Pip Staffieri – By Gareth

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Pip Staffieri was one of the first British stand-up surfers read on to find out more about Pip Staffieri.

Very little is known about Pip Staffieri’s childhood and young adulthood. Pip Staffieri was born on the 3rd August 1918 in Newquay. He had polio in his left leg when he was 2 years old. When he was 12 he joined a canoeing group.

His father (Augustine Staffieri) was the founder of Kelly’s icecream business (well that’s what it’s called now) His dad died before he was born. His father’s wife, Pip’s mum, (Theresa Staffieri) was also part of the family.

Pip Staffieri was inspired to surf when he looked in an encyclopaedia at the dentists and saw Hawaiians stand-up surfing. When he went to a beach in Newquay and saw 2 surf boards (Jimmy Dix’s surf board and his wife’s surf board) he wanted to build his own.

Pip built his board 13.6 ft tall and He had to wheel it on a trolley to get it to the beach because it was so heavy. The board was built with an oak frame. It was hollow with planks in the middle. It also had a nose plug. He said: “it was okay when it was dry”.  He screwed the board together with brass screws. It was built Tom Blake style and Hawaiian style. And for the final touch he varnished it.

Pip Staffieri died on the 28th June 2005. He will be remembered as the godfather of surfing.

Some of the earliest ever video of surfing which shows Lewis Rosenberg with his friends and surfboard at Holywell Bay in Newquay Cornwall 1929. 01 DEC 2011 See SWNS Story SWSURF This grainy footage captures the moment an intrepid adrenaline junkie attempts stand-up surfing for the first time in Britain – over 80 YEARS AGO. The video was taken on a ‘lads holiday’ in 1929 and records the travels of three friends who caught the train from London to the British surfing mecca of Newquay, Cornwall. Lewis Rosenberg picked up the craze after watching a clip from Australia and – after carving a home-made eight-foot board from balsa wood – took to the waves. The clip shows him wading out to sea with the longboard under his arm, before attempting to stand up on it as his friends cheer him on. The film reel was passed on to Lewis’ daughter Sue Clamp, who stashed in the attic at her home in St Ives, Cambridge, where it lay forgotten for nearly 20 years.


Blitz by Gareth

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At night the air raid siren went off and everyone rushed to shelter. Inside the tube it smelt like rats, dead stuff and oil. It looks like a giant tunnel full of people, well technically it was. Some the children had hammocks across the rail, some slept on the floor and some on stairs. Mainly the adults slept on the metal, uncomfortable triple decker bunks. It was like I had to hide away for privacy.

When I heard the all clear siren, I climbed outside to see the skeletal ruins of the capital. There were shattered and crushed windows and blown up by the bombs. There were craters and crumbled buildings. While I was looking this lots of people were emerging from the tube stations. In hope I went to where my house used to be and it was completely destroyed. There where bricks and rubble all over the place. The person who lived next door to me was luckier because only half of their house had been blown up.

Pretty much everyone’s houses have been destroyed so they all went to the women’s voluntary service. They gave everyone tea and crumpets the A.R.P wardens were helping by taking it to people then the ceiling came down so we had to go out the back route which was to the next platform which was across the train track right back until the next platform then we all went to the main room and got some more crumpets. The next night the air raid siren went off. I went out off into the darkness and saw flairs dropping. Then incendiary bombs dropped onto the tube station and it set completely on fire. Some medium sized incendiary dropped onto the 73 buildings in front of me. The buildings crackled and burned then I set on fire and jumped into a pond



The Poem of the Blitz by Gareth

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The air raid siren goes off,

People running and screaming.

Flares fall fiercely into the capital city,

To show the location.

The people scream in terror,

Running for their Anderson shelters.

Incendiary bombs falling setting the heart on fire like a fiery inferno,

Killing millions.

Heroes in action,

Trying to save their city.

When the smoke is gone,

They see the skeletal ruins of the capital.


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The Captain of the Flying Turtles by Gareth

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Once Gilly the galleon captain was flying about in his air ship because the earth was flooded and he was the only survivor. And suddenly his rudder broke and he couldn’t fix it because it fell off the ship and he didn’t have any spares.

 Then he heard a weird noise like a dolphin communicating with another dolphin. He looked through his spyglass and saw a lot of flying turtles! He thought for a minute and said to himself “should I lasso it or should I not.” Then he lassoed the flying turtle and his ship started to move. Then the rope suddenly broke.

Gilly was so upset that he was stuck in a never ending abyss of clouds, but then he heard that same sound and it was a baby flying turtle trying to follow its mummy and daddy. So he jumped off the side of the ship and landed on the flying turtle.

He eventually reached the ground and it wasn’t flooded any more. Everyone was doing there every day things but there was something wrong everybody liked him and greeted him home. Everyone used to hate him and called him names like Gilly Willy or said your mama is so fat she can’t walk. But now they were saying wow you are so nice and kind and his partner was there. His partner said that he left without him and he didn’t know when he was going to get back. Gilly  said he didn’t leave without him and he died on a ship.

The End

Shackletons Recruitment Advert by Gareth

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I Shackleton need a crew to go to the land of ice and snow with. We will get there and then we will be walking on foot to the other side of Antarctica. We’re going to need strong and fit men. We will need a medic, cooks, glaciologists, sailors, carpenters, and cleaners.

Please come and help me on my expedition.

Diary Entry by Gareth

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December 4th 1914

Dear diary

Today I was walking on South Georgia with Frank Herly. I hate it here! I’ve let sue off her chain and she is sitting with me on my bed now! I had a look at the glacier going down the cliff and some seals. I also had ago at taking the blubber off the whale it was awful. I enjoyed   the whale stew. I have to go to bed now.  BYE!!!!!!!!

Diary Entry By Gareth

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27th October 1914 12am

Dear diary

Today I set off from Buenos Aires with 70 Canadian sledge dogs. I know the names of 3 of them; they are called Sue, Smiler and Hercules. Oh by the way I’m Frank Wild. It is very smelly on this ship because of the whale oil lamps and fires but I’m getting used to it. I spend most of my spare time with sue the dog. When it’s my turn to feed the dogs I always give sue food first. I enjoyed the turtle stew tonight. It’s really smelly and messy because of the dog mess.

I like when hussy plays his banjo. I also like looking after the dogs. One thing I hate is looking at the sea on to deck, it’s all right bellow but up above it makes me sick. I like playing board games with hussy and its fun looking out the window beneath deck and looking at all the fish and marine life. I also like looking at icebergs. I hate when I have to feed the dogs when it’s a storm and I hate when all the dogs are barking when it’s a storm because it’s really annoying. It’s wonderful when the whole crew is asleep because all I can hear is the creaking of the boat and the waves calmly hitting the side of the boat and that makes it very peaceful.

iceberg poem by gareth

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Ice sheets shifting and sliding seawards,

Carving through mountains.

Exploding glaciers filling the air with ice.

Big chunks of ice raining from the sky.

Extraordinary icebergs are made.

Rigid icebergs floating in the ocean.

Great chunks of ice fall off the icebergs

Pippin in the Polar Regions by Gareth

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Antarctica-Polar-Nature-2-sailing-icePippin and the explorers felt like they should go on an adventure. They decided to go to Antarctica. The other explorers were called Jon, Becky and Gareth. They all got onto a boat. The boat had sapphire stripes on its sides; it also had a very big deck. The deck was a black colour. It had 8 rooms below deck and the biggest room was the meeting room. The smallest room was the toilet.

They set of to Antarctica. Pippin put the boat on auto pilot and everyone went to the meeting room. They all sat down. Gareth said “I think we should start at the north side of Antarctica.” Jon said “since I am the expert on all this stuff we should start on the south side because that is where all the emperor penguins are.” Pippin said “ok we’ll start at the south side then.”

Eventually, after 23h and 37mins, they arrived at Antarctica. Gareth said “I’m going to go and check if we’re there.” 2 minutes later Gareth said “we’re there!” pippin shouted “put down the anchor.” 3 minutes later the anchor was down and they all climbed down the ladder on the side of the boat.

When they got off the boat, they all ran off the ice because Gareth nearly fell into the freezing cold icy water. Eventually pippin said “I see some birds.” Jon said “there arctic skuas, oh and look down there, there are some emperor penguins. “  They all ran to the emperor penguins. There were big ones and small ones and even dead ones, sad penguins. “Oh no!” shouted Jon “there is a giant petrel that is going to try and take the babies.” “Not on my watch!” said Pippin and then he stabbed the giant petrel in the heart. “I think we should get these penguins a home in laboratory x7-z.” Said Gareth. Pippin said “yes let’s go to laboratory x7-z.” They all headed to the boat. When they got to the boat they put the penguins into the freezer room.

Eventually when they got to laboratory x7-z they took the penguins inside and put them into a penguin habitat room. When they all got onto the boat they set off back to England so they could get into their warm cosy beds and sleep.
Emperor Penguin Chick