WW2 Cake by Evie

Today I made a cake using a WW2 recipe. This recipe is a lot different to how it is now because: you don’t use any eggs, instead you add salt and vinegar plus other regular ingredients. This is because of rationing. Rationing means that people only got a certain amount of food per week. Rationing started on the 8th of January 1940 because of enemy planes sinking cargo ships carrying food to the UK. This is what a person got in their ration per week: 1 fresh egg, 2oz butter, 2 oz of tea, 1oz cheese, 8 oz sugar,4 rashers of bacon, and 4 oz of margarine.

The recipe used all of the week’s margarine and half of the week’s sugar.

2 thoughts on “WW2 Cake by Evie

  1. Wow: brilliant baking and excellent research about rationing.
    Thanks for bringing the fruits of your labour to share with the class.
    I hope it tastes as good as it loves and smells!
    ***3 team points

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