The Secret Door by Barney CG

The Secret Door



Gradually, as I trudged along a snow covered path through the misty woods a clearing loomed into view. In the middle of it, I saw the outline of a rectangle form. I had been walking for ages and my warm furs weighed me down so much I could barely pull myself to the door. After struggling for about five minutes I eventually reached the lone door.

It had intricate carvings in the stonework surrounding it and the polished elm door had a huge lion door knocker set in the very centre. I reached out a hand to knock but then stopped and thought: What was a door doing in the middle of a forest? I made up my mind and swiftly pushed open the door and stepped through.

Then blackness…

I still don’t believe it now seven years after it happened. I woke up on a rocky path on the edge of a canyon and other than a few shrubby bushes and trees there was no living flora or fauna species. Unluckily, I was still in my warm furs, I checked my watch, it was a very expensive watch and it had changed to native time which was 15:13. The watch also had a thermometer on it as well as a barometer, an altimeter, a clock, a toothpick, some tweezers, a pen and a lot more. The temperature was +50°c. My furs raised the temperature by 20°c Standing on the edge of the canyon, I ripped off my furs and stared out over the desolate place I have appeared in. The sight was beautiful; it was like there were massive ant hills in a desert scattered all over the place. On the edge of the canyon stood a sign saying something like: When mules pass stand to the left of trail, follow mule guides instructions.

Smoothly, I slid down the canyon and into an ice cold lake. Something big and scaly swam past my feet. I shivered. Not because of the cold water but because of the creatures swimming past my body. Suddenly, a stabbing pain surged through my leg; I looked down at it and saw hundreds of tiny tooth marks in two semicircles on either side of my leg. At the bottom of the lake stood a peculiar rectangle. I swam down to examine it further. It looked identical to the one in the forest back at home; I opened it slowly, my lungs were beginning to burn, then I swam through the door.

I appeared in the forest again and retraced my steps along the snowy path, it had thawed a bit now but I was freezing because I didn’t have my furs anymore. I found the main road and on the left hand side stood our little farm house I opened the door and went in.
























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