A Not So Ordinary Wood By Lily

It was an ordinary day in an ordinary wood. The leaves were rustling. It felt so magical. I glanced down onto the little glistening lake when I saw there right in front of me, all the trees turning into doors about 7 foot tall, I pinched myself I could not believe it .ALL of the trees were a very polished looking door with a grand lion door knocker it very slowly the outer part of the door was turning into a very white looking marble raped in ivy. The erg to go through one of the doors was unstoppable. I dropped my belongings and ran to the nearest door …….

It was on a beautiful woven bridge. It had a sparkling tropical river beneath I looked left there were green leaves and trees all around. I looked to the right there were rocks and more river then a little building caught my eye so I walked to find it. As I was walking I found an abandoned village. It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen covered in emerald green ivy. Flowers growing out of the granite walls. I kept on walking up and up the hills till I got to the top, it was incredible. The river looked tiny and that bridge looked like a brown dot there was many more villages that I expected.  All of a sudden, I saw a magic door appear so I decided to go back through whilst I could. I arrived back in the same wood the doors were still there slowly fading back into trees.

I thought I better get home quickly because I have been gone for longer than an hour. My mum asked me if I had a nice time, I replied and said the best time in the best wood and ran to my bed room.

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