The Secret Door by Cian Part 2

I stepped through the door. It immediately vanished behind me. I looked around. I was in some sort of classroom. It was wrecked, with bookcases on the floor, the chalkboard had fallen down, it was a wreck. The floor was cracked and most of the windows were smashed out. I walked outside. I went to the front of the building, and there was garage with a car parked in it. “This is getting weirder and weirder,” I said to myself. I walked further down the street. There was no one around, which was strange. I saw more garages, more cars, but I still hadn’t seen anyone. Suddenly, there was a popping noise, and the door appeared in front of me. It opened, and I felt myself being sucked into it.

All of a sudden I was on sand. I looked around. I was on a desert island in the middle of the sea! Next to me was a huge blue helicopter with the words GBR helicopters on the side. I climbed in the cockpit. I nosed the joystick and suddenly the blades started spinning. I took my hand away and they slowed then stopped. This looks pretty simple I thought to myself. I pressed down on the joystick and the helicopter lifted into the air. I pushed it forwards and the helicopter went forwards. Soon the island was out of view. I was flying a helicopter! I couldn’t believe it! After about an hour of just fying forwards I sighted land. I turned the helicopter towards it, and started flying in that direction. There was a beep from the helicopter. I was running out of fuel! I urged it onwards, although it started to slow down. Suddenly I was falling, falling into the deep blue beneath…

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