How to Survive an Air Raid by Sam

How to Survive in an Air Raid

Do you need some instructions on surviving in an air raid well you have come to the right place? I am going to show you how to keep you and your house safe in an air raid.

What to do when you here the siren:

What you should really do is stay calm and walk vastly to the nearest public shelter, or your own shelter or your house with a refuge room. You will need to get you gas mask on and gloves but kids will put theirs on first with help then you will put on yours. If you are caught on the streets you will be told to lie flat to be flat on the floor or if you are anywhere else.

Gas attacks:

You probably all know that gas attacks are very dangerous and if you breathe the gas you will get very ill. You will need a gas mask so you don’t breathe in the gas and gloves because gas will burn your skin. The ARP warden will direct you and tell you what to do in a gas attack. Hitler will not send any warning.

Protecting your house:

When it comes to protecting your home you will need to need to have: blackouts, barricades and more. You will need to barricade windows and doors or paint them black. To protect the windows from shattering cover them in tape or netting to catch the shatters. Or maybe you could cover the doors and glass with dirt barricades or just surround your house with piles of dirt (this is optional)

Make your refuge room as safe as possible:

When you keep your refuge room safe you will need to have a Morrison shelter.  And you’ll need supports for the roof. Maybe you will barricade every window and door. You don’t need to worry about using tape for the windows you could just put a bookshelf full of books in front of the windows. I suggest that you don’t have your refuge room facing the streets because that’s where the most of bombing is mostly going to be. Remember to collect as much food and water as possible before the raid to bring to the shelter.


You’ll need a shelter when you are at war a Morrison shelter is the best because it’s safer and it can take a heavy roof falling on it. You could go to the cellar if you have one but most people won’t have one. Some people will be away, and you don’t have a shelter so you might go to a public shelter. A public shelter might be a tiny bit more comfortable because there are people to talk to. You might decide to dig quite deep then plant your vegetables on top of your shelter if you make it outside and if you’ve got a garden. If there is a gas attack and you leave the vegetables just don’t eat them you will probably die.

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  1. Plentt of good advice here Sam. Lots of writing which is easy to read because you have used ICT effectively to present it.
    Some illustrations would have further enhanced your information.

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