The Secret Door by Kirsty

The Secret Door

The wind blew hard. I had been walking for hours on end. I was in the harsh environment of Antarctica   looking for somewhere to shelter. I was surrounded by an endless white landscape where all life perished. And I was no exception.

But then far away in the distance a shape started to form.  It started as a mist but slowly it began to form into a shape more solid and pure. I stumbled towards the door as fast I could and soon enough it was there in front of me.

It was made of a polished oak in a marble frame with the addition of a lion door knocker on the front. I reached out my hand towards the lion knocker and grabbed it with all my strength. I tugged it open but wrong choice because everything went black…

Suddenly, my eyes flickered open to find myself staring at a marble like ceiling. I turned my head to the left and saw rows upon rows of pews then I turned my head to the right and saw another long row of pews. Instinct told me to stand up and explore.

After hours of exploring it had come to my mind that I was in a cathedral of type but the only problem was that there was no sign of life at all. But at that moment a door began to slowly open. I couldn’t prepare myself for what happened next. Out stepped a ghostly figure dressed in the clothes of a vicar. His eyes were the ones of a wolf, his teeth were the ones of a lion and instead of nails there were long white claws.

The mutant creature scanned the area with his yellow eyes seeking any movement. I stayed frozen on my feet not moving a single muscle. But it was no use. The creature saw me and started to meditate in my direction. His teeth were bared snarling viciously whilst saliva dripped from his mouth. When he was only 10cm from me he stopped and stared at me in a way that made you think he was living a death. What did the door do? Did it lead people to their death?









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