Non-chronological Penguin Report by Bertie


Emperor Penguins have lived in the Antarctica for millions of years with a impossible life cycle.


These birds live in the rugged Antarctica wijch the winds con be 100mph and the tempter can be -80 degrees.


They have black bodies with a white front and can grow up to 1.2 metres in height. However juveniles have grey bodies and a black and white head.

Reproduction/life cycle:

Every time they breed they go to solid rock so the juvenile won’t  fall through the ice into the water. And if the snow and ice will not last till summer they will not breed.


These birds have adapted to the harsh Antarctic. It took millions of years to adapt. Even though they are birds there wings have evolved into flippers to help their torpedo like bodies through the water. Emperor penguins walk for miles to the breeding ground. When there tired they will slide on their bellies.

Threats to survival/predators:

These birds have few predators such as the giant peral and the leopard seal. The leopard seal  is 11.5 ft and have jagged teeth to eat the adult . The giant pearl has sharp claws to injure the juvenile so it can take it away .

There are 600,000 emperor penguins in Antarctica scientists’ reckon they will become In danged by 2100 because of global warming.



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