Emperor Penguins by Dan

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Emperor penguin live in a continent called Antarctica which has one of the harshest winters on Earth, they can survive up to -60c and they huddle to create warmth.

Emperor penguins eat krill, fish, squid and plankton and they can hold their breath for 15 minutes. The male does not eat for 112 days in if the male or female dies then the juvenile will die. Adults do anything to save the juvenile even if they have to survive with no food.

Penguins can be as tall as 1m22cm tall and that is the average size of an average 6-7 year old child, they can also weigh up to 25-45 kg. They have a yellow ring around their neck and head and they have white on their front and black on their head. But juveniles have a grey front with a black back and they have a black and white face. .

Emperor penguins have a very complicated lifecycle: they start off walking to the breeding ground where they have been born for centuries; the breeding ground is 70 miles from where they are. After walking all the way to the breeding ground they find a mate they will mate with the same female as before they do that by making a sound that they identify which is incredible. Now they will make a juvenile (a chick penguin) and they will keep their egg on-top of their feet. At this point the female will go to get food while the male protects the egg. Once the juvenile is born the male will regurgitate food in his beak that he has been saving for this moment. When the baby is fully grown the female will come back with food for the baby. For a long time now the male will go to get food while the female takes care of the juvenile, the male will stay there, and when the juvenile gets older then the female will go to the male while they leave the Juvenile alone. The juvenile will get older and travel to the sea and live in the sea for a while before it gets colder and the whole process will start over.

They have adapted to lots of things including belly skating, huddling, and surviving the cold and a few more. They use belly skating when they are tired and they use their sharp claws to pull them through the ice. They huddle when they are cold and they will huddle in a ball and the people in the middle will go to the outside and the people on the outside will go in the middle because the middle is the warmest in the huddle. They can survive the cold with their feathers. They have also adapted to going 600m down in the water and swimming 3.1m a second!

Emperor penguins have a few threats and predators their biggest threat is global warming and their predators are the leopard seal, giant petrel and Antarctic skua.

Written by Dan with some help from Beau with typing, grammar and spelling.

My horror Story by Dan

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One day Me, Freya and Jake went to the woods, and saw a massive Nayte he tried to kill Me, Freya and Jake but luckily I stopped him but a massive giant tried to eat me and I nearly died, but I slit him in to half and I am a hero now.

the end.