A story about alien invasion by Mirta

Mirta’s story about the aliens


Aliens live in other planets, actually in different planets, some in our solar systems, others outside our solar system. And they are all very different… as humans are different, Aliens are too!

We have got several types of aliens: for example we have aliens with jelly arms, and aliens with no arms, aliens with many legs, aliens with no legs, and aliens that can become like rocks.


How do I know that?


Well, one day I have met a girl, her name is Mirta, who told me that one morning, during the winter, she was at the beach with her family for a picnic, the beach was unusually empty … it was a cold sunny day, but all over the sudden something weird had happened, the sky turned dark, and something fell from the sky into the sea, like a giant ball, like a big orange… splashed into the sea, like a biscuit into a cup of tea!


Well she told me that she got a bit scared, and her daddy, mommy and brother too… but after a little while she went on into the water to check what that ball was, and her daddy, mommy and brother followed her too.

They could appreciate that the ball was instead a gigantic disc of metal, with only one rounded window. It looked like a spaceship! So Mirta knocked on the window, and to her surprise she saw something with one big eye in it… or similar to an eye!

Everyone got very scared, mommy and daddy screamed and asked Mirta and her brother Samuel to step back from the mysterious disc… instead Mirta and her brother got very excited and amazed by the fact of figuring out what that new thing was!

So because Mirta and Samuel were so confident and excited, daddy and mommy also calmed down, and eventually managed to go with them to knock on the big door of that orange ball spaceship.


To their surprise a family of aliens was hosted by the spaceship: a big squishy something, a less big squishy and smelly something, a way less big smelly something and very tiny little something a bit squishy and a bit smelly!

They opened the door and did something that looked like a smile! They were friendly and peaceful!

I don’t understand why people think that aliens should come to invade or conquer us, in fact that family was there to have holidays!


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