The First Tripod by Beau K

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The First Tripod

It was just an ordinary and busy day in NY when I was walking down the street and saw a crowd of people. I ran over.

“What’s happened” I asked

“A meteor hit right above the subway but it didn’t leave hardly a dent in the tarmac “said the person on my left. I went over to touch a chipped bit of the meteor

“Strange, “I said

“Why is it boiling “Said the person behind me leaning over me.

“No. The exact opposite” I said backing away slowly as the small hole got larger.

“IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE!”shouted the crowd. A police officer from the NYPD started asking people to back away. But no-one listened as they were watching the hole in amazement. The people near the baker’s shop started jumping around as the hole slowly shattered the windows all around NYPD.

Suddenly the ground started rippling like you were doing a Mexican wave; half the city was running now as the other half were ridged with terror now. I was running to the bakers now to hide behind the counter but it was no use as the glass shattering hurt my ears so I had to get out of the bakers and try somewhere else anywhere away from this random and sudden earthquake.

I went outside to see the ground bulging up and down as it pulled in cars; I hid behind the last car next to people filming and screaming. All of a sudden the ground pushed up with a huge thump and spewed the cars out of the hole SMASH went the cars landing an inch to close to me. I started running towards the nearest building that hadn’t been completely obliterated but I was wrong as the building I was standing at(the church) did not like the earthquake and the church spire came tumbling down and nearly smashed a tourist bus. All was silent.

The whole City slowly started going towards the huge hole that threw out the car as we heard, saw and felt nothing CRACK went the sound in the hole it sounded like a car mixed with a church spire (probably exactly what it was) we all stood still as an appendage as big as at least 150ft pushed up of the ground as the other 2 came up with it. The fog covered up most of this strange creature but we could see something else coming back out of the hole it looked like a shell that was made for protection but this creature doesn’t look like it needs protection. I started backing away as a blue bright beam started lighting up as a foghorn like sound came out of this unearthly creature blasting out a powerful blue beam of power evaporating the city.

I ran for my life!







My Christmas Break by Beau K

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My Christmas Break was amazing as much as I missed school. My Christmas was amazing I was in London and Kent for the 20th+ and I woke up in Kent on Christmas Morning. We started off having Breakfast and then guess what! We went in the car for an hour to go to central London to see my relatives. When we got there we opened a few presents but not many as our big Christmas was at my dad’s on the 27th but I still had an amazing time everywhere else. We stopped there and stayed at my dad’s until we went back to school and started fresh!


WW2 War Announcment by Beau

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The family listened carefully to the broadcast and the grate crackled. We finally heard the voice of the Prime Minister. Neil: “Hello, I am speaking to you from the cabinet room on 10 Downing Street” Everyone froze.

Patricia looked anxious, biting her nails. The grate sizzled.

“This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a
final Note stating that, if they didn’t withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us…”

Dad looked, depressed and stared at Jimmy

Mum looked at Jimmy and sighed *she knew what was coming*

Rebekah’s mum stared at Rebekah and whispered “We are lucky we got the tickets to move to America” then she sighed and stared at the wireless.

“I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received.”

“And that consequently this country is at war with Germany.”

There was silence.

They all stood up and the drumroll led into the Anthem. The boys started to sing; “God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious…

God save the Queen!
while Patricia and mum hugged and stared at Jimmy. Mum said “None of us want him to go fight for the war but he might be left with no choice… Let’s hope for the best “Patricia nodded.

Avril and Rebekah came inside. *Dad turned the wireless off* Avril said “ What’s wrong? I heard Jimmy singing the anthem*she chuckled*” Dad looked at mum. Dad said “ The war has been declared” Avril said “ What does declared mean” Dad said “The war has stated” Avril gave Rebekah a hug and they both said “Ill miss you”   they went onto the sofa and stared at Rebekah’s parents and then Rebekah’s parents asked Rebekah to come into the car. They waved bye!













Mrs Bancroft by Beau

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To the Best Head Teacher ever,





Bright as the sun,


Nimble as a mathematician

Creative Curriculum Author.

Bestless trying to find new opportunities,

Organized, like a new house,

Fair, kind and amazing,

Talented like a professional storywriter.

Mrs Bancroft you are the best head teacher we have had by far and here are some qualities I want our new one to have just like you! Kindness, Caring, Joy, Careful, New opportunities for all, Hardworking I could go on forever but what I really want to say is Have a Great Time! We Will Miss You! To the Best Head Teacher ever!


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Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition

Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctica expedition of 1914 – 1917 is one of the most remembered expeditions ever taken place in Antarctica. He sent out invitations for the task and the invitation said this “Men Wanted: For Hazardous Journey. Small Wags, Bitter Cold, Long Months of Complete Darkness, Constant Danger, and Safe Return Doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.


The intention was to cross the Antarctic continent from one coast to the other via the South Pole. On the expedition they didn’t even step foot on land as they were trapped in the ice. The name of the boat was the ‘Endurance’ because of their family motto which was ‘By Endurance we Conquer’ they had been on the ice for a long time trying to free themselves from their trapped home. Eventually they broke free and went full steam ahead but again they were imprisoned and finally they were called to pack on the ice and they called the camp ‘Patience Camp’ while they abandoned there ship and for hours they watched the Endurance slowly sink ever so slowly. They made it home successfully because Shackleton and 4 others went to get help from South Georgia which was extremely hard because of harsh conditions and climbing difficulties especially with only a piece of rope and a few screws but they did it and they got a whaling ship to rescue the crew. When they got home WW1 was starting and half the crew had to participate. They are remembered for their bravery and courage. And just to show how hard it was professional climbers tried to climb the mountains on South Georgia and even they struggled with professional gear like Crampons, Hand Grips and tents.

This is a timetable of the Endurance:

03 Aug 1914: World War I breaks out

08 Aug 1914: Endurance leaves Britain

05 Dec 1914: Leave South Georgia Island

18 Jan 1915: Enter pack ice, immoveable

24 Feb 1915: Ship routine ceased

25 Oct 1915 Ship cracks under pressure of ice, takes on water, abandoned by crew.

21 Nov 1915: Ship sinks

Mar 1916: Attempts to move camp failed

09 Apr 1916: Set off on foot

18 Apr 1916: Arrived at Elephant Island

24 Apr 1916: Five leave on lifeboat to seek help

09 May 1916 Arrives at South Georgia

30 Aug 1916 Crew rescued on fourth attempt

Ernest Shackleton’s Biography

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was an explorer who in 1901 joined an expedition to the Antarctic. He was sent home early due to bad health. Devoted to creating a legacy, he led the Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Disaster struck when his ship, the Endurance, was crushed by ice. He and his crew drifted on sheets of ice for months until they reached Elephant Island. Shackleton eventually rescued his crew, all of whom survived the ordeal. He later died while setting out on another Antarctic expedition.

Early Career

Explorer Ernest Henry Shackleton was born February 15, 1874, in County Kildare, Ireland, to Anglo-Irish parents. The second of 10 children and oldest son, he was raised in London, where his family moved when Shackleton was a young boy. Despite the urging of his father that he follow in his footsteps and go to medical school, the 16-year-old Shackleton joined the merchant navy, achieving the rank of first mate by the age of 18, and becoming a certified master mariner six years later. Upon his return to England Shackleton pursued a career in journalism. Later he was tapped to be secretary to the Scottish Geographical Society. He also made an unsuccessful attempt at becoming a Member of Parliament.

The Crew and their Jobs

Bakewell, William – Able Seaman
Blackborow, Percy – Stowaway (later steward)
Cheetham, Alfred – Third Officer
Clark, Robert S. – Biologist
Crean, Thomas – Second Officer
Green, Charles J. – Cook
Greenstreet, Lionel – First Officer
Holness, Ernest – Fireman/stoker
How, Walter E. – Able Seaman
Hudson, Hubert T. – Navigator
Hurley, James Francis (Frank) – Official Photographer
Hussey, Leonard D. A. – Meteorologist
James, Reginald W. – Physicist
Kerr, A. J. – Second Engineer Macklin.     Dr. Alexander H. – SurgeonMarston,

George E. – Official Artist
McCarthy, Timothy – Able Seaman
McIlroy, Dr. James A. – Surgeon
McLeod, Thomas – Able Seaman
McNish, Henry – Carpenter
Orde-Lees, Thomas  – Motor Expert and Storekeeper
Rickinson, Lewis – First Engineer
Shackleton, Ernest H. – Expedition Leader
Stephenson, William – Fireman/stoker
Vincent, John – Able Seaman
Wild, Frank – Second in Command
Wordie, James M. – Geologist
Worsley, Frank – Captain

Frank Worsley=  Eccentric and indispensable to the expedition, Worsley’s uncanny navigational skills could hit small islands at hundreds of miles range with only occasional readings, the minimum of instruments and in the worst possible conditions.

Lionel Greenstreet=  First Officer = Lionel Greenstreet served in the merchant navy and joined the Endurance just 24 hours before it left Plymouth, England. The original first officer had resigned in order to join the war effort (1st world war).

Hubert Hudson = The best penguin catcher a skill of great value during the time that the crew drifted on the pack-ice of the Weddell Sea and while awaiting rescue on Elephant Island. Hudson suffered particularly badly from ill health in the boats before Elephant Island and also when waiting for rescue. His first name is correctly spelled Huberht the old Anglo-Saxon way, rather than the more common Hubert.

Thomas Crean = An experienced seaman and highly respected Antarctic hand. Rather gruff in the way he dealt with the world, Crean was nonetheless effective and another of the unsung heroes of the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. He served both Scott and Shackleton and outlived them both.

Other Notable and Interesting Antarctic Expeditions

Ross Expedition

Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition
















The Slender by Beau

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One, day me and my friends were looking for a creature we have never seen before for our school project. It was haloween on that day so we were not looking forward too it. We were looking for our friend who was looking for something in the woods so we tried to find him. We found him lying down and bleeding so we took him home but the door was locked so we tried to bash the door down but it didn’t work so we had to lay there for the night. That morning we all woke up and we saw nothing and then we blinked and there lay a man with a dark suit with an evil grin I managed to take a photo and he looked like this. The EndImage result for slender man

Buenos Aires by Beau

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Leaving Buenos Aires,

26th October 1914,

I, Frank Hurley am taking part in the wobnderful Enduarance expedition. Today we set of for South Georgia and there is still a long time before we arrive. I did the best I could do get this shot, of the crowd; there were cheers and crying smell of the 69 dogs really put me off. I could see my family waving but that didnt stop me from taking the photo for the papers. A few hours ago the Captain was yelling lots of orders and I climbed up the mast the get a photo of a whale.

South Georgia by Beau

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South Georgia

5th December 1914,

I have been at South Georgia for a month now and I have taken good number photos of the whaling station called Grytviken and it is not a very pleasant sight. The place stinks; it smells of whale’s blubber being boiled for the oil that makes our lamps at home. The harpoon that catches the whale was attached to the boat, and the number of boats was extraordinary.

I have climbed the highest peak (Mt Paget at an altitude of 9000 feet) and I have taken several pictures of Grytviken harbour from its summit and it is amazing, I didn’t think the harbour would look as good as I thought it would be.

I love this expedition so far because I love seeing wildlife such as elephant seals, whales and penguins. I saw a waddle of penguins all racing after me but eventually they got tired and went into the sea which is called a raft of penguins in the water.

The dogs had their first walk today and Smiler loved the walk the most as he kept barking and jumping on the other dogs, also I am feeling good because the dogs smell like fresh honey because of the whales stench. Notwithstanding this island smells of guts, it is very beautiful.

I am going to have to stop writing now because, I need to clean the dog cages out and play with Sue and Smiler but I will continue tomorrow.








Skellig Film Review by Beau

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Who should watch this film? The film rating is a PG (Parental Guidance) but I would rate it for 9-14yrs, as it has mild language, violence and some scary scenes.

Rating: I would rate this film a 4/5.

Main Characters: Michael, Mina and Skellig.

Actors: Alexander Armstrong, Bill Milner, Kelly MacDonald, Tim Roth, Eros Vlahos, John Simm, Edna Dore, Navin Chowdhry, Tameka Empson and Keiron Self.

Plot: The film Skellig is about a young boy called Michael whose mum is pregnant, but when the baby is born she is very ill. While Michael finds something strange in his garage, he finds a friend called Mina and they discover the truth  about this angel like, human like and bird like ‘being’. While dad is working on the house, mum is always at hospital and Michael continues going to school, but he is worrying about the baby and is wondering about the strange ‘being’ in the shed. Will the baby stay alive?

Recommended: I would strongly recommend the film as it is a great film, but I advise you read the book before because it won’t be as exciting if you don’t read the book. If I had to decide which was best – film or book – it would be hard. I would say it was a tie because the book has things that I love that the movie hasn’t, but the movie has some amazing bits that the book doesn’t have but, if I had to decide I would probably choose the movie because I like the storyline a bit better than the book but the book is and the movie is a must read and watch.

All About My Summer by Beau

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This is my first blog post, and I will be explaining how my summer was. In the beginning I went of school, half a week early and went to the airport we were going to Majorca, our first flight was delayed so we arrived at our hotel at 3:00 AM in the morning. Then we met up with my Grandma and my Grandma’s daughter who is 17. Our hotel was right next to a indoor and outdoor pool, there was also a very nice beach that was very hot and the sea next to it was so warm! The next day we met up with my Aunt and Uncle. After that we went to my Stepdads Auntie’s house for 1 day. After that we went to my Stepdad’s friends house and went to a cricket match we stayed for 2 days(1 night). Then we went to my Stepdads mom’s house and stayed for 2 night and we got to fly a drone. And then we went back to the airport we didnt have to wait that time phew, and went back to Cornwall to our dad’s.Image result for Majorca palma hotels