The Door by Samuel

I look up to a Morden skyscraper which was just finished yesterday it was a techno marvel it had everything. As I walk in to the building I realise how smart the building really was because there robots everywhere to power the tower. As my tour guided took us to the second floor I start about the thinking the past which I think is strange because it is techno brake threw but I am thinking of the past. I carry on thinking this until we hit the second floor. My tour guide lead me out of the lift she talks about the building but I didn’t listen instead I’m still think about the past until out of the corner of my eye I see a rustic and old wooden door. I ask my tour guide “what is that door?” the guide says “I don’t know,” I thought that was very peculiar but not as peculiar as the old door in the most high tech building ever made. I then ask the tour guide can I go to the toilet” I didn’t need the toilet I just said it so I could investigate. She replied “okay,” I walked towards the door. And every step it became. More unclear somehow I started to hear gunshots and shouting.

When I got to the door I really started to realise how odd this really was it is the most high tech building with “the oldest door” I think to myself. Then I tied to image why it is there and what is behind the old thing. And then the time came open the door. But to add suspense I looked threw the post box to see what looks like London but in the 1940s. Knowing that it was safe I pushed the door and looked to be in 1940s in a café. There was an American troop everywhere and I ask one “where am I and what year is tit” the man responded with “London 1941 what’s your prob” I say “I don’t know what’s your name” the guy says “Jackson what’s yours,”


“Were you from Samuel?”

“London, you?”


I say “bye,” and I walk off to the streets of London. I then realised how crazy this really was time traveling. Then I thought about what to do next get a room or go back to future like Mcfly. I decide to get room I look for the nearest hotel. I then found one and it was not just one it was the One otherwise known as the Ritz. Why not I could afford because I had wallet full money and it was 5 pound a night. And I had 500 pound in my wallet. I check in to the small hotel. When I got to my room I think about what I could by with 500 pounds. I then went to bed from a day of madness 1 minute in 2041 next in 1941 and that door is it still there and how I am going to get back.


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  1. A great idea. Careful not to muddle tenses although I guess when you are in two different time zones it is OK!!

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