The Blitz by frankie James

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London waits for the horror to arrive,

Mothers hurry their children into the air raid shelters,

Silence follows…

They listen carefully.


all of a sudden a loud ear-splitting sound comes from the sky,

The Blitz begin,

Showers of ruthless bombs fall on London,

Our Heroes fight for the country in the furnace of hell.


Families scream as they get burnt alive,

Children mothers and fathers run for their lives,

A hurricane of fire swallows towns with one gulp.

Finally the reign of terror ends,

everyone can now avoid the second fire of London.


By Frankie

WAR IS DECLARED by frankie J

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By Frank James


The family sitting around the fireplace awaited the news that they did not want to hear not after all the have been through.

Neville chamberlain’s speech on the wireless:

 “I Neville Chamberlain am reporting from ten downing street …”

Arthur and jimmy sit side by side as Patricia bites her nails anxiously while avril and Rebekah play outside with their dolls.

”We have reason to believe that we are at war with Germany as you know the gas masks have been handed out and you all know the alarms.[ national anthem  follows]

As the song: God Save the Queen plays jimmy and Arthur stand up and tidy their TANKS and shirts [TANKS are T shirts without sleeves]

Disappointment fell upon the two family’s hearts the girls must have heard some of it because they started looking in the direction of the parlour with shame. [The parlour is a lounge]

What on earth will happen to my dear children I wonder? Thought mum…



A Letter and a Poem for Mrs Bancroft by Frankie

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

A letter and a poem for you to enjoy…

It has come to my attention that you are leaving our school at the end of term .This is a great shame as what you and the P.T.A have done to the school is truly great .I hope the teacher who is going to replace you has the kindness, teaching experience, loving for children and much more that you do have the school .

I don’t think anyone is as kind and clever as you, so here is a poem dedicated to you:

Best headteacher ever

Active [mostly because all of the work she does],

Needed everywhere,

Cleverer than ever,

Running the school is half of cool,

On target for work all of the time,

Fantastic woman,

Tis a shame to see ye go.



By Frank