The Secret Door by JB

It must be sixty years ago now but I’m not sure because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Since I Jameson Barnes have witnessed the unimaginable and unexplainable…
It was when I was thirty I was on a trip to try to find and shut down the endangered, Vaquita fishers. The Vaquita, a strange happy creature, had been on the brink of extinction due to over fishing
My crew and I had been tipped of about an abandoned mental asylum that apparently housed an illegal fishing organisation. I started to wonder through with my colleague, Drew. All of the beds had been ransacked and there were puddles of dried blood all over the concrete, freezing, and dented bug infested floor. We started to creep by cells and strait jackets. When we saw what seemed to be an operating theatre. With discarded bloody tools everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eerie glow coming from the cafeteria down the hall.
So I told Drew that I was going to investigate.The door slowly creaked open. I heard a bloodcurdling scream. I don’t quite know what happened then because I blacked out. All I know is that after about twenty minutes I awoke. A petite white door covered by ivy and surrounded by a cracked marble door frame, appeared in front of me. It must have been about four inches away from my face. On the centre hung a magnificent, silver, lions head Victorian door knocker. I was not strong enough to stand so I meandered over to the door and pushed with all my available strength and pushed.

Everything went white. I could feel snow on my nose. I stared around and then things started materializing around me. I saw an at least six hundred foot fall next to me. The ground beneath my feet was covered in a milky white icy blanket of snow. My instincts gathered all my might and stood me up. As I did the ground made a crunch like a walnut in a nutcracker.

I spotted a sign slightly to my left saying: Jigokudani Monkey Park. I don’t know how I could have been so oblivious to the fact I was surrounded by winter lodges and cafes. I hauled myself up on a snow covered pine tree. Its bark felt just like mouldy carpet. I cowered towards a small iced bridge. Maybe made of dark oak. Even though there were loads of man made things no one was there I searched every cabin. I examined every café. I even looked under every coffee machine.

I settled myself into a small hut on the outskirts of the resort and just slept for about seven hours because I needed to get some energy back. But strangely enough we I woke I was in what seemed to be the middle of a Japanese street fair. There were brightly coloured lights in the shape of Chinese lanterns. I was pushed and shoved all over the place by the dancers. I really wanted to get back at that point so I thought that if this was a dream I could just have a nap to get me back to reality.

So I found a small cardboard box and an alley way and drifted off to sleep. Soon I once again awoke, but this time I was in some sort of dark chamber with some kind of distorted, naked, white and non-armed creature. Its face was long and dark.  “Come girl.  Tell me how you got here.” It whispered in my ear in a petrified and high pitched tone. “How?”

“I don’t know sir” I said in my calmest voice “but do you know where we are?”

“We are in the demons dimension.”

“How do I leave?”

“You must complete my task.”

I stood contemplating what I had to do to leave when the thing said;

“You my girl must murder my killer. Jamie Trevion. Can you do that my girl?”

“Ok” I said but I instantly regretted my decision. Jamie Trevion was Michael Trevion’s dad. Michael Trevion was my partner. But I had to leave and get back to him but I did not want to put him through that. I just did not know. The demon dimension has been my home ever since.



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