Blitz Facts by Finn

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1.The word “Blitz” comes from German word Blitzcreig “lightning war”.

2.The German air force was called the Luftwaffe.

3.During the Blitz 32,000 citizens were killed and 87,000 seriously injured, yikes!

4. There was a bomb called the V1 nicknamed doodlebug that, would fly across to London and then would run out of fuel then drop.

5. Of Kent there was a small base, built on water named Redsands Fort and was turned into a hotel!!!

Shackleton’s Diary Entry-Leaving Buenos Aires

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26th October 1914

We have left Buenos Aires.The cheer and roar of the crowds has imprinted a memory in my mind that shall last forever-and there will be many more from our adventure when I, Ernest Shackleton shall conquer Antarctica (or at least hope to ). As the Endurance speeds onward,dogs bark and Captain Wild is yelling orders. Frank Hurley has shimmed up the rigging to get photos- although there isn’t much but sun and sea.When we set out the weather was amazing but its worsening as dark clouds cover the sky like a rug over a floor. Charles Green (the ship’s cook) is preparing a wonderful dinner while Thomas- Ordee- Leeis petting Sue the dog. The ship is creaking and groaning and the steam means I can’t see anything(although Ican smell dog poo) as we sail towards our destiiny

My First Blog Post by Finn

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This is my first blog post and in it, I will try to explain about our topic Frozen. It is about the frozen North and South. During it we will be learning about Shackleton and animals ect. A list of the animals are

  • Polar bears.
  • Penguins.
  • Lots of kinds of whales.
  • Snow bears,rabbits and foxes (There are more but Iv’e forgotten)

Now here I will say some facts:

  • The Antarctic used to be land but it froze over.
  • The people who live in the poles dislike being called eskimos they prefer inuits witch mean people of us.
  • Somtimes humans find fossils in ice.