TERROR by Isaac

The blaze of the cold fire flicked dimmly in the silent dark atmosphere. The wirless vibrated heavillyand crackeld. Everey once in a while making a terrible sound multipling the intense petrifying truth.

The wirless turned on and the missereble, shocking speech began…Jimmy was trembeling next to dad on the sofa. Patricia was biting her sharp, trembeling nails trying desperetely not to cry out loud”…If Germany do not with draw there troops from Poland by 11 o’clock then we will haveno choice to declair WAR…”

The roring fire was flickering left then right there mum was thinking I lost to many in the first war it surely can’t happen again. “…Germany have not with drawn there troops from Poland…” Choan  was wathing Avirell and Rebekah [a Jue] in the garden so happy they were going to America. “… WAR is declerad boamed the voice of Neville Chambeland .” God save the queen belowd out of the wirless. Heart struck , Jimmy and his dad stood up and straightend thereties and crop tops.

The parents all remebering all to well the chaos of the first world war had caused and all the family the had lost. Embrasing the sorow, terifying, heart crackeling truth they refused to edmit defeat. Hoping for the best was all they could do. They were hoping not to have to use the gas mask or the anderson sheltor.

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