The Blitz by Theo

London falls silent,

Waiting for the hell of Hitler’s making.

Waiting for the death and destruction

Of the city.

Families wait for what could be their final days.

The bombers arrive at the crack of dawn,

Ready to destroy city after city.

Searchlights light up the blood lit dawn,

While the barrage balloons get ready to snag And rake at the Germans

To salute our glorious victory.

Hanging over the heart of Britain

The city screams for someone to stop it,

Someone to bring Hitler to his defeat.

Image result for the blitz public air raid shelter

2 thoughts on “The Blitz by Theo

  1. Hey Theo,
    It’s me Isaac. Your poem has some very strong words in it. I’d like to read another peice of your writing. You’re a great author
    yours sincerly Isaac

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