The War door by harry

I heard someone scream as they got shot by a German sniper and rolled down into our trench (and he almost kicked me in the head but luckily he missed.)

I was really nervous because my commander was about to send me out of the trenches on to the battle field 5 minutes later I was out of the trench and in what I called HELL.

As soon as I was out of the trench I ran to the only spot that I could see that was safe (which unfortunately all it was a pile of sand bags.)

The more screams I heard the more scared I got.

I moved my head and just as is did that a bullet from the sniper came straight past my face and misses by an inch. My whole body was shaking as if I were in Antarctica.

But then I heard a noise as if it came from heaven. I looked beside me and saw a grand Victorian door with a lion knocker in the middle. The frame looked as though it was marble and the wood was like vanished oak and vines wrapped around it.

I stepped through the door into a frozen land| which looked like an animal aquarium full of monkeys. All of the people that were around me seemed so relaxed, nothing like it was during the war. Somebody photographed a monkey that was right next to me. My eyes were burning because of the sudden light that came from the camera. I turned around and everyone ran away from me but I wasn’t to shore why. I followed them to a hut in the hut I found a couple of people they all went and hid behind the desk apart from one. I ran over to them and asked her why everyone was running away she told me it was because I had a shot gun hanging off my shoulder and that everyone thought that I was a terrorist. I took off my gun and dropped it on the floor and said that I was extremely sorry and explained the story to all of the people at the aquarium. They didn’t really understand but they believed me. They said that they would show me around there world but I thought. Why would they do that when I am in the same world at the same time, unless I’m not at the same time and the door also time travelled me forward in time.

I asked them what year it was and they said that it was 2010. I was shocked at how far forward in time I had gone. I showed them the door that brought me here. I asked them if they knew how to send me back but they said no. I tried to think off how I got to this time on earth.

After a few minutes an answer popped into my head which was to just simply step through the door but then the door suddenly went disappeared I was stuck in this time this place. I’d never see my family ever again, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have to fight in the war. But then I remembered how the door suddenly popped up it was when the sniper shot the bullet that almost hit my nose which made petrified. Which triggered the door to come down beside so the only way was for me to be petrified?

I told the other people how they were supposed to petrified me and the only way is to do the same thing as the German sniper did which is to miss my nose with a bullet

After a few minutes I was ready to be shot at. The man with my shot gun aimed at me well not exactly at me but just off my nose. He shot it just missed me the door appeared right in front of me. From inside the I could hear all of the shouting and screaming from the war. I waved at the people that helped me to get back to my own time. I stepped through the door well I was crawling really so that I could stay away from that German sniper but then I slipped and saw a glimpse of the sniper. After I had got back on my feet I tried to find the sniper and once I had I aimed my gun at the sniper a shot right at his head and hit him.  I shouted REVANGE.



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