The secret door by Mawgan

The wind blew roughly as I walked through the streets of Tokyo towards the local noodle place. Cars drove past me throwing drops of rain at me which was not a pleasure. I looked up at the moon light shining down on the city with a white glow. I walked and walked for hours but it would still be worth it for the food.  When I reached it I opened the door and I was teleported to a white void with one thing but me inside it. A door a random door. A door with roman like pillars beside it. Plants crawling up the pillars and in the middle

I stepped through the door and suddenly I was in a snowy landscape. Luckily I was wearing my warmest clothes. I explored for a while and found absolutely nothing but I wondered some more and just found snow more snow and more snow. Snowy mountains covered most of the landscape like towering giants. I moved closer to the mountains every second and when I reached the canyon of mountains an amazing sight was waiting for me.

I walked through a conveniently shaped arch between two mountains and spotted a snowy lump in the middle of the circle embedded around the lump I decided this was to strange for me and started walking back to the door. I made it to the door went back to the noodle place on the other side of the door and went home.

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