s just lying on the beach so he went to look at them after examining both boards he decided to build his own board.

After two months of work he had finally he finished his work. His surf board was an astonishing 13.5m and was able to surf it.

Pip died on the 28th of June 2005 but he is remembered by the fact he was the first man to surf a fibre glass surf bord.

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Blitz Poem by Hannah

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Night after night vicious bombing haunts our dreams,

Fighting the murderous hell of Hitler’s making.

Mothers crying out, swearing revenge against the cold blooded Nazis.

Bombs shatter the streets of London, leaving nothing but skeletons of buildings.

Heroes trying to fight the fire and save as many lives as possible.

Our capital being killed in horror.

As the blood red dawn rises,

Nothing is left.


3rd September 1939 Mum’s Perspective- By Hannah

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I will never forget that day the day that changed my life forever. I was sitting in the parlour by the radio having herd earlier about an important speech by Nevil Chamberlin at 11 o’clock on the dot. Patricia was sitting next to me and Arthur and Jimmy opposite me. The announcement was no surprise we all knew that it was going to happen it was the announcement of war between us and Germany.

At that point I was very nervous about Jimmy, because if this war was the same as the last he might have to become a solder, at the time Avril was playing outside so she had no idea. I could all tell that everybody was scared but the big question was how is this war going to end?



The First Tripod by Hannah

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I was transfixed, still as I stood at the edge of the pit were a meteor has just crashed in the middle of the town square. The police were trying to get everyone into a oddly fashion so they can make sure nobody gets hurt. When the police where not looking I bent down and picked up a fragment of the meteor expecting it to be boiling hot I covered my hand with my sleeve but when I picked it up it was not boiling it was freezing cold so I slipped the rock into my pocket.

But seconds after I did the ground started to rumble and shake and then the ground started to split and crack then an explosion took place in the middle of the whole also the crakes in the ground started to fly of In all different directions everybody started to panic and run, scream and shout. Then the crakes started to break windows and smash walls then a crack flew up the church and split it in two.

Suddenly a big sinkhole appeared in the road and a few cars fell in then one car flew up into the air then landed on a car.  nbbjBut then a huge metallic leg rows out of the ground and crushed a part of the road. Everybody was screaming and shouting I ran and hid but by the time I came out there was a huge metallic creacher was standing in the middle of the square. It started making a groaning noise that was deafing. It was about 100m tall then it started shouting heat rays I ran for my life…

Frank Hurly Diary Entry [1] By Hannah

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27 October 1914

Dear diary during today me and the Endurance have just left port in Buenos Aires and I have managed to get a few good shots of the sea ahed. The brass band was playing and people cheering and a flotilla of boats at our sides as we left the harbour.

Above deck it’s getting rather smelly because we have 70 Canadian sledge dogs. Our Captain Frank Wild loves spending time with Sue one one the many sledge dogs.Some of the dogs get seasick so they keep being sick everywhere.

Tonight we opened a bottle of rum to celebrate the boss on board and setting of to the Antarctic.

Frank Hurly.

Iceberg Acrostic by Hannah

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Ice sheets shift and slide destroying everything in their path.
Crystal lumps of ice floating in a sapphire ocean.
Exploding crevasses collapse into the waters below.
Breath taking Northern lights dancing across the night sky.
Exquisite shapes of calving icebergs falling into place.
Rugged mountains like huge ice giants who can no longer stand their ground.
Gargantuan killer wales charging at there prey.
Snowy, milky mountains glisten upon the valley below.