The Secret Door by Olivia

The Secret Door

I was walking through the village woods with Cookie, my Jack-Russell. We were walking back home when he started barking ferociously at god knows what. I lifted my head from the ground and directed my eyes at what he was growling territorially at. At first I thought it was just an illusion after all I had been walking a long way from town, back home. Standing up right was a door not my family white ordinary door, an entrance in the middle of a regular woodland.

It was a large grand door had some sort of white backdrop behind it. It was, maybe made of oak, a polished, smooth door, and in the middle it had some sort of brass door knocker in the shape of a lion. A marble arch was surrounded  the gateway.

Cookie moved forward to scratch at the door but I pulled her back scared at what might have come out. I must have lost my mind since I decided to charge forward into the snowy barrier. A stupid idea I now realise. I automatically fell backwards and not only did I form a bruise from the wall I bashed my head on muddy floor. So I decided to walk through the door. Surely it would take me to the opposite side of the wood.

I stepped inside another big mistake. I ended up in a supermarket marmite, flour, cookies, beef and chocolate. Cookie started howling strongly his nose leaning towards some dogs treats I tugged the lead back in my direction. I turned round to exit the doorway we had previously entered but it wasn’t there. All I could see was the transparent entrance of the store we ran outside expecting to run onto the streets outside but I ended up back in the woods. The grand door was standing in front of me I stepped foot into it yet again hoping for the wood on the other side.

I was now in the Apo Islands River of the Philippines there was no way of me being able to be down there I was in my bar clothes no scuba diving kit unusual plants and animals were all around me but because of all the scenery I forgot about my breath I swam as fast as I could to the surface of the water, then I heard something behind me reach the top of the river I heard a squeal of attention scared to turn around there was Cookie bobbing behind me. We both searched different areas but even between the both of us we couldn’t spot any land… well at least not for miles there was no chance of us getting to shore let alone getting home. My home in Constantine was nowhere near the Philippines. We decided to make the most of our time there and we went exploring I headed into an underwater cave surrounded by peach coral and marine-life Cookie followed behind  and guess where we ended up… yep back in the woods with the door in front of me! But how come I wasn’t soaked to the bone?

You would think after all this time I would have learnt not to step through the door once again. But I was stupid enough to enter it again.

This time I was in the place any thirteen year old would want to go every day of the week the theme park rollercoasters, log flumes, candyfloss and best of all it was in California! Maybe a little far away from home but I wasn’t going to miss out on any of that first it  was the rollercoasters than I was hoping to have a go on the log flume but as soon I was about to get drenched from the litres of water that was going to splash me but back in the woods  I was for some reason I had candy floss in my hand nibbling on my sweet ball of fluff, I reached for the door curios about where it would take me next. If I had paid attention and listed to Cookie’s bark of warning I wouldn’t have fell to the floor. Luckily my candyfloss didn’t get dirty but at least was now able to walk back home without walking into another door after a while I finally got back home.

“WHERE WERE YOU?!” mum exclaimed


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