Air Raid Precautions by Lewis

Air raid precautions

Be ready for an air raid

Be ready for a gas attack

Be ready to protect your home

Read this and you might survive the Blitz.


When the siren goes

Either go to a public shelter or go to your Anderson, or Morrison shelter at your home. If out and about there will be an ARP warden to direct you to the nearest public shelter. He will instruct you to walk swiftly and calmly to the nearest public shelter.


In the event of a gas attack

You must do the following:

  • Calmly put on your children’s gas mask
  • Then put on your own.

Proceed immediately to a public shelter and wait for the gas to clear before you return to your Anderson shelter and the safety of your home.


How to protect your home

You will need:

  • A door to barrack aid you windows.
  • Wooden beams to strengthen walls and
  • An Anderson or Morrison shelter to protect yourself from falling debris.


How to make your refuge room as safe as possible,


To make you refuge room as safe as possible, you must remove all the glass, and then tape up the windows to stop pieces of glass piercing your room.

A safe box or a Morrison shelter will stop falling debris hitting you, and it may also be used as a table to serve food.

Black out the windows so Nazis don’t see the light to aim at.

Use wooden beams to strengthen the walls from bomb blast, and make sure you safe room is near the garden because the dirt absorbs the blast of the bomb.


You may buy an Anderson or Morrison shelter at all great shops.

Price: £7



In conclusion you have a good chance of surviving the lighting war.



By Lewis.






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