The Secret Door by Cian Part 3

In the split seconds I was falling, a compartment fell open with a lifejacket in it. The helicopter hit the water. I was flung against the windscreen, smashing it. I was dizzy for a few seconds, then I grabbed the lifejacket and swam out. My lungs were burning and it made my vision blurry. I slipped the lifejacket on and remembered breaking the surface, when I passed out. I woke up in a lifeboat, with a blanket wrapped around me. “Are you alright?” asked one of the crew. I didn’t reply. I just went to sleep.

I woke up in a chair. Opposite me sat a police interrogation officer. “Why were you flying that helicopter?” he asked. “I-I don’t know,” I replied. “There was a magic do-” I began. ” Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!” interrupted the officer. ” You could have been killed!” he yelled. He leaned across the table. ” You stole a helicopter. You should be locked up,” he said quietly. ” No! Wait I-” I started. “There’s no point arguing,” intervened the police officer. ” We all know you did it,”. “But-” I tried to say. ” Right, I’ll get someone to escort you to your cell.” the officer said. He pressed a button on his desk. A prison guard came in and hauled me out the chair and dragged me to the door. The interrogator smiled as the door closed.

The cell was small. The was a bed, a chair and some drawers under the bed. I couldn’t believe I went from going to work to being locked in a prison cell. I was in there for about 4 months when I noticed a loose bar in the window. I rattled it. I would need some sort of tool to dig it out. Later that day I smuggled a spoon from the cafeteria into my cell.That night I had a long and sleepless night, dreaming about escaping, only to be captured again. At noon the next day I set to work on the loose bar. I reckoned I could get it by nightfall. At around 8 o’clock that evening I finally managed to pry the bar loose. I slipped through the gap and breathed in the fresh night air. I was free!


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