Tomorrowland- instruction to how to never give up by Mirta


Tomorrowland describes the vision of our future in which catastrophes will bring life on Earth to an end. It describes the life of Frank Walker who discovers the world as it could be (Tomorrowland), when he is still a child. He is a young inventor who gets in touch with the founder of Tomorrowland when presenting his invention (jet pack) at the New York World’s Fair. The founder whose name is David Nix is not impressed by the invention, but a young robot named Athena helps Frank to get into Tomorrowland giving him a pin with a letter “T” on it. Frank spends several years at Tomorrowland but he gets heartbroken when he discovers that the so beloved Athena is a robot and later on he will be thrown out of Tomorrowland due to an invention of a machine that can tell about the exact moment of someone death.

Few years after Athena will find a way to get in touch with a new dreamer named Casey Newton and let her having a vision of what Tomorrowland used to be, sneaking a “T” pin into Casey’s belongings. Casey is a young rebellious teenager who tries to stop the NASA (where her father works as an engineer) to putting down a platform for launching space missions.

Casey is a dreamer since she believes that the future can be changed and things can get improved, and that it’s easier to give up, but she will never do that.

When, thanks to Athena, Casey and Frank will get in touch, they will be able to go to Tomorrowland. Once there, David Nix will show them that the end of the world will happen in a couple of months. Casey doesn’t accept that there is no solution to it; she thinks that the machine built by Nix is brainwashing the humans regarding the end of the world such that nobody will imagine a different future. While Nix is convinced that the machine is just showing how hopeless humans have become simply accepting the end of the world.

After fighting fiercely against Nix and his robots, Athena, who was wounded without any possibility of being fixed, will be used by Casey and Frank as a bomb to destroy the machine.

Tomorrowland is now safe as well as the Earth. New robots are created by Frank and Casey to bring “T” pins to new dreamers on Earth.


This movie has inspired me because of its meaning. There is a story told by Casey that I loved: “There are two wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins? Whichever one you feed!” This is teaching us how the way we embrace our lives shapes our future.

How the movie relates to this term topic:

Firstly it talks about space discovery and secondly it talks about world destruction, catastrophes and wars.

One thought on “Review of TOMORROWLAND

  1. Wow: what a through movie review. I have never seen this film, but often considered watching it, only to choose something else on Netflix instead. Your thought provoking writing has persuaded me to give it a go, despite the fact that it stars George Clooney, who I often find a little wooden.
    I like the way you made links to our topic.
    ****4 team points.

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