For Mrs Bancroft by Mirta

Dear Mrs Bancroft,

You have given me a really warm well come and I’m really sad that you are leaving. Every day you wait for us, even when it’s raining. You all ways give u s bread when it’s lunch time. You’re the best head teacher I have ever met. Your kindness is immense and your heart is too. You help young children and older ones alike.

Mrs Bancroft I’m heartbroken that you’re leaving, because you are joy to our school and our hearts. I wish you good luck if you need anything from me then you can count on me as you have done so much for us. You have taught us to be kind and lovely to each other just like you. When we went on camp to the Eden project you went every single day there – I’m amazed by that.

You always have a smile on your face. I hope that you will visit as it will make us very happy. You’re a very great head teacher.

I just want to say one last thing: you have given us love and support and that is one of the best things a head teacher can do.

Good luck I will never forget you.

By Mirta

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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