How Barney found Sully

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It was an ordanary day as me and my mum were in the local shop getting milk for my cerial. Just as we leave the shop we hear the air raid siren go of. I just hate the long wailing moan of it so we rushed home to our Anderson shelter in the garden. When we opened the door we found Pixie and my sister Bo in the shelter. Then Bo said ” I don’t know were Sully is.”So I rushed out to find Sully. When i got to the shop I turned around and bumped into Peter my next door neighbor holdin Sully and said”I belive he’s yours?” And i said”Yes.”and walked home.

BG Blitz Write Away Right Away.

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Now war has been declared. Our Anderson shelter has arrived and my family are building it very quickly. My father, Mr Gilbert, has signed up as an ARP warden. The first air raid siren is a practice and we all rush to our Anderson shelter but leaving behind the valuables and took our gasmasks but we took our two cats in too. While my dad is going round the neighbourhood checking that everyone has left the houses to the Anderson shelters.

When a real air raid occurred we saw a German bomber and it dropped a bomb and my sister was already at the door to the Anderson shelter in our back garden and pulling open the door but the bomb was coming down on the shelter. Luckily my dad was still here helping us get in and stopped her from certain death and pulled her away far enough from the explosion. The smoke that poured out of the crater smelled like fire. I bent down to pick up some of the rubble and it felt hot. I then picked up some dirt and liked it and it tasted like something I don’t know but it was burnt. When the smoke cleared we saw that the Anderson shelter was hit dead centre! Dad said to go to the London underground so we did and dad just went round the houses checking them in and out. When we got to the underground it was crowded with people everywhere we went it was even crowded on the steps and rails! My friend Harry was lying on the rails and just said it’s not that comfy. My mum, sister and myself all chose to lay on the platform. Ofcorce lots played cards and some women had fun knitting warmers for the other people who are cold. On lady lended me a scarf. Two hours had gone by and then the all clear siren went and immediately everyone started making their way back to their homes or to see what’s left of it. We got back to find our house iniolated!

The Blitz Poem by Barney G

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Planes roaring overhead,

Sirens groaning lonely,

Children crying in despreration.

Surrounding infernal houses,

Crackling fires spreads.

People rushing to Anderson shelters,

Blinding flares fall sky high.

Booming bombs explode,

Destroyed houses in flames.

Fearful families run in terror,

Wardens guiding to refuge.

The hell of Hitler and his Luftwaffe.

Classroom learning powers by Barney G

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Questioning: Finding out about and clarifying information.

Managing Distractions: Staying on track,creating my best learning environment.

Perseverance: Confidence to keep going,finding ways to overcome problems.

Collaboration: Working with others to achieve a common goal.

Absorption: Being deeply interested and engaged in learning.


My Last Frank Wild Diary Entry by Barney G

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November 21st 1915

The broken and splintered Endurance cracks and the windows shatter. Wood snaps,poles fall and smash on the wooden floor. It’s like the ice is determined to smash the Endurance and smash her. We have been forced to live on the ice. we pull the lifeboats but it’s no use.

Living on the ice is cold and damp because our clothes are always wet on the ice. Having to leave behind some of the best photos on the Endurance and have to smash them it just doesn’t feel right. But I had to anyway. The food is mostly cooked meat now and whale blubber.

here I am lying down in my tent writing this diary entry on ice in paints camp.

Tomorrow Iv’e got a film to make.

The Extraordinary Descent by Leo and Barney G p1

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The two explorers:

“UK number ones!” Shouted the president. “You have shown me and the rest of the population in this country the best records of diving, swimming, exploring, and navigating!”.

Crowds were waving and jeering”Barney G” or “Leo D”.

“The next thing you know, you will be meeting the famous Donald Trump!” remarked the president. “I’m not actually going to accept that gift.” whisperd Barney “Who likes Trump anyway, he’s a racist, sexist, piggy!” cheered the crowds. “Ha ha!” laughed Leo.

After that, Leo and Barney left the crowd, president, and the country. They were of to meet Trump, and things were going to go a bit exiting. The storyline be hind that sentence, is that they would find a good job. But, of course, it was’nt going to be easy. This adventure, you could die in…

19 hours later, they had arrived at the White House, and had met Mr trump and he had sent a triumphantly hard challenge. He announced these words “I myself have declared that you great heroes must set of to the Antarctic. You must explore the deepest waters of the south, and must see what you must see!”

They set of. They had everything they needed. They had their own pilot, super metal vibrant zoggle Cadmus suits (for the swimming), food, and water.  After  a few days, they reached their destination. “Hope we survive today” said  Leo “yeer, hope we do tomorrow as well.” corrected barney…

Emperor penguin NCR by Barney G

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Emperor penguins are flightless birds which live on ice and in the sea at the Antarctic.

They look like an as white as snow belly, an as black as the night sky body and a yellow or red L shaped beaked bird. They are up to 1.3 M tall. These birds are small but they struggle to protect chicks in the winter.

The habitat is one of the coldest, stormiest and windiest climates on Earth. Antarctica is full of these species of penguin. The icy region allows them to slide on their soft feathery bellies.

The diet of these penguins is that they eat jelly fish, krill and squid. In order to catch them they haft to travel 70M across the Antarctic and find an open hole full of the salty water. But they haft to be careful because they’re not the only one hunting for food! Leopard seals are to! Deadly predators are hunting for the penguins. One or two will not escape with fish they will die with fish


By Barney G






Surf life saving by Barney G

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Surf life saving is a club that can keep you fit and healthy.It also tells you how to save lives at the beach. I am a member of Gylly surf live saving club. There are also competitions to compete and win in the Nationals,Cornish and the world championships! You can recive some medals at the end of the competition if you do well and come in the top three or if your club does well. In total I have nine surf life saving medals from competing and wining races.The events are called:board rescue,board relay, board, swim, swim relay, manakin, golden niper, ocean relay and fins! Euan  Dungavel used to be in our school and he has been a Gylly member for several years now. He trains hard and has just won a bronze medal in the open ocean event at the 2016 World Championships in Holland!

We have four people in our school now who are surf life saving members: Bo, Nina and Violet are all in the Sandhopper section and I am a Nipper.