The Secret Door by Cian Part 3

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In the split seconds I was falling, a compartment fell open with a lifejacket in it. The helicopter hit the water. I was flung against the windscreen, smashing it. I was dizzy for a few seconds, then I grabbed the lifejacket and swam out. My lungs were burning and it made my vision blurry. I slipped the lifejacket on and remembered breaking the surface, when I passed out. I woke up in a lifeboat, with a blanket wrapped around me. “Are you alright?” asked one of the crew. I didn’t reply. I just went to sleep.

I woke up in a chair. Opposite me sat a police interrogation officer. “Why were you flying that helicopter?” he asked. “I-I don’t know,” I replied. “There was a magic do-” I began. ” Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!” interrupted the officer. ” You could have been killed!” he yelled. He leaned across the table. ” You stole a helicopter. You should be locked up,” he said quietly. ” No! Wait I-” I started. “There’s no point arguing,” intervened the police officer. ” We all know you did it,”. “But-” I tried to say. ” Right, I’ll get someone to escort you to your cell.” the officer said. He pressed a button on his desk. A prison guard came in and hauled me out the chair and dragged me to the door. The interrogator smiled as the door closed.

The cell was small. The was a bed, a chair and some drawers under the bed. I couldn’t believe I went from going to work to being locked in a prison cell. I was in there for about 4 months when I noticed a loose bar in the window. I rattled it. I would need some sort of tool to dig it out. Later that day I smuggled a spoon from the cafeteria into my cell.That night I had a long and sleepless night, dreaming about escaping, only to be captured again. At noon the next day I set to work on the loose bar. I reckoned I could get it by nightfall. At around 8 o’clock that evening I finally managed to pry the bar loose. I slipped through the gap and breathed in the fresh night air. I was free!


The Secret Door by Cian Part 2

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I stepped through the door. It immediately vanished behind me. I looked around. I was in some sort of classroom. It was wrecked, with bookcases on the floor, the chalkboard had fallen down, it was a wreck. The floor was cracked and most of the windows were smashed out. I walked outside. I went to the front of the building, and there was garage with a car parked in it. “This is getting weirder and weirder,” I said to myself. I walked further down the street. There was no one around, which was strange. I saw more garages, more cars, but I still hadn’t seen anyone. Suddenly, there was a popping noise, and the door appeared in front of me. It opened, and I felt myself being sucked into it.

All of a sudden I was on sand. I looked around. I was on a desert island in the middle of the sea! Next to me was a huge blue helicopter with the words GBR helicopters on the side. I climbed in the cockpit. I nosed the joystick and suddenly the blades started spinning. I took my hand away and they slowed then stopped. This looks pretty simple I thought to myself. I pressed down on the joystick and the helicopter lifted into the air. I pushed it forwards and the helicopter went forwards. Soon the island was out of view. I was flying a helicopter! I couldn’t believe it! After about an hour of just fying forwards I sighted land. I turned the helicopter towards it, and started flying in that direction. There was a beep from the helicopter. I was running out of fuel! I urged it onwards, although it started to slow down. Suddenly I was falling, falling into the deep blue beneath…

The Secret Door by Cian Part 1

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I stepped out on to the street. It was a chilly morning, and there was no one else around. I unlocked the car and slipped into the driver’s seat. The drive to work was peaceful, and there weren’t many people around. I stopped the engine and climbed out. Oddly, there was no one around. I was an employee of Clarks Enterprises. I took the lift to my office. I saw no one. When I stepped inside I was instantly surprised. There was a huge door, about 7ft, Right in front of me! I walked over to it. It was magnificent, with a brass lion head knocker embedded in the oak.

On the table next to it there was a note saying-Go through-. I looked at it. Should I go through? I considered the options. Staying meant working and putting up with this giant door. Going meant… well I don’t know! I made up my mind. I pushed it open…

Money Wasters by Samuel, Cian and Barney. Issue no.3

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Ridiculously overpriced furniture is what we will be looking at today, in this Money Wasters issue! Here are some examples:


Leather and walnut 2 seater-£16,500 + £80 shipping!



Corner sofa with footstool 2 seater-£49 free shipping!


Garden sofa-£18,000 + £20 shipping!


Garden sofa set £1.99 free shipping!

So there you have it. We looked at sofas all shapes and sizes, and all different prices. It comes to show just how much you can spend on sofas.

Next time we will be looking at tools in all their forms. Goodbye!

The Tsunami by Cian.

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It was a bright, sunny day by the seaside in a village called Redwater.There were tourists and locals on the beach, enjoying themselves. One of the locals spotted the tide retreating fast. “Hey, that’s weird,” he said. Suddenly, he bolted towards his car, and drove off at 90mph. The locals saw the tide retreating, and started running too. “What’s the matter with them?” asked one of the tourists. “Can’t you see the tide, run for your life!” screamed the local, running away. ” Chill out,” the tourist shouted after him. Someone’s dog started howling. Birds were cawing, and flying inland. “This is crazy,” said John, the holidaymaker.

Half an hour later…

John spotted it first. There was a blue line in the distance, coming in fast. The people on the beach just glanced at it, then continued what they were doing. A few minutes later, the wave of water arrived. There was nowhere to run. John stared. So did everyone else. The tsunami was suddenly over John, swallowing him up. “Hel-” started John. He never said another thing in his life. The water crashed down on him, knocking him over. John struggled helplessly as the life was sucked out of him. The last thing he heard was screams, then water crashing, bones snapping. John lay still. His body was carried far inland by the tsunami. John’s death was one of the many on that day.

The end.

Pip Staffieri Recount by Cian

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The day I witnessed Pip Staffieri riding the waves on his surfboard sticks in my mind…

As I recall, it was a burning-hot summer in Newquay. Pip was in his ice-cream van, business as usual. The beach was thronged with tourists, all queuing up ice-creams. Pip just couldn’t sell his ice-creams fast enough. I was at the back of the queue, impatiently waiting for my turn. At around 3:30, Pip started to close the shop window, but there were angry shouts from the waiting customers. “Sorry-got things to do,” exclaimed Pip apologetically.

And with that, he closed the shop window. A few minutes later, he appeared in a knitted swimming costume, wheeling a gigantic surfboard on a trolley. It was about six inches thick, and around three times the size of him! “Oi!” yelled annoyed customers, me among them, as Pip started to wheel this vast oak plank towards the beach. But Pip just ignored them, and continued wheeling the board towards the sea. Customers started to follow him towards the sea.

Pip just stared out towards the azure ocean and smiled. Soon Pip and his followers reached the beach. Pip slid the board into the sea, and waded out to catch a wave. Soon he was standing up, surfing like a Hawaiian god. All I remember thinking was wow!…

The Top Ten Series: Most Dangerous Animals by Cian.

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10. Komodo Dragon

They are not picky eaters, they will eat humans, and have been known to dig up bodies from shallow graves.

9. Tse Tse Fly

These large, bloodsucking flies carry a disease that kills about a quarter of a million people each year.

8. Leopard

Most animals hide when wounded. But the leopard becomes more dangerous. They drag antelope up trees.

7. Carpet Viper

Responsible for most snake-related deaths, the carpet viper uses a hemotoxin to kill prey.

6. Brazilian Wandering Spider

It is the most venomous spider in the world. They like to hide in houses and densely- populated areas during the day.

5. Blue-ringed Octopus

About the size of a golf ball, it has enough venom to kill 26 adults. Within minutes the victim will be completely paralyzed and unable to breathe.

4. Hippopotamus

They mostly eat plants, but are highly aggressive and have destroyed vehicles.

3. Saltwater Crocodile

They eat water buffalo and sometimes sharks. Their technique is called ‘the death roll’.

2. African Elephant

The largest land mammal, they have even trampled rhinoceros to death before.

1. Mosquito

Mosquitoes transmit diseases to over 700 million people annually resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths.

More next time!

Papino Staffieri Biography by Cian.

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Papino Staffieri, the godfather of surfing, was born on 3rd of August in Lanhern Avenue, Newquay, England, 1918. His father was born in 1878 and was killed in action two days before Pip’s birth. Pip was raised by Philippa, his mother. At the age of two, Pip had Polio, leaving him with a minor defect in his left leg. Despite that, he was a long-distance swimmer and joined a canoeing club at the age of twelve.

His family were Italian immigrants, and started an ice-cream company. When Pip was older, he took over as an ice-cream seller, but also was also a master craftsman. Belly boarding was popular in Pips time, but when he saw Jimmy Dix’s surfboard lying in the sand; it inspired him to make his own. His surfboard came from a surfer in Hawaii, who sent over the board. When Pip had finished his board he was only eighteen, and it was one of the longest surfboards of its time. It was six inches thick, made of wood, and had a three foot fin! Soon Pip was surfing the waves like there was no tomorrow.

During his later life, Pip went to Hawaii. In 1962, an American surfer brought the first fiberglass board to Britain and gave it to Pip. Soon surfing became more popular with the public as more people made boards. Pip and Jimmy Dix were two of the most famous surfers of their time.

Sadly, Pip died on June 28th 2005. He lived a happy lifetime, and died at 86. His ice-cream company later went on to become Kelly’s ice-cream, a highly successful company. Pip will be forever remembered as the first stand-up surfer of the 1930s.

Some of the earliest ever video of surfing which shows Lewis Rosenberg with his friends at Holywell Bay in Newquay Cornwall 1929. 01 DEC 2011 See SWNS Story SWSURF This grainy footage captures the moment an intrepid adrenaline junkie attempts stand-up surfing for the first time in Britain – over 80 YEARS AGO. The video was taken on a ‘lads holiday’ in 1929 and records the travels of three friends who caught the train from London to the British surfing mecca of Newquay, Cornwall. Lewis Rosenberg picked up the craze after watching a clip from Australia and – after carving a home-made eight-foot board from balsa wood – took to the waves. The clip shows him wading out to sea with the longboard under his arm, before attempting to stand up on it as his friends cheer him on. The film reel was passed on to Lewis’ daughter Sue Clamp, who stashed in the attic at her home in St Ives, Cambridge, where it lay forgotten for nearly 20 years.

The Blitz by Cian.

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I will never forget when I lost everything…

The air raid siren sounded, and it rang horribly in my ears. There was a scream from somewhere in the house. I ran downstairs, and the door was wide open. I sprinted to the Anderson shelter, and ran inside. Most of my family were there, and it looked terribly cramped. I climbed up into a bunk and lay there, feeling terrified. As the rest of my family hurried in, there was a whistle as a bomb dropped. BOOM! Pattering sounds came from the roof of the shelter as earth rained onto it. The haunting sound of the air raid siren stopped as the rat-tat-tat of guns replaced it. I curled up in my bunk, wishing for it to stop, and fell asleep.

When I woke my brother was shaking me hard. “It’s over,” he said. I and my family hurried out of the shelter. Our home was rubble. My mother sank to the ground in tears. We walked further down the street. Our street was badly hit by bombs. Most of the houses lay in ruins over the road. A double decker bus lay demolished on its side. Thick smoke hung in the air, drifting through smashed windows. ARP wardens hurried about among the wreckage, looking for survivors. Hoses played at the still-smouldering skeletons of houses. The homeless filled the street, looking miserable. ARP wardens hurried amongst the wreckage, offering cups of tea. One of them came round to us, giving us cups of steaming hot tea. I took mine and warmed my hands around it. It was wonderfully warm. I sat down and gulped down my tea. We were hungry, and very tired, too. We were given bowls of warm soup. They told us we would have to sleep in the Anderson shelter until they could find us a place to stay. So we began the long walk back to the Anderson shelter.

I climbed into my bunk, pulled some blankets over me and fell asleep.

The Blitz Poem by Cian.

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The continual drone of enemy bombers engines haunt the night,

Air raid sirens howl as screams pierce the darkness.

A salvo of flares light up the night, followed by the whistle of bombs dropping.

The murderous inferno burns out the heart of London, and fireman battle in desperation to save the structures that lie in ruins.


Hoses play amongst the wreckage, trying to smother the flames.

Heroes run among the bowels of devastation, trying urgently to save survivors.

The ferocious aerial attack leaves London in remnants of its former glory,

As firemen try and fight the hell of Hitler’s making.


When dawn comes, people look upon the still burning skeletons of buildings,

And weep when they see their home,

They look upon Hitler’s diabolical act of vandalism.

They will seek revenge.

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Letter Home from a Soldier by Cian.

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Dear family,

Life is hard on the front line. Everyday we have to duck a hail of bullets aimed at our head. I miss the delicious smell of pastry at home. It’s been quiet for a few days. We suspect an attack is coming. I am nervous about the attack, ( if there is one). There is a disease going around called cholera, and I think I am starting to show symptoms. If there is any news at home, send me a letter. We are thinking about an attack of the enemy lines. No amount of training can prepare me for that.

Many men have been driven insane by war. Shell shock claimed my friend. Everybody here wants more than anything to go home. It is torture here on the lines.I have seen many brave men die. I hope the war is over soon.

Love, Cian.


Independence Day by Cian.

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Independence Day


Phoebe clutched her teddy bear as she ran to her dad –the president-. He lifted her into his arms with comforting words. “What’s going on daddy,” she asked. Darkness covered the room, and pictures in picture frames rattled on the desk and smashed onto the floor. Outside, a shadow started to engulf the city, starting with central park, and then moving onto the statue of liberty, and finally twin towers. People stared in amazement, some in terror. On the road, a taxi smashes into a jeep, and it ends as a pile on.

Out of the smoke, a colossal mother ship loomed into view. Meanwhile, in downtown district, some kids are playing basketball. Kyle dodged around the other basketball players and slam-dunked it. Some people cheered, but it turned to screaming as they sighted the spaceship coming out of the smoke. Kyle dropped the ball.

David hurried up the steps, “You coming, David,” said another worker who was hurrying down the stairs. David opened the door to the roof and stopped. A shadow was looming over the city. David’s jaw dropped as out of thunderous clouds, a gargantuan spaceship came into view. As he watched, alien ships poured out of vents in the mother ship. “   We come in peace, Earthlings,” bellowed an advanced technologically speaker on the side of one of the ships. They descended from the sky, and David could get a better look at them. They were sleek, black, fast fighter ships. That’s odd, thought David, why fighter ships? Surely they should of sent down negotiation ships instead of fighter ones. David’s suspicions where right. It was a trick.

One of the fighter ships suddenly launched a small, metallic object at the ground. A few seconds later, David thought he heard something explode. In the city, it was a pandemonium. People were screaming, yelling, and even more screaming. Jets launched into the sky to hold off the extra-terrestrial invaders. The president ordered an evacuation immediately. The alien ships dropped a bomb on the bridge, and it exploded, sending cars skidding into the water. Up in the sky, there was a fierce battle raging. One of the jets was rapidly speeding towards the city with smoke trailing from behind. The aliens hovering metropolis fired rays at jets that strayed too far away from the action.

Eventually the jets retreated, well, what was left of them. New York was a mess. The aliens had taken over…

Astronaut Weekly Menu Homework by Cian.

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Monday: breakfast:curds and nuts.lunch: jellied pike perch.dinner:rice and meat.

Tuesday: breakfast:muesli.lunch: sushi.dinner: shrimps.

Wednesday: breakfast: apple quince chip sticks. lunch: tortillas.dinner:lamb and vegetables.

Thursday: breakfast:sugarless coffee and vitamins. lunch: jellied sturgeon.dinner:

Friday: breakfast:scrambled eggs. lunch: sausages and beans.dinner:borscht (Russian soup.)

Saturday: breakfast:cornflakes. lunch:tomato soup. dinner:chicken with rice.

Sunday: breakfast:granola. lunch:dehydrated beef. dinner:roast turkey.






Boiled Cake Homework by Cian.

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For my homework I made a cake to a wartime recipe. Some of the ingredients included walnuts, cinnamon, and cloves. (but no eggs!). It is a simple recipe because ingredients were scarce. Here are of me pictures of me making the cake.

This is me stirring the mixture.









Me adding walnuts to the mixture.













thumbnail_20170115_180119_resized    This is me with the cake straight out from the oven. Yum Yum!

The First Tripod by Cian.

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The first tripod


The crowd gathered around the crater where the meteor struck. It wasn’t a big one, only about one meter wide. I reached down to pick up a rock, expecting it to be boiling hot, only that when I picked it up it was freezing. I turned it over in my hands, noticing how it glowed and shone. Suddenly there was a rumbling sound, and cracks about 3 inches wide started spreading from the crater. People started to back away, wary. Pedestrians dived out the way as cracks shot through the Earth towards them. The church started to wrench itself apart, splitting at the sides. The ground started moving up and down, as if the Earth itself was breathing, mercilessly flinging people aside. Car alarms went off, people screamed, it was mayhem.

I watched as something under the ground blew a hole in the Earth. People screamed and ran, but some people, (me amongst them), hid behind cars. A car came hurtling from out of the blue, narrowly missing two men nearby. Something metallic crumpled the car I had been behind only a second before. Now I joined the crowd running away from the hole that had so suddenly appeared. The dome of the church made a cracking noise like thunder, then fell to Earth and smashed into a million pieces. Then, from the hole in the ground, something like a car headlight shone, illuminating the town. At first I thought this might be a terrorist attack, but as the rising shape emerged, I realised it was something different.

People gazed up at this machine, frozen in terror. A man edged forward with his camera staring up at the thing which rose up to its full height, which was about 100 meters. He pointed the camera up at the monstrous machine, and there was a sound which was like something powering up. I winced as the sound echoed around the inside of my ear, making my eardrums throb. The man was still filming the monster when a heat ray shot from the sides of the legs. The man didn’t even have time to scream, he evaporated on the spot, his camera dropped to the floor, still filming. I ran.



Once in a Lifetime Newspaper Report by Cian.

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Yesterday morning a shocking sight was seen in the sky when a man in an airship was seen jumping off the airship onto the back of a flying turtle!

It all started when he pulled on a rope leading to the device powering the ship.(Sceintists will later investigate to see where it landed.) It snapped off leaving him stranded and isolated in the sky. It seemed from the watchers that he heard a strange noise, he got out his telescope and then he must have seen something magical because he nearly fell over in astonishment. A flying turtle (as it looked to the viewers) flew over his air ship!

The airship was making groaning sounds as it struggled to stay upright. He stared in disbelief as it flew over him. He looked back to where it had came from and saw a whole herd following it. His mouth was open in astonishment as the turtles flew close enough to touch. He suddenly had an idea (our viewers said) as he ran to the front of the airship and picked up a rope attached to the ship and lassoed one of the turtles around the head. The airship made a gargantuan groaning sound and then the airship started to move!

But suddenly the rope snapped and the turtle flew away. It seemed as if he would be trapped in an abyss in the sky, sucking him up. Then help came! There was a screeching sound as a lone turtle flew just below the ship. The man looked one more time at his airship then jumped off the side of it onto the turtles back. The man landed with a THUMP! on the turtle’s back as it flew, carrying the man far far away…

Aurora Borealis Poem by Cian.

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The lights shimmer like fireworks in the sky,

Collisions of green and purple,

All the animals look up in wonder,

As the magnificent lights cast an eerie glow,

A sight to bewilder and amaze,

It takes the shape of wolves and bears,

And leaves the watchers entranced by it’s beauty,

As it fades away into the blackness of the night.





Diary Entry 3 by Cian.

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October 27th 1915

Today The Boss gave the order to abandon ship, and Frank Hurley was constantly asking everyone for advice on what photos to take and what to leave behind, and I could tell the crew were getting annoyed. To get the dogs off the ship, we had to slide them down on a tarpualin slide. We were tortured to hear the splintering and groaning sound of the ship as it slowly sunk. I was forced to leave behind my wristwwatch that had been in my family for generations. We all were looking glum when it was finally time to leave our beloved ship that had been our home for 326 days.

After that there were lots of jobs to do, including setting up our camp. We named our camp ‘Patience Camp’ because we were always waiting for the ice floes to break up. My clothes seemed to be permanently wet. Last night, The Boss danced with Frank Wild and it kept my spirits up as well as the rest of the rest of the crew, who were clapping them on. The Boss decided our food should be rationed, and he announced that we will have a proper meal on Christmas day.

I and the crew are just about ready to eat anything by now. Our food consists mostly of penguin and seal meat, such as; penguin liver and cooked whale blubber (the crews favourite). I have mixed emotions including; excitement and fear for what’s ahead of us. Anyway, I better go because I can hear more clapping, which probably means more dancing,



Michael Fowl Part 4 by Cian

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Michael started climbing the convent church, leaving Alex far behind him. As Michael was climbing up, Alex noticed a man on the opposite building to the convent church, which was a museum, and the man was carrying a long, thin package, which he started to unrap. “Michael!” shouted Alex but it was no use, because Michael was now too far up to hear him. The man on the rooftop had now finished opening the package, and revealed an air rifle!

Michael wiped the sweat from his brow-climbing buildings are hard work-‘This is the sort of thing Alex does’ thought Michael. When he finally reached the top of the convent church, Michael risked a look down. The ground looked hard and unforgiving beneath him. Then he caught sight of Alex on the ground below, and he seemed to be mouthing something to him-There’s a man with a gun on the opposite rooftop!– Michael moved his head round so quickly that it nearly broke. On the rooftop of the museum a man was aiming a gun at Michael’s head. Don’t move he mouthed silently. At this Michael was tempted to take his chances by absailing down the convent church and make a run for it, but he stayed perfectly still.

Alex brought out his trusted uzi gun, and aimed it at the mysterious attacker…